The History of the Internet

1958 – The United States Department of Defence establishes the Advanced Research Projects Agency in response to the Sputnik launch which heralded the ear of global communication

1971 – First email is sent

1974 – The term Internet is coined

1982 – First Internet connection in Asia is developed at Keio University in Japan

1983 – The Domain Name System is invented

1989 – British engineer Tim Berners-Lee proposes what would become the World Wide Web in his paper “Information Management: A Proposal”

1990 – Development begins for the first browser called “WorldWideWeb”

1993 – Mosaic the first graphical browser is launched, helping to popularize the World Wide Web

1994 – Yahoo and are founded

1995 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0 released

1998 – Google launches its search engine. Singaporean Tan Tin Wee founds multilingual domain name system.

1999 – Web 2.0 is coined as more websites start to allow users to post content

2000 – The market peaks and crashes

2001 – Wikipedia is born

2004 – Facebook is born

2005 – First You Tube video is posted

2006 – The first Tweet is sent. Tweeter founder Jack Dorsey writes: “just setting up my twtt” (sic)

2010 – Instagram is launched

2012 – Gangnam Style becomes first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views

2013 – New generic top-level domain names such as .guru, .camera, and .diamond are introduced

2014 – Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Academy Awards ceremony is re-tweeted 3.2 million times, and holds the record for most re-tweets


From a humble beginning, we can clearly see what the internet have done to our present day living. I am sure we will all agreed we cannot do without the internet. Information could now be found by using any of the popular search engines and you have it at your fingertips.

I like to share from my personal experience, a kid way back in the late 1960s I remember waiting several weeks before I could watch an English football game. Let’s assume a game was play on Sunday and it would take at least 2 Sundays down the road before I can watch the game. It was still in black and white and it takes time for the reel to arrive here in Singapore for broadcast. You can read the results of games play in U.K. like 3 days after it was played. Now that is history, today you watch all your games live by subscribing to some networks on the internet at the comfort of your home computer. All thanks to the internet.

Most certainly today most if not all of us would have bought something online say within the last 3 months right? Again it’s thanks to the internet for e-commerce. We all will agree one way of the other the internet is here to stay right? Otherwise we would not have sign up for John’s Partnership to Success!

What Else Can I do on the Internet?

It is very unlikely to find anyone who surf the net not going to or these two social media sites are real power house and the amount of visitor’s traffic are huge and awesome. are more my music needs from good old days of rock and roll to the current hits. One can surely find something on At the same time one can always upload their videos into and get publicity. You can always use this media to promote your interest. I have not done this yet but definitely the day will come when I have to tap on to further my success in internet marketing. Certain old movies are even uploaded here and when I have some special interest in these I will always search for them in

I’m very new to hop on in 2011 and here is my Facebook address nothing fancy full just have it to keep in contact with friends and colleagues. The following here is also huge and mega and I guess on the internet marketing side one can always advertise here and I understand it is relative cheaper. This has now become a Google competitor and now that Facebook have bought whatsapp the whole landscape in internet have change.

One can see how internet has broken down borders and how fast news and information travels around the globe. We can run but we can’t hide from these changes. It’s a real fast changing world. I still recall days when you have to write an aerogramme or mail a post card or letter to someone overseas. Today there is this stuff call email, I just wrote to a guy in USA inquiring about some graphics banner and less than a day he got back to me. Not too long ago would that have been possible? The answer is crystal clear I guess!

Facebook is another communication tool with friends at any part of the world. You can always create a close group to chat with privacy. The best part about this is it’s free as long as you have an internet connection.

When I do have time (which is very rare) is another site I visit. Since childhood I have always been fascinated with trains and marklin a German brand have a very special place in my heart. Someday I hope to be in Germany to visit Marklin Museum just to fulfill childhood dream. If and that’s a big if I ever make it there definitely will drop in Anfield