5 Tips To Optimise Your YouTube Videos

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Hello my friends,

Hope all is well with everyone so far this week!

Well not everything you do will always go right. This is something as online marketers we must get use to. There will be frustration when we get stuck and don’t seem to get out of it.

This can be very discouraging and may even lead you to quitting all together. Not all of us are technically inclined (I am one of them).

To make the long story short, I had a technical problem with a new auto responder I signed up. This technical problem was push from one section to another without my knowledge. I only found out when I inquire a day later. When your issue moves from one section to the other, it’s a fresh start! How frustrating don’t you think so?

Until now, there don’t seem to have any solution yet; I was told it is a bug!

Thankfully, I have another service provider!

So newbies, if it does not cost too much, it is best you have a back up.


How To Get Most Out Of Videos

We all know videos will be the main media for content marketing. In my last blog post I have mentioned 43% of audiences preference for videos. This tells us where our efforts should be focused.

You do not have to spend too much time getting everything in place. I’m just giving 5 tips for you to digest slowly one at a time. You need not rush through all; it is just to get started on the right footing, since videos are our audience preference.

Tip 1 On Optimisation of YouTube Video


Title is what catches our eye when we search for videos. Just like our blog post it should be clear, concise and compelling (3 Cs).

It is a big plus, should your title matches the keyword searched. Exact keyword match does have an advantage.

Lastly, keep your title within the 60 characters to prevent it from getting cut-off.


Tip 2 On Optimisation of YouTube Video


You have a 1,000-character limitation for YouTube description. Do bear in mind; viewers came to watch a video not to read your story on YouTube.

It is important to note YouTube will only display the first two maximum three lines. Anything more than that will end in the click “show more”

Ideally, important links and Call To Action should be place within the first 100 characters.


Tip 3 On Optimization of YouTube Video


In order for viewers to know what your video is all about you should use tags. Not only that, you are also letting YouTube know that as well.

Check this out in Creator Academy to help you further.

In this manner, YouTube will find a way of linking your video with other similar videos. This can widen your content reach. Nevertheless, you should use your tags wisely. An irrelevant tag does not mean you can get more views. The truth is Google might penalise you instead.


Tip 4 On Optimization of YouTube Video


You may categories your uploaded video in “Advanced settings”. This is another way of grouping your video with related ones by YouTube.

Check this out in Creator Academy to help you further.


Tip 5 On Optimization of YouTube Video


Video thumbnails are basically the prime image viewers get to see when scrolling on the list of video results. Together with the video’s title, thumbnails send a signal about the videos content to viewers. This will influence the number of clicks and views on your video gets.

The Academy Creator reported, “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails”



Very quickly, we come to the end of this week’s blog post. Slowly take small and simple steps and results will show up.

I can understand how technical stuff can get you down, I have encountered many, and more will come and that how it is. Just remember you are building a business and it belongs to you. It is your efforts that count.

End of the day, when you succeed, you can look back and say:

It was a long journey and you have made it. My efforts have paid off and that is motivation for me to push on”


Video Summary



Do leave me some comments and feed back.

Wishing all a good blessed week ahead!


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