What Only 24 Hours A Day?

My Little Story

On my drive home this evening, traffic was real slow and that is going take me like close to one hour plus. Oh No, there is an accident on the expressway! On a normal drive, its just 30 minutes on the same route. Well not really a big deal just 30-40 minutes of added time.

Not Punctual

Now imagine when you start your day everything is late. The bus or train arrives just 15 minutes late, which led to you being 15 minutes late for work and who knows more time added and goes beyond minutes. The whole day just goes haywire! Have you ever experienced that before?

24 Hours A Day


Whatever you do being late for 15 mins be it missing the bus, train worse still the plane! Whatever you miss and ending up being late you still got 24 hours right? Now on the reverse I’m early this morning to the office and with no one in yet I manage to clear say 10 emails in between my coffee and breakfast. Manage even to get started on a project that at best getting started maybe towards evening.

Planning And Being Early

Can you now see the advantage of being early? You get more stuff done don’t you agree? Compare to the situation of being late, how backlog your task could be. It does affect us being early or late.

How About The In-Between

I’m not late neither am I early, the go in between guy. Carry on as always, not doing anything out of the box or out of the norm. There are no additional task coming your way, neither are any taken away from you so how do I go about? Just do as you please and don’t mess it up.


On-line Marketers 


What have you got to say on-line marketers? If you are a part-time online entrepreneur I mean you have a day job and when you are done with your day job and back home to commence your work on your on-line business. By than you are dead tired, worst of all you still have other household task to accomplish. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, walk the dog.

Now it’s almost 11 in the night and says you got to do a short video say between 8-13 minutes. Have you prepare your script? Better still do you have a topic to talk about? Any research or available content for your script? Its already 11pm that soft pillow is calling out loud for you to rest your tired head. Anyway your day is still made up of 24 hours right?

Would this make any difference if I had been a full time marketer? In a way Yes, and it depends, depends on what?

Well it’s entirely goes down to your planning of daily tasks, remember only 24 hours a day right?

Some Tips for you



I like to start first with those who are non full time online marketers first. Take the weekend as time to do some planning as well as research. List your task and write them down first. Once your task list is done, start arranging them into a step-by-step order.

Sample Weekly Task Management

Say your week’s project is to write a blog post about traffic to a blog. Monday to Friday you only can devote 2 hours each night only. Begin with blocks of 1 hour, good if you can set a timer when you start.

Doesn’t matter what time you start if you start early so much the better but remember if you start at midnight do you have the energy to last the complete 2 hours? After all you still have a day job the next day. So be realistic and discipline and focus of your task.

So back to Monday, you gather content for your blog post and possibly some images.

Tuesday, you start writing your blog and you dedicate the whole 2 hours to doing just that. Wednesday your blog post is ready for publishing and you did just that publish it.

Thursday you realize you are not getting any traffic to your blog. What do I do next? How about cutting a short summarize video for your facebook profile. Hang on I hate videos and not good at it. What do I say? how must I say it? How do I present it? You ponder and wasted some time. There goes Thursday.

Friday, you spoke to Harold and he urge and push you to go cut that video. You did it and upload to FB public. Phew one week gone but at least you got your blog post up and slow and steadily driving some small traffic to your blog.

Imagine putting all these done on paper the weekend before. Go give it a try for just one week and stay with it without any if’s but’s or exception.

You can do it I bet. It’s taking action and not perfection that counts.

Have a great week ahead my friends!

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