3 Curious Copy Writing Foundation Tips That Can Get Your Heart’s Desires – Second Dose Video


This Video is a summary of my second and final dose on copy writing title 3 Curious Copy Writing Foundation Tips That Can Get Your Heart’s Desire – Second Dose. In this video training I will be dealing on the format of your sales copy with the following points.

  1. The Hook or Attention Grabbing Headline
  2. Introduction or Foreword
  3. Your Story with Results
  4. Call To Action

The Hook Or Attention Grabbing Headline

At the start your headline must be attention grabbing or the battle will be lost at the start. You need creativity with curiosity with awe and outrageous with content value.

Introduction or Foreword

Introduce yourself and your product or system you are promoting. Tell your leads and audience what it can do for them as well as the benefits.

Your Story With Results

By telling your story you are getting personal and that is very powerful. Your sharing will inspire your leads and can make that difference.

Call To Action

You could have done all three above but fail to get a Call To Action which means nothing is sold. Your audience need you to tell them what to do which is the all important Call to Action.



  • Do you feel that in Personal Story Sharing with your audiences and leads can help them to relate better with you?
  • Do you have any other ideas that you like to share that could help to improve copy writing?
  • Action Time: Craft your own sales copy



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