Are You Struggling?

Is Struggling That Bad?

Dear readers,

Trust all had a good start for the week. Well mine, was different, I struggle as to what I should to blog about. If you notice my last few post was all about email and content marketing.

Just over the weekend in my schoolmates chat group I saw this interesting video clip and let me share it with you here below, pay careful attention to the end part of the video clip.



Right From The Start

Struggling Person
Struggling Person With A Lot Of Burdens

You struggle to get a job, after you finish your education.

Not all so negative, you kind of enjoy the job, but felt you deserve something better.

Now, you felt better, probably you had a raise or promotion and in your boss good books.

After some time, you dislike this routine or you find yourself in a deadlock.

Now you struggle for a change and badly needed one.

You found this Internet marketing scheme that attracted struggling day-job people like you.

Trying to get yourself started, you found challenges and of course you struggle to get it working.

Struggling to convince your loved ones, this is not a scam, it worked for others and will work for you.

All in there are struggles along the way. Does struggling need to be associated with monetary inadequacy?


The Bigger Picture

If you look around your community, you will see this “struggling” scenario. Your workplace too will see colleagues struggling as well.

Society as a whole too has a fair share of strugglers. I’m sure you have seen them dominating headlines. These do lead to political issues in some cases.


What Do We Associate Struggling With?

Do we associate struggling with monetary inadequacy? Not everyone who is struggling is experiencing financial inadequacy. How about your colleagues in the office, who struggles with their job?

Just to highlight other struggling situations below:

  • Those who struggle with health issues. Stricken with terminal illness, they struggle just to get well.
  • Students struggling with their studies. No matter, how much they study, they still fail!
  • Sporting teams struggling to end their winless streak.
  • Struggling to complete a school project or work project.
  • Struggles to get use to a new environment when one move to another country.


Is There Anything Positive From Struggling?

Think Positive
Think Positive

Well, from a religious and spiritual point of view YES, there is!

As for me, religious or not, struggles will only make you stronger. Not everyday is a rainy day, neither will all days be sunshiny days.

You may struggle for a good part of your life just to bring food to the table for your family. Take heart, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end, it’s up to you, to make what you can out of your struggles. It’s all totally up to you, you call the shots. I know there are times that look like the world seems unfair to you. The positive note you can take away from your struggles is “it’s a learning lesson” and “I will just grow stronger”

Just to share my fair share of struggles. I was out of job for like one half years. It was during those times that internet marketing caught my attention. The money and the idea of working from home were all the perfect ingredients for me to earn some money. The negativity surrounding me was enough to stop me going further.

I never gave up even thought I got a day job after those “long” one half years of unemployment. Even than, this new job did not look suitable for me. I struggle but still kept faith on my dream internet marketing journey. The lack of funds to invest kept me out from decent coaching programmes. I turn instead to shinny objects (cheaper alternatives) and of course still no success.

Fast forward, even today, I still struggle with certain aspect of my internet business. Anyway they just got me stronger, time will be the only factor to see me climbing up higher.


I Want To Help All Struggling In Their Internet Business

I being through whatever struggles you were at. You need help, probably for a start “baby basic” help I bet. I don’t want to go round the whole world to tell you stories after stories.

Click Here And Stop Struggling

Have a great week and a restful weekend!





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