Are You Afraid Of Failing?

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Happy Easter, half the month of April 2017 just slipped by!

Introduction – Any difference between Fear and Scare?

Let’s begin with the definition of fear and scare.

Fear is just an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen.

How about scare, well it is more like a verb, for instance, you make someone afraid or frighten. You cause your loved ones to get worried or nervous by coming back late.

At any point of our life, we have fears or scare or afraid of certain situation. Let’s take when we were in school, were we not afraid of going to school for one reason of the other. Perhaps we have not completed our homework or assignment.

When we were working in our day job, we fear our bosses or colleague. All our life, we are experience this feeling of fear. Now what is the outcome of fear, definitely something negative I’m pretty sure.

You dislike going to school, when you fail to complete you homework or assignment. You hate taking exams because you did not study for it. Going to work was a nightmare as you are afraid or you fear your bosses.

Today around the world we are surrounded by bad news. Recent terrorism acts to possibilities of war. This has led to some of us living in fear. At the end of the day we fear death.


Non-Failure Culture

Many if not most of us were raised by this non-failure culture. Right from young it’s go to school and study hard, don’t fail your exams. The only way to avoid failure is to study hard. This should ensure success. After you get your paper qualification head out there and look for a job and get yourself hired.

Along with it is of course “work hard” the harder you work the better off you will be. We equate our earnings with working hard. To earn more, work harder, it’s as simple as that. There is no room for errors in whatever you do you must not fail!

This is the perfectionist model, which our grand parents, parents went through. Likewise, we are to follow this path to success. Never ever dream to doing something different from the norm. After all this route work for decades why deviate from it. This too has contributed to us fearing coming out of our comfort zone. Why change from a model that has served several generations?

Now if we look at our Internet business, do we have some kind of fears attached to it? Is it all that plain sailing?


How About Online Marketers, Any Fears?

The greatest leap of faith in your life is to embark in this business of Internet Online Marketing. In fact, you are stepping out of line, out of the non-failure culture. Within a short space of time you start to wonder if this is the right choice to make. It’s a plain natural feeling because you have move out of the non-failure culture.

We also equate or relate success to monetary rewards. After much investment of time and money the rewards are negligible. This will make us think twice and means fear. Fear to move forward!

When we don’t get traffic to our blog or opt-in page we get worried. All because we will not be able to built our email list. When you have an email list we are worried they may not response to us at all.

These are parts and parcels we go through as online Internet marketers. The thought of money will lead us to greater fears.

So my suggestion is go out there and give value and don’t think about any money. Easier said than done, how about changing your mindset that this is a learning phase (get out of the non-failure mode) experiment in order to move forward.

Take everything as you learn something new every day. Like you have found new methods and ideas. We are too deep-rooted in our non-failure culture that we find it a challenge to learn something new.

Any chance to change this fear we have to one of learning mode? Even as online marketers, we stick to well tested or tried out methods just to play safe. As long as we stick on to tried out methods creativity is halted.


Any Solutions To Overcome This Fear

Can we re-programmed our mindset from one of failure to one of learning?

A goal set out but not achieved at the end of the day, can that be a useful learning lesson? After all you did achieved something, and did not left empty handed.

How about looking at it from a different angle of what I did right in achieving that small goal instead of dwelling at what you failed! Perhaps you could leverage on that small success to scale greater heights.

Another area of focus is to incorporate all possible pitfalls, before you embark on your project. We never feel comfortable getting caught in surprises (pitfalls or obstacles) we feel more confident when are well equipped.

Have you learn anything from a personal point of view. How has that experience change me for the better as an online marketer? We can always pick something up along the way no matter how small.

Learning is a process; fear is just an obstacle preventing us from learning!


This is where I end my blog post!

I like to wish you all a great week ahead and take care!










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