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I took the normal route after completing my studies by looking for a day job. I guess that is the age-old rule and path, handed down by our parents. They were not wrong as they too walk this same path.

Now coming back to myself, I spent like nearly 25 years working in a financial institution. I once was a foreign exchange trader and that was where most of my career was spent from 1983. My biggest struggle and hardship was when I lost my job in 2004. It was a time of reflection and many failed attempts to go back to the day job market. I can’t really recall how it happened but I did manage to stumble into Internet marketing during those desperate times. It must have been the money that attracted me. Who would not? Especially after loosing one’s income Believe me there were lots of “shinny objects” shining it’s way on the Internet. An average guy like me picked many of these up along the way believing that these would bring me the money I need. Instead all it did was to drive me poorer by the days and months.

In 2009 I managed to go back to a day job and at the same time join an Internet boot camp for the weekend. A local guy ran this. You can see I somewhat never gave up on this Internet marketing idea of making money. My game plan was do continue Internet marketing on a part-time basis till it can take over my day job. Still I never saw Internet Marketing as a business. It cost me probably like U$1,500 for those 3 days. I fondly recall doing “direct-linking” on Amazon products. You place a short call to action Pay per Click advertisement on Google and bingo I did sold some electronic gadgets. Back in 2009 LED TVs were hot stuff and I promoted these and got like U$300-400 as affiliate commission. I was taught this was one fast way to make money on Amazon. Nevertheless, I should still build a webpage and get it SEO rank on Google. I’m not a techy person and struggle with that to no avail. As I look back, I see this still have an impact in 2016 Internet marketing. I will be explaining more as we go along in my blog-site.

Funny as it may sound I even got my son to join in and he too promoted stuff like X-box and got some small money too. The joy was short lived as Google came down hard on these Pay per click advertisement, as they were not compiling to their standards. The higher you bid your advertisement you will just end up getting your fingers and pocket burned! It happened to me. I quit and down as I may be but not OUT!

Back to Basics

Half of my game plan went up in smoke! I must admit thankfully I still had my day job. Giving up was the last thing on my mind. Scanning through the Internet I must have been on hundreds of mailing list. Products after products fill my inbox daily. At some stage coaching programs with lots of promises attracted me as well. Financially I’m not able to afford one. As I look back somehow this question arises like do I really want to be in a day job forever? I have seen especially during my financial institution days, the job was stressful but people you work with can be even more stressful. No doubt, there were times my bosses treated me well. During such times, I never even thought of any alternative income source.

Mentor Found

In Oct 2014 I bought into Dean Holland Mentor Internet marketing course and some other front end products. As long as they are affordable I’m in. it was the back-end coaching that I could not afford but I knew this must be the guy.

It was here I heard about Dean Holland. Some how I too ended up on Dean’s mailing list. In Oct 2015 I sign up for Dean’s Quick Start Challenge (QSC). I kind of like it and the approach and one lucky winner will get the chance to go into iPro Platinum worth U$2000. I was never good with luck! I still continue to follow Dean till I have enough financial resources to join iPro.

My lucky break came and November 2015 when I sign up with iPro. I’m one good procrastinator when come to action taking. Listening to training webinar was all I did! Action taking was far off my mind. It was in May 2016 that hit me am I giving value content to anyone out there? Am I making money by just listening to webinar? This pushes me to action taking from than on.

I could see in Dean and team of coaches that as long as you are willing to do your part, they will definitely help you to achieve your goals. Perhaps there was something not right on your blog site. Maybe your approach was not targeted enough to draw traffic. In iPro the community is super I can tell you. If you are not sure just post in the Facebook community and you get loads of replies.

Personal Reflection

Life is a journey for all of us. Looking back I came to realize when you are working for someone, there are pros and cons. Steady income and fixed hours of work are what you will benefit. If you are in luck and the people around you get along fine, so much the better. I had that for good 15 years till all my good colleagues left one by one. Believe me I never thought of venturing out on my own because times and life were good!

I had my fair shares of downside in my day job when colleagues around me saw me in different light and lenses. No matter what I did and how far I stretch myself, I will never meet their expectations. I’m sure many of you who are reading this and holding a day job can appreciate what I’m sharing. If you are in your boss’s good books everything you do is fine even if you make a grave mistake. Otherwise nothing you do is right! I saw a lot of this in my last day job of 7 years, not that it happen to me, but instead to others. Being a third-party I saw this in very clear view.

Now in my mid fifties and my day job contract ended in mid 2016, what else can I do? My signing up with iPro in Nov 2015 was in preparation for this. I decided to give myself a fair chance to run my own business in Internet marketing namely in iPro. This could not have come at a better time.   All in I had to look at this from a business sense. This no longer is a job but a business strictly in its sense. Your can say “I’m minding my own business”. You may say I’m trying to live my life to the fullest and the best I can.

Call me a full time Internet Entrepreneur or Marketer with iPro from now onwards!



4 thoughts on “About Harold Ho”

  1. Hiya Harold,
    You haven’t blogged for a while…are you still plugging away? I hope so. I have been on many courses up until this point & have to say I reckon this is the one that is ‘legitimate & genuine’….I do think if you stick with it, you will get some degree of success & will learn a hell of a lot!. I have every intention of completing.
    I noticed that your affiliate banners show your affiliate links when you hover over them….I did a post & 2 video’s about this yesterday…it is something that I discovered a few months back & makes it really easy…& just involves a simple, free plugin called ‘redirection’…I think it just makes your blog look that little bit more professional…here’s the link if you are interested:


    Anyway Harold….keep at it!

  2. Hi Ho,

    I’m happy to read your post here. Life is a struggle isn’t it? But no struggle, no victory either and it sounds like you have had a lot of struggles. I think that this will be good for me too although I’m going through some challenges right now.

    I know I have to keep the faith and keep my goals in front of me every day and stay focused and I’ll be ok.

    I look forward to hearing of your success.



    1. Thanks Steve for sharing, my sincere apologise for such a late reply, lets keep faith and surely 2015 will be a good year.



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