Answer To Your Traffic Woes

Traffic As We All Know

 Funny how should I begin?

As usual in the morning Jim and Jen were heading out for work. Got into their car and prepared to drive off and the morning air was still fresh and the sun was glowing.

Now, the all too common traffic jam began as they headed into the highway. “How dreadful this can be” Jim told his wife Jen to start the day and it’s Monday. “Nice” was Jen’s reply.

Autobahn A 8 bei Möhringen, Tilt Shift Effekt

When we drive we all dread traffic don’t we? In fact if there were no traffic how nice would our drive be!

Our Business

Let’s get back to reality in our Internet Marketing world. Given the above situation of what Jim and Jen were caught in don’t we want this for our blog site? In fact we love this sort of traffic jam.

Now how do we get this sort of traffic jam to our blog site? Here are some basics to consider before we can see traffic flowing in.

  • Getting us to being educated. I mean gaining useful knowledge. (Education)
  • With the knowledge we acquired do we impart these to others? (Giving valuable content)
  • Problem solving, does our content not only educate but help others solve their problems? (Solutions to others woes)
  • Provide training to others. Ideally this should be in the form of videos.

You may now say Yes, Yes, I did all of the above but still I don’t see the traffic coming in. Hmm, was there something wrong with my content or videos or training? Right this very moment I’m in that situation!

Traffic concept with smartphone on white table

Do share with me if you have been through this before or going through it right now. Drop me your comments in the comment box.

Document Sharing Sites

 This is not something new, but has been around for some time it’s

To be honest upfront I have not try it, but will take the courage to do so. (I’m very shy in trying out something new to me…. Lol) I was told it got like 70 million viewership! Yes I’m excited about the number and in fact just give me 0.001% of that traffic would be a handful for me to handle, I must admit! This can only happen if you do it right.

Hand writing the text: Raise Your Website Traffic

All you need to do is have a power point presentation on your content!

One question that will have you wondering is “What must I do with such presentation to Raise My Website Traffic?”

Food for Digestion

  • Modern Design should be used
  • Easy to read and clear. (Short and Sweet)
  • Good quality graphics. (Capture your audience)
  • Valuable content as well as problem solving and educational.
  • Add some entertainment and comic to your slides
  • Have your blog address on every slide (You want your audience to remember you)
  • Have a Call to Action like see more at

Guys if you have more points or ideas to add feel free to drop these in the comment box. I do appreciate your contribution.

To sum it up just remember these 3 pointers: –

  • Deliver Decent Value with Your Title or Headline
  • Problem Solving Content.
  • Always point or direct them to your blog.

Always bring your viewers or audience to your blog where perhaps some form of product or services are offer for sale.

This is just my opinion and feels free to share if you feel otherwise in the comment box.

Side Story

 Johnny was failing in everything he does just like some of us Internet marketers. Be it his personal life or in whatever he does in short. If you feel you can relate with Johnny as an Internet Marketer, than you may like to try these suggestions.

  • Always be persistent and consistent.
  • Remember to give high value content
  • Brand yourself and keep up with times, have some form of design.
  • Display vitality or energy in your Personality. Your audience will love it!
  • Have all your content on various platforms like FB YT even slide share. In Facebook give a short summary post about your blog post and direct them to your blog. Your blog post could easily be converted into a YouTube video. Game enough go do a FB live and bring your audience to your blog.

Now I must have gone on far too long!

I love you to share ideas with me not only what works but what doesn’t as well.

Do give me your comments on my blog post below.

Till next week, Never Give Up!


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