A New Month and a New Start with iPro

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In Internet marketing there will be times of dryness and even loneliness. This is especially so when nothing seem to be happening. You must always treat this as your business. It is something you own and as your own just like your child.

This where iPro makes a difference, we have our Motivational Monday; Wednesday we have our coaching session. Both these session are by our motivator and trainer Louis Doughty. We also have our technical wizard Glenn Shepherd doing what we called Techy Thursday.

For iPro partners all these sessions are Live and archived into our Members Area. We can always go over again and again for anything that is not clear. We also have an extremely strong Facebook Community where there is sharing of successes as well as issues our partners encounter. I really love thisCloseup portrait dumb clueless young man arms out asking why what's problem who cares so what I don't know isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling body language

So now what since it is already Jul 2016? No clue or dead end? I will continue with my same strategy as like previous month to go by the solo ads route. Still it is going to be 300 clicks per vendor with just 2 vendors. I always believe in researching on all my vendors.

At this stage just like last month it is just drawing leads into iPro sales funnel. Hopefully there are sales just to cover cost of these ads. It kind of excites me whenever I see a webinar sign up for my Mentor Dean Holland AffiliateHacks webinar on Mondays! These are potential just at the tip of the iceberg of making four figures day. All these leads are being followed up by iPro. Do you know from my last month solo ads there are still interest going on which I feel is going to lead to some potential. Leads that do not buy today may just sign up or make purchases later on.

Technical stuff like opt-in page, squeeze page and bridge page are always going well above me. I do struggle with these but definitely there must be a way out of this. It may take time but positively there will be an answer. I still believe in blogging my way to traffic.

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