2 Simple Ways To Harmonise Your Marketing Message


We always take for granted how our Marketing Message should look and what it should contain. Well my video presentation will show you just 2 methods to help you to harmonise your marketing message. Just the basics, no complicated complex stuff for you to digest. Remember your leads and audience are always suspicious and skeptical of you when they land on your landing page.

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2 thoughts on “2 Simple Ways To Harmonise Your Marketing Message”

  1. Hi Harold

    Great video. It is so true if you are saying to your audience that your post is about A and you talk about B, they will not be happy, but this is also true with advertising. I don’t how many times I have clicked through to an advert and it is not what I was looking for. Or even a web page it has nothing to do with what I had searched Google for!

    Also another great point with keeping all your fonts matching, nothing more jarring.

    Keep up the great progress Harold.


    1. HI Kerie,

      Thank you for your comment, love it!

      I found the word consistent very very relevant in my Internet Marketing World. In whatever you do be it videos or blogpost just stay consistent all the way. If the intention is just for the money, you will make mistakes by not aligning your headlines with your content, even the pitch may just go off course. As long you go out with an open heart to help others without thinking of how much you can make out of the guy, the money will automatically come to you without you knowing it. It is easier said than done! But if you persist and be patient you will get somewhere. Sounds familiar!

      Anyway Kerie it is a great pleasure to connect with you, please PM if you got a blog post or video for comments, more than glad to follow up with you.

      Meantime take care and take action!


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