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Format Of A Sales Copy Or Video

  • The Headline or better known as the Hook.
  • Introduction or Foreword.
  • Your Story with Results.
  • Call To Action.

The Headline Or The Hook

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This is the most vital, important, critical or far-reaching part of your advertisement. It’s simple, if your headlines are not attention grabbing or striking; the battle is lost there and than. We need not go any further and why is that so? Nobody is looking any further from here as your headline or hook does not attract your lead or audiences!

Let’s use fishing to help you get a clearer picture as hooks are commonly used. When you fish, apart from nets, hooks are also use. If you simply attached your hook to the line and cast into the sea, what are your chances of catching a fish (size is not important here)? Most likely NO and why is that so? The obvious answer is the hook does not have bait for the fish and that is the reason why the fish is not attracted to your hook at all.

Back To Our Business Of Sales Copy

Coming back to our sales copy, the headline, which is your hook as stated earlier. The bait is your attention-grabbing headline and of course the fish is your leads or audience. Even with bait there is no assurance that you can catch your fish. It all depends of the type of bait. So now, if your headline is not attention grabbing enough no leads or audience will click on your advertisement and go further.

So what is a good hook you may ask? Well a strong hook should arouse curiosity creating shock and awe delivering a value proposition. In my previous blog post I gave an example that goes like “Traffic Jam Helps To Find 2 Free Traffic Methods” Curiosity and Outrageous: Traffic Jam Helps! Value Proposition: 2 Free Traffic Methods.

What tips I can offer you here is have a thesaurus at hand, it’s very valuable. Next use adjectives that are awesome in nature and powerful; descriptive words not “big” or bombastic words. Avoid adjectives that are generic like nice, good or great. Place yourself in the mind of the audiences or reader most likely with a skeptical mind.


Sample of Attention Grabbing HeadLines


“Igniting Fuel That Help A Newbie Make 4 Figure Sales”


 “Naked Niche Uncovered By Internet Virgins Helping Them To Make 4 Figures Sales Within 2 Weeks”

Introduction Or Foreword

Chinese business women shaking hands outside the office. Business concept.


You have successfully grabbed your audience or leads attention through your powerful headline. Remember this portion will kind of explain why they are here.

Introduce yourself, and ask if they have interested in this product, or system that have help others in achieving results and the benefits that came with those result. Let your prospect know what they are getting. Then the message or video is going to be the most important one they ever seen. This should link with the story you are about to tell in the next section.


Your Story With Results

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Remember this is your unique story and it is Personal and Powerful! Let your audience know with this story you are getting Personal with them. Most of us online marketers could have been scammed before. We bought lots and lots of “shinny objects” and some of us could have fallen in debt. Nevertheless your story should be a truthful one. Try and tie in your value proposition with your story.

Introduce the product or system in this manner:

Here is what I have for you, introducing ABC (name of product) and this is what you will be getting. Use bullet format to describe what they will be getting. It would be good but not essential to provide income proof or testimonial. Once again use what your product or system to address criticism that may arise. Your audience will always feel you are different from them probably they have less knowledge or technical experience and they cannot succeed.


Finale – Call To Action

megaphone : Call To Action


This final part is simple and that is your Call To Action. You have to tell your audience or prospect where they should click. You cannot expect them to do it by themselves. Reiterate how this system had changed your life and it can help to change theirs too.


Always keep your paragraph short and neat. Grab your audience attention by highlighting phrases of importance. Give special attention to those cliff-hanging parts of your story.

If you are doing a video, it’s going to be the same, use power point slides and you may read over these slides and record. There is no difference in format whatsoever with videos.

Brief headlines are encouraged especially with cliff-hanging parts.

Comments And Action




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