5 Ideas To Defeat Distractions

Distractions Versus Productivity


Hello Readers,

How are all of you doing? Distracted or Focus? Well it’s our human nature to get distracted from time to time.

Now are there any solutions from getting distracted? Someone suggested to me meditation. I tried it before and there were some improvements, but unfortunately, I can’t do it at my crazy day job, right at this point of time.

Nevertheless, you need to have some good discipline to start and remain consistent after that.

If you can recall last week my blog post was about 6 Productivity Hacks Revealed. This week I’m going to talk about 5 Ideas to Defeat Distractions. Both somehow do have some common platform.

Many things in life are easier said than done I’m sure anyone out there will agree with me. We can get distracted 30 times a day with emails and phone calls. I call it interruptions galore, and how about scheduling an hour to clear all those emails.

Well at my day-job while answering one email, I could see another 3 or so rushing into my inbox! In my role as an online marketer, I can choose whose emails I want to read and when to respond.

Now let’s kick start this week’s blog post 5 Ideas To Defeat Distractions.


First Idea – Centering Your Day On One Project


Let me begin by asking you this question, do you hit on your task or project right at the start of the day or allow it to dangle on your desk and aggravate? Placing your main task or project ahead of the least important ones on your list is the key to productivity.

I mentioned last week, we always love to complete those least important tasks first. This will reveal like you have completed more tasks numerically and make us feel “satisfied”. Ticking tasks off your list is real fun and satisfying.

Your major task needs more time and effort and probably a tight deadline. This is one good reason to start working at it immediately and giving your undivided attention.

In my last blog post I mention about having a to-do-list done up the night before. Another alternative is to have your task prepared during the weekend before you start the week on Monday. After arranging your to-do-list, you may allocate the time you need to complete these tasks. Mark these off in your diary.

Remember your brain performance is best 2 hours after you are awake. This probably will hold out till lunch. Therefore you should not waste this morning time to get the most out of it.

By day-end it is the worst time to do any purposeful task. Simple, you are exhausted and tired, as you have burned most of your energy away. You are most likely complacent and procrastination sets in.


Second Idea – Stay Focus And Get Rid Of Distractions


You are always distracted by the constant pop-ups notifications on Facebook updates or Instagram post, just naming a few. Next comes your phone buzzing with Whatsapp updates. By now, you are probably reading some latest post on Facebook.

Does this sound familiar to you? Anyway you are not alone in these distracting situations. I’m guilty as well remember distraction brood distractions. It takes about 20 minutes to get back to your original task after a distraction.

Solutions that are not easy to implement or follow are locking your phone in the drawer. Installing site blocker to keep you focus on what you are suppose to do.

Emails take up a good number of hours or our time and distract us, take note unless it is an emergency you can respond to that email within hours. By following all these you should be able to stay focus and complete your task.


Third Idea – Have Short Breaks


Is lunch the only break you take in the course of your workday? Can anyone achieve maximum productivity by working without break?

Research has revealed working unceasingly hinders your concentration. Therefore, taking short breaks throughout the day helps you to stay focus.

Our brain registers continual stimulation as not important and awareness will vanish. The same applies to work, if you work non-stop the law of diminishing returns will set in.

So go take those short breaks to recharge your focus, taking short walks helps too. All these help you to have clarity of mind. For all you know it helps you to look at task or problems from a different angle.

How about working 25 minutes and taking a 5 minutes break!


Fourth Idea – Stop Stuffing At Lunch


By noon you will probably be starving and food becomes your best companion. Everything taste good and you will swallow everything to have a satisfied lunch.

The aftermath is probably one of sleepiness, and this is because blood now flows down to your belly to help in digestion of food consumed. You will be too sleepy even to look at your simplest of task. Your brain lacks oxygen at this point.

It’s a good idea to snack on healthy food through the morning. This will result in eating a little less during lunch. Eating light and healthy food is sure one way to keep you staying alert through the day.


Fifth Idea – Cut Off Noise Distractions


Noise from chatting or keyboard does break your focus. Noise from surroundings does cause stress according to studies.

How about investing in a good pair of headphones to cut off such noise? Exploring every corner for a quiet spot does help to free you from those distractions.




These are the 5 common distractions you are likely to encounter in your everyday living and how you can combat them. Distractions cannot be totally eradicated, but doing our best to avoid them helps us to stay focus and productive.

Main task get done and clear off your list and you become better organized and it goes a long way in facing new challenges.

Do leave me some feedback if these ideas help in fighting distractions?

Till next week, take care and have a less distracting week and stay healthy by eating wisely!


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