Asking The Right Questions In Selling

Is Sales That Challenging?


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Have you ever heard of this saying that sales is challenging? Only those in sales will know ups and downs of the business. This is especially so when you go out chasing numbers and KPIs.

Constant Contact With Prospect

There are certain types of questions that are not appropriate to ask your prospect. These could be just too sensitive and may cost you that sale no matter how small it may be.

In sales, we simply need to reach out and talk to our prospect;/client this is no exception for us online marketers. In that process you may be probing into very sensitive part of your prospect lives.

Such sensitive information; is in fact very useful. Come to think of it, all sensitive information is useful. Rapport, relationship buildings that can help reach the level of trust you want with your prospect.

Don’t Ask: “What Results Are You Getting From Your Email List Building?”

Ask Instead “How Is Your Email List Building Going?

This is a dynamic way of getting your prospect to open up. “What results are you getting?” tend to put some pressure on your prospect/client to give you a glowing picture

Whereas “How is your email list building going” have a more casual tone that will make your prospect/client more comfortable. You will get a more honest and uncensored of what is going well and what is not.

Don’t Ask: “What Is Keeping You Up At Blogging?”

 Ask Instead “Many Of My Clients Are Focusing Video Marketing And Facebook Live. Are You Engaging Any Of These?”

It’s not cool and ineffective to ask your prospect/client what is keeping them up at blogging in the first version. What if they surprise you with a test your product or service cannot deliver. What if they cannot think of anything at the top of their mind?

The latter version works well in the sense if your prospect/client is experiencing a particular challenge this question shows they are not alone. Secondly, if they are experiencing any of those you highlight you can always respond: “That’s great, the ideal time to solve a problem is before you encounter it.”

Don’t Ask: “Why Have You Not Address This Issue?”

Ask Instead “Have You Tried To Solve This Instead?”

This proves helpful in determining the reason or reasons for your prospect /client inactivity.

Previously, they could be close to finding a solution but the cost factor could have hampered them from implementation. Now you have gone past this by giving the impression that if they have spoken to you first, you could help them.

Don’t Ask: “What’s Your Budget?”

Ask Instead “To Make Sure, We Are A Good Fit, Can You Give Me A Guide Of Your Price Point?”

You will come across as aggressive by asking for your prospect/client’s budget. There is a possibility that they have not reach down to that yet.

At the same time you do not want to miss out on this aspect, as after all they may not afford what you are offering. This will lead to a waste of everyone’s time.

Don’t Ask: “When Do You Need This Going?”

Ask Instead “When Do You Expect To See Applicable Outcome?”

Basically, there are three stages in sales cycle as follows:

  • Actual purchase.
  • Installation or delivery of product.
  • Expected time frame of Product Results.

The last point is the most crucial among all three stages; it’s the date we like to know (time frame). This is the point that prospect/client will overlook as their focus is more on purchase and installation.

At the correct timing you have to remind your prospect/client otherwise they cannot see the urgency. Once this time frame is determined you may like to work backwards from there.


To get the right outcome, you need to ask the right questions and sometimes at the right time. All these will come with experience and failure. Learning from failure is one experience to master and will give value in the long run.

Do leave me some feedbacks, were these tips useful in equipping you for you next sales pitch?

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