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What is Your Pain?

I don’t mean the headache or pain you get in the physical sense. As online marketers, go look at what problems or issue others are having, it’s a pain to them. These are Pain Points we can provide relief.

Gold Mining

Underground gold mine ore tunnel Berezovsky mine Ural

What is gold mining? Go do your research, as if you are looking for gold. Research the niche you are working on, like Internet Marketing. What difficulty the market is facing, perhaps it is traffic generation. Marketers are facing a challenge trying to get content to blog about. Check out all their criticism or objections.

Forums are mining grounds as well. Not too long ago I did blog about where you could do some research. Places like Warrior Forum, JV Zoo, Clickbank do leave clues for you.

Remember my blog post last week about How To Start Using Emotional Selling. I spoke about criticism towards the end of my post. Doubts your prospects may have over your product or service. Lacking of confidence in their abilities to use your product or services. Using testimonials to clarify doubts. Prospect concerns over provision of support. In a broad way your prospect could have been scam before and they feel skeptical.

You must be able to put all these to rest or have it suppressed. How the heck am I going to do that? I have a plan for you.

Content Strategy

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First give content and it must be valuable like a free training. I’ll give you a sample here to help you. Give a training or education on Traffic Generation. You may discuss Free Traffic methods like blogging just to name one. Paid Traffic methods like Facebook advertising. You are delivering valuable content to your audience or prospects. Now at the end you can sell or pitch a product to your audience. Perhaps pitch them to a sales funnel you are promoting, where you may say:

“Now that you have learn these methods of traffic generation, would you not want to drive traffic into this sales funnel where you could earn some income?”

Compared this with a straight pitch.

“This sales funnel (give name) will make you money, by simply driving traffic into it”


“You can make up to $500 a day simply by driving traffic into this funnel (give name)”

 You decide which would give you a better chance of a sale.

Foundational Desire

Hungry labrador with empty bowl is waiting for feeding


We go back to Forums again and not only are their pains mentioned, but their desires as well. Take a closer look at their conversation treads and you will find them there. Looking for their foundational desire is more like looking into their “Why” Why do you want to go into Internet Marketing? Perhaps they want more time and freedom, or to pay off a mortgage. Why do people want to loose weight? Health reasons or they want to look good. Perhaps, they don’t want to be laughed at by their friends.

Emotional Appeal

Afraid or Fear

Young girl is very scared. She is standing with naked shoulders and shouting. Isolated and copy space in right side

Fondness or Love

Love couple on a warm day

Joy or Happiness

A large family are all helping serve Christmas dinner.


Our audience or prospects are the one that make up the market. They all have emotions don’t they?

Does All These Sound Familiar To You – My Blog Post About How To Start Using Emotional Selling

We can appeal to their emotions in our copy writing and that we must do. Humans are emotion driven creatures as well as thoughts.

As marketers, we must craft our message that can communicate with their emotional thoughts.

Firstly, Let’s take the emotion of being afraid or fear. What is your prospect Afraid of? Afraid of Failure is one possibility, or being ridiculed by friends or family members. Fear of losing their job and income is a significant one.

Secondly, we have Fondness or Love, which I mentioned in my last blog post. Remember your prospect Love to see success, perhaps in their Internet online business. The Love to see positive results in whatever they do.

Thirdly, Joy or Happiness to provide for their family needs. Ability to pay for household expenses, gives a “feel good” feeling.

Special Bonus

My dear readers, I mentioned 3 tips in my Title Heading, but for hanging on till here, I’ll give you 2 more tips.

Fourthly, who does not want to see Personal Progress or Improvement? We all do don’t we and if your copy writing can assure your prospect of achieving Personal Progress, you found gold.

I save the best to the end! It’s none other than Sex and is one emotion we all love to hear about.

{Watch This Video}

Did you get the message in video even thought it is not related to our Internet marketing niche?

Address All Possible Negative Thoughts

challenge negative thoughts - inspirational advice or reminder - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee


Your prospect will be going through some thought process in the most normal circumstances. Negative thoughts and doubts are present here. Some examples are:

  • I really hope this stuff works!
  • I hope this is of value to me.
  • Guess I need this programme.
  • I hope this is easy to use as I’m a newbie.
  • Hopefully, I can get product support.
  • Hopefully, I get the result I have longed for.
  • I hope the training is a step-by-step one and easy to follow.
  • Will I get scam again? Will they give me the complete course or not?

All negative thoughts and criticism need to be weeded out and addressed. This is just like a doctor trying to kill all viruses before it spread any further.

Get Rich Quick Prospect

Fast money, money, cash, dollar, earn, rich, more, fast, quick, easy, make, money, advert, bills, concept, show, way, dollar bills, business, signpost, guide, sign, symbol, guidepost, fly, word, illustration, money rain, arrow, bank, banking, dollar, easy money, finance, invest, investment, luck, making, market, plan, quick money, road sign, stock, success, text, sky


Not only you want to address all negative thoughts and any criticism, but also you want to weed out all those who have the mentality of Get Rich Quick. Many out there believe the Internet is some get rich vehicle. These are the ones you want to deflect as most probably; they are the ones to ask for refunds. It will be a pain for you at the end of the day.

You only want to appeal or attract those who are willing to take action and stick to plans. There must be a willingness to put in hard work to see result.

All in do a detailed research of the thoughts that may run through your leads or audiences mind. Address these in your copy writing. Attract the right people to your product or programme through copy writing. It is also good to mention in your valuable content that if your leads don’t see value you are giving, perhaps the programme in hand might not be suitable for them.

What To Avoid In Copy Writing

copywriting word abstract - isolated text in letterpress wood type stained by color inks


  • Leave out anything that is not related to your valuable content.
  • Exclude stuff that does not contribute to your relationship building.
  • Most of all leave out all those that don’t contribute to your pitch.

Product Knowledge

Most important of all you must know the product you are selling. No compromise on your product knowledge, you need to have an inside out knowledge of your product.

Next Step

Only after you have finish with all of the above from research to repelling those whom you feel will are not right for your product or programme and product knowledge will you now go into developing your Perfect Hook.

Fishing hook isolated on a white background. Color line art. Modern design. Vector illustration.


This is your headline and it is the most important part. It is the first impression you create that will determine if you make or break. Headlines that raise curiosity, at times outrageous and give value are the best ones.

One sample I can come up here for you:

“Traffic Jam Helps To Find 2 Free Traffic Methods”

Curiosity and Outrageous: Traffic Jam Helps!

Content: 2 Free Traffic Methods.


End of the day, your advertisement must have a reliable and reasonable delivery of your product or service. Failing which trust will be lost and your brand name will suffer which we want to avoid.



  1. In the Bonus Tip Video, what was it trying to imply?
  2. Do you agree in deflecting Get Rich Quick seekers in your Ad Copy?
  3. Any other comments or feedback?

Till than my friends, do take care and have a Great Week Ahead!



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