8 Tips To Enhance Your CTA

Do You Want Your CTA To Be Effective?


Hello Readers,

How have all of you been this week?

Well, it has been a mixed week for me to begin with I have yet to put my auto responder completely into operation yet. I still got quite a bit of email follow-ups to transfer over.

I’m determined to complete this process by this week latest and start to put it into test mode. After which I will proceed to start email list building. I like to share this when the process begin in my weekly blog post.

The good news I had this week is my application to Cash Network has been approved. Truly, a piece of good news I got on Thursday 22 Jun 2017 to brighten my weekend as I write this blog post. I spoke to my account manager a very helpful lady who has given me some links that I could promote.

Life after all is not that bad!

Now this week I’m going to be talking about Call To Action (CTA). I’m going to give you hints and tips on enhancing your CTA’s.


Tip 1 – Having A Clear-Cut Offer

Your offer should be crystal clear and well defined. Let’s say you want to teach your audience how to get free traffic to an offer. You may consider this “Watch This Free Video To Get Free Traffic To Your Offer”. It is good habit to be precise with your Call To Action, by giving some details.

Tip 2 – Make It Outstanding

I’m talking about colour scheme here. This colour should contra against your background to make it stand out. Ideal size of button should be 225px wide by 45px high.

Image – Colour Scheme of CTA button


Tip 3 – Must Be Actionable

Use verbs, to entice taking action like “Claim My Spot”, “Watch Now”, or “Download Now”, “Get Started Now” just to name a few as guidelines.


Tip 4 – Keeping It Well Above The Fold

Do ensure your visitors can see or view your CTA without scrolling down the page. This will help you get a good click through rate. This what keeping it above the fold is all about. Ideally it should be within eye contact to the visitor to achieve good results.


Tip 5 – Inserting Your CTA On Your Most Relevant Blog Post

Let’s say you have a blog post about video marketing, you may have a CTA promoting how to use YouTube as a marketing channel. You are blogging about email list building, have a CTA like watching a video how you created a process in email list building.


Tip 6 – Optimise Your Opt-In Page

It is common practice CTA drives that traffic (free or paid) to a Opt In Page. You must continuously optimize and test your opt in page with different colours and layouts, images and text.

At some point of time you will see which Opt In Page gives you the best result. It is a testing process and will take time but worth the effort for the long run in getting the best result from your optimized page.


Tip 7 – CTA Within A Buying Cycle

Basically there are three stages in a buying cycle. Using a CTA at a start to give information about product or service is imparting knowledge. At the next stage a CTA to demonstrate how product or service can help them. Lastly, a CTA to buy would close the cycle.


Tip 8 – Constant Testing

You must continuously be testing your CTA to find out which appeal to your visitors. This is similar to optimizing your Opt In Page to get best result. Synchronizing your CTA with your Opt In Page will definitely enhance your click through rate.

This is what every Internet marketer should strive for to maximize opt in rates which will ultimately lead to sales.



We come to the end of my weekly blog post about enhancing your CTA. I hope you have found it useful and beneficial for your Internet online business. Do leave me some feedback like what tip was the most valuable to you.

I will be spending time to complete my set up to begin my email list building. Before I sign off, I discover one of my Opt In Pages in Clickfunnel is not showing up! Another technical glitch I have to look into and sort out.

I take this opportunity to wish one and all a good blessed week ahead!

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