10 Points To Be A Competent Salesperson

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Hello everyone,

How are you doing this week? Well for me it’s like running around like a “headless chicken” in my day job, where you could hardly accomplish much. Thankfully, this should end soon like less than four months. This is going to be a relief!

On my online business front, I managed to sort my auto responder out. I need to edit some of my follow-up emails and insert some Cost Per Lead Links into these emails. Next I will be doing some testing before I can safely say it is ready to go.

Physically drained out every evening from my day job, I try very hard to get something in place every night. Anyway there is no turning back, and keep moving forward.

This week I will be giving you 10 points to be a competent salesperson.


Point 1 – Product Knowledge

To begin, your ability to sell means 50% of the battle is won. Now the other 50% is knowing what have you sold. It is necessary for a salesperson to be in he shoes of their client.

This means you must know the pains of your client. What are their problem and knowledge how your product can help to solve the pain they are having.


Point 2 – Having A View Of A Customer

It’s not all about money and this how it is today. To succeed, you must be able to establish a win-win situation. It cannot be one sided.

In simplicity it’s not a “you are you” “me and me” principle. It should be viewed as a partnership. Adopt a mentality of “How can I help?”


Point 3 – Self-Belief In Your Product

Believing in your product means you must be a user yourself. You cannot convince someone to buy if you are not using the product or service.

You must also be convince that the product or service you are selling can affect and change other’s lives. This is one step beyond the usefulness of the product or service.


Point 4 – Building A Personal Relationship

We should always be growing new leads as well as building a personal relationship with existing ones. When you have that personal connections with your leads you are in for a surprise. As long it benefits both parties, go on building that personal relationship.


Point 5 – Follow-Up

Constant follow-up is necessary to show you are always in touch with your clients. It’s always good to find out from your leads if they have open your email. This is a suggestion and I think it’s a good one.

Let’s say if you have sent your affiliate link to your client, ideally you should follow up with them. Have they open their email, did they click on the link to the sales page? What is holding them back? These are necessary follow-up for anyone doing selling.


Point 6 – Personalise Your Message

I know it is very tedious and time consuming to personalise your message to each and every client. It is so easy to have a “one fit all” standard message to everyone.

Imagine, sending out personalise message to each of your client. How will they feel when they read your message? I’m sure they can tell it’s a one to one or one for all message.



Point 7 – Listening

Give yourself a break from the talking; listen to your clients for once. Ask them questions instead; offer them this opportunity to give their feedback. I love this line from Simon and Garfunkel song The Sound of Silence, “people hearing without listening”.

There is a difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is the audible part, while listening is taking notice, staying tuned in. In fact, we do a lot of hearing today rather than listening.


Point 8 – Value Giving

Educate your prospect with every email you sent. This is better explained with an example. Let’s say you have an affiliate link to sell hosting and you just go on promoting it like any product or service, you will get nowhere.

Consider giving a free tutorial from start of selecting a domain name and purchasing it (of course through your link), setting up a Word press blog followed by installing themes and gradually starting with a first blog post. Now this is value giving instead of mere click on my link to get hosting.


Point 9 – Challenging Your Prospect

You don’t always have to agree to everything your client says. I call it the “Yes Salesperson”. You need credibility to earn respect not “Yes” to every statement your client make.

Challenge your client if their answers don’t seem to make sense. Of course don’t challenge for he sake of one like starting a fight! You have to make sense when you challenge your clients.


Point 10 – Their Success Is Yours As Well

When a sale is closed, it does not simply end there or when you get paid your commission. Let’s take a high-ticket sale you have made in the make money online niche.

You should follow up with them like how are they getting on with their training. You can offer them a few tips on how you have used this system and benefitted in backend high-ticket sales. This is real value giving. When they successfully get their first sale, it is also your success in imparting valuable knowledge to them!



Very quickly, I have come to the end of my weekly blog post. Do leave me some feedback, like which point do you consider ranking the highest of the 10 I listed?

We all get distracted in our daily lives and staying on course can be challenging. Try meditation just a short 3 minutes for a start. Have a short mantra like “I will complete my task”. Repeat it slowly and allow it to sink in your mind. When distracted (which you will) repeat your mantra. Even for 3 minutes believe me you will get distracted. I tried it and slowly you will improve in not getting distracted so easily.

Take care and have a blessed week!

Stay Healthy!


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