4 Decisive Attributes Of Highly Successful Business Person

Necessary Ingredients For Success

Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing? It’s August and I’m excited to share some good and not so good news. How should I start, lets begin with the not so good news. I still have 8 follow-up emails to edit before I can put it to test and commence my list building campaign. The email list is one essential area of focus to succeed in online marketing.

The good news is I made a tiny commission like $219.60 from a referral sale of a product I promoted long time ago. Honestly I cannot remember when did I promote this product. Therefore this came as a surprise to me. It was Thursday morning when I check my email and discovered 2 sales amounting those $219.60. Terribly excited I must admit and so decided to locate where they came from. Manage to narrow it down to either one of my blog post or my blog site.

Of course this is not consistent and you can’t quit your job over this sort of tiny miserable amount. However if you don’t start making these miserable amounts how are you going to make those high-ticket sales? It takes some trust and bonding before that can happen. Screen shot below of earnings from 1 Jun2016 to 31 Dec 2016. The sales were mainly from solo ads. I do not have the cost of exactly how much I spent on solos but nett it was a loss. I was only testing if this whole stuff works.



This screenshot below is the latest for this year to date and it’s totally on free traffic. I have stop using solo ads as it is pretty costly to promote sales.



Now once again it’s time for you to take action to see a start of tiny miserable amount. In fact I believe you can do far better than me by putting consistent serious effort. I bet you will surpass what I got easily. Click on the link below to attend this Monday August 7 Live Webinar with these “2 crazy guys”. It’s a free webinar. No money needed, I don’t get a cent even if you sign-up just go listen to them. You still need to invest to get started which I strongly encourage you to do so. Remember to attend don’t sign up for sake of it and go to bed. It’s your future not mine we are talking about here.


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So much about taking action to make money online, today’s blog post will be a short one as well. It’s title 4 Decisive Attributes Of Highly Successful Business Person. Actually these are quite simple but we just don’t have the will to follow and persist.


Attribute 1 is Resilient


What is resilient? It is define as your ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or any setbacks.

When you miss a “big-deal” maybe a 4-figure commission, do you whine and cry over it? I do for sure, but we should quit all that and get back into action for the next game.

You must be able to take pressure well especially even if you are looking down an unforeseen enormous cost. Now are you able to reboot and proceed to the next action station at 100%? All I can say it’s easier said than done, but you need it to be successful.


Attribute 2 is Pursue Your Ambition


We all have ambitions and do we pursue these or it just remains as “dreams”? Successful business owners all over the world follow their ambition or passion. This is one key to success, as we all know starting a business is very challenging and you will fall many times to a point of giving up.

It is your ambition and passion that will see you through. Without it failure will just step in and you will exit what you started very easily. Friends and even family members around you will persuade you to give up or abandon your ambition. However, if these ambitions of yours are build on strong foundation, come whatever failure and setbacks, you will persist and move on. You must be “crazy” over whatever you are pursuing till it comes alive.

I like this quote from Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”


Attribute 3 – No Fear Of Failure


Success begins with failure; it’s hard to find any one successful who never fails first before they got what they set out for. So you must be prepared to fail your way to success.

Successful business owners never let each failure stop them from moving on. I know it is very exhausting to move from failure to the next step knowing you might just fail again.

You have to take each failure as a learning lesson, have you ever heard of life long learning? That is what we are all call to do. Be it an offline or online business you can never stop learning. You have to learn your way from failure to success. So never fear failure!


Attribute 4 – Willing To Do Tough Jobs


Starting out in your online business to some can be very challenging. So now are you ready to “dirty” your hands to take on those task that nobody wants to do?

Now here’s the take, whether you want your own online or offline business or just a sheer desire of a fatter paycheck, you have to be willing to do those tough jobs. It’s dirty but worth the while.

Doing what others are not willing to do shows your willingness to go to all ends in search of success. It’s hard to rise to the top if you did not do the work at the bottom, which is classified as though.




I’m only giving you 4 attributes to start first, there are many and it is my principle never to complicate by giving many. It can cause indigestion and of course information overload.

Till today I still suffer from that, and it takes time to select what you really want and need.


Do lead me some feedbacks, perhaps you may succeeded in business and went through a lot of “hard knocks”. You may like to share with me as well as others what setbacks you have encountered.


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I sign off here wishing one and all a great fantastic week ahead take care and stay healthy always!


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