5 Actionable Ways To An Awesome Video


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What Are The 5 Actionable Ways To An Awesome Video?


Can you still recall my blog post about “Is Video Marketing That Appealing?”

Well this week, to create an awesome video, we just need to action on these 5 ways. Let’s dive into those ways: –

  1. Introduction
  2. Massive and Daring Pledge.
  3. Share your story.
  4. Convey that Massive and Daring Pledge
  5. Call to Action




Hello, my name is Harold Ho and I’m very privilege to stand right in front of you because I like to share something very exclusive with you.


Massive And Daring Pledge

I can assure if you stay till the end of my presentation you will learn two methods of getting traffic to your blog post.



Share Your Story

Give a brief account of your past, like what were you doing before you started Internet marketing. This is rapport building with your audience. It will help to build trust and some of your audience may be able to relate to your personal story.


Convey that Massive and Daring Pledge

Let me share with you today the two free methods of getting free traffic. Sample below:

“Free traffic is not really free to its true sense. In fact you pay it with time. It is a very slow process to getting traffic to your blog.

However when done right it is an investment for the long run. We start with Blog commenting.

Go over to Google search and typed in Internet marketing blogs. A list will be display on all Internet marketing blogs. In fact thousands will show up. Quite obvious we will survey the first page for a start.

Select blogs with similar interest as yours and check their blog post and if they allow comments. Keep your comments meaningful and relevant. Do omit those one liner like “Great post thanks for sharing” contribute to the bloggers post like giving value or I should say value added to the post. Share it on social media if you find it useful, relevant and value giving. At some point of time reciprocity will take place.

If you belong to a community of Internet marketers perhaps a Facebook group, you may seek help from the community to comment on your post and do reciprocate with others as well. In this way you blog don’t look so bare. There is now some traction on your blog to encourage more visitors to come by. Be patient, it may take months or maybe a year depending how much content you put up there.

Next I’m going to talk about Paid Traffic. These are what I call Fast and Furious or Quick Burst Of Fire! By these terms I’m referring to solo ads as a form of Paid Traffic. You paid vendors couple of hundreds bucks and say you bought 500 clicks and within 3 days or so all your clicks are delivered.

Let me give you a brief run down of what exactly solo ads are for the benefit of those who do not know. Please bear with me especially for those who know the working of solo ads.

Solo ads vendors are owners of an email list. Good vendors are always adding and growing their list to like several hundred thousands or more. You can’t always sell to the same list over and over again as this will “burn” or “tired” your list out.

Now have I contradicted myself especially us as Internet marketers who have an email list or building one? After all they are real people and our audience and we do pitch a product or programme to them.

I say NO and why is that so. The answer for NO is also provided one condition is fulfilled. Have we provided valuable content and training or even a free product to our email list? If YES than there is no damage in fact you are rapport and relationship building with your list. The same goes for solo ad vendors.

You have to do your research on solo ads vendors, which I will show you in the video below this post. Under normal circumstances, you will send this paid traffic to either an opt-in page or sales funnel.”


Call To Action

This is a common terminology for us Internet marketers when we want our audience or leads to do something. It could range from a simple opt-in to a sale.

Let me give you an illustration here.

You have watched my free training on types of traffic. I’m sure have benefitted and enjoyed it. Most certainly, you want to learn and know more. You don’t want to confine yourself to just traffic. Ultimately you want to know the blueprint to make online which I have benefitted. Click on the link and watch this free video from my mentor.


Over To You

  1. Did you enjoyed and benefitted from my blog/video post?
  2. Do you find going in front of the camera something very challenging?
  3. Do you find the 5 actionable ways achievable?



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