6 Productivity Hacks Revealed

Procrastination Versus Productivity


Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing this week? Hopefully good, anyway it was a busy like a bee week for me at my day job. At times, I don’t even know what I am busy at and what exactly I was doing.

This inspired me to come out with a blog post along the line of productivity and procrastination. This does affect everyone be it a full time day job or online entrepreneurs. In all walks of life, we definitely procrastinated at some point of time.

If you have been thinking or contemplating about your future and financial freedom, I have something for you to start you off. Stop Procrastinating And Start Taking Baby Steps.

I like to quote Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook “Some people dream of success…While others wake up and work hard at it”. Let me start you off with a rather inexpensive investment. It’s the Commission Machine 2017.


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A Brief Introduction To Productivity


Let me share with you the key elements to online success after these 6 productivity hacks. I assured you if you actually follow through with these hacks it would change your life for the better.

You create more space in your life for vibrancy, focus and clarity. Procrastination is a success killer for any type of Entrepreneur, and if you can beat it by taking more positive action in your business. When you learn to take more action you will start to see results. So let’s go through those hacks now.


No. 1 Work Where The Creative Juices Flow


If you are struggling in a certain space and creating negative energy around that space, it can really help to get outside or work somewhere else if possible.

When we are struggling in one spot too long, we start to subconsciously attach negativity to the things in those surroundings. This is why, it helps to change our workspace from time to time, and nature is the best solution.


No. 2 Tackle The Harder Or More Complicated Tasks First


When we leave the harder jobs until last we often create an anxiety about those jobs the longer we leave them.

This is an energy draining state and will make you see those tasks as more complicated and harder to start than they actually are in reality. Getting your harder jobs done first is a great way to free up your energy for the rest of the day.

You will often find that once you actually start the job you will get on a roll and it will be much easier than you think.


No. 3 Clear Your Work Desk Of Clutter


When we have clutter around us it can create a cluttered mind. The simple act of a very clean not cluttered environment can enable you to thank clearer, thus creating more focus for the task at hand.


No. 4 Don’t Multi-task!


As Entrepreneur’s we are usually very creative and love to start new projects. Many also seem to think that trying to do loads of things at once means we are getting a lot done!

When in actual fact we end up spreading ourselves too thin and not giving our all and our focus to any one of the projects or tasks.

Don’t multi-tasks, focus on one job at a time and become a completer. You will get much more done.


No. 5 Create Your To Do List The Night Before


When we start our day without our goals and to do list clearly defined we sometimes waste a quarter of the day just compiling that to do list.

Getting your to do list will help you sleep better knowing your clear on your progress tomorrow. Turn up ready for action and not trying to work out what action to take.


No. 6 Knowledge And Continued Action


This is the most important hack of them all! Procrastination and overwhelm are breed from what? Can you guess?

Misinformation and Confusion

Well that proven strategy for online marketers is really on the face of it quite simple.

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If you look at all these 6 hacks I have given you, they are actually very simple to follow. All are attainable and again, take one step at a time, remember don’t multi-task.

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Once again, thank you for your time, do leave me some feedbacks. Is there any other hack you have that can help others as well?

Have a Fantastic Fun Week Ahead!


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