Building A Class Of Your Own

Looking For A New Car?

Felicia an Investment Banker had her bonus paid out and it was something well over her! She worked hard and felt she deserved to get herself a car. Something classy in every sense of the word.

She shop and look around and saw this advertisement of the following equipment packages:

  • Air Balance
  • Airmatic Agility
  • Driving Assistance
  • Keyless Comfort package
  • Parking package

This is none other than the Mercedes C-Class and Felicia fell for it immediately. Somehow can you see how the brand Mercedes projected itself as a classy car?

The brand Mercedes is always associated with luxury cars throughout the world. Price aside it got a certain appeal with car owners.

You are your brand - motivation text in spiral notebook with a cup of coffee

Today’s blog post will be about Branding or more like the title suggest Building A Class Of Your Own.

In an online business, you are your brand and you built that around your name. With that in mind you can now see the importance your name is in Building A Class Of Your Own!

Not too long ago I did a video training on the subject of Why Branding? A quick recap of some of the key basics I cover there like:

  • You want to be remembered.
  • Your brand name should be aligned with whatever you do.
  • What name to choose?
  • Ideally your own name.

In this episode, I will dig deeper into “Building a Class of Your Own

There are certain key factors you need to look out for in Building A Class Of Your Own like:

  1. Colour Code.
  2. Writing Style.
  3. Design Style
  4. Your Specialties or Expertise or Niche Area.
  5. Delivery Style.
  6. Your Symbol or Logo. (Your brand!)
  7. Value Contribution.

Colour Code

Choose a colour code, of course one that you like. Stay with it all the way. Any change would show inconsistency, which we want to avoid.

Writing Style

This should relate to your style of speaking, ultimately it is YOU, which should be projected to your audience. They can tell from your post it is you who wrote it. Make this effort to develop your own writing style. Of course be natural! You must have heard of this saying “mean what you say” this is the same with your writing style.

Design Style

So what is this design style about? It’s just the font size and type that you used. Remember always stay consistent and that’s the name of the game. In whatever you do always be consistent. Our audience can always see this point.

Your Specialties or Expertise or Niche Area

What are your skill-set? Remember in my earlier video training I spoke about your brand name align with whatever you do. Firstly, this will help people to remember you. Secondly, when your name or brand is associated with your skill-set, you will become the go to guy. Be it copy writing, video marketing, SEO or website designing, Building A Class Of Your Own should evolve around your skills or specialties!

Delivery Style

How you show case your videos or blog post speaks a lot about YOU. Your audience can relate with your way of writing, your way of presentation in your videos. It is like how you present yourself to your audience.

Your Symbol or Logo

This is what your brand is all about. How do you relate to the car brand Mercedes? The triangular arrows will always be associated with Mercedes. We should imitate like how Mercedes does it’s class branding. It will stay with you for life. Initial stages are very challenging but you will some day sit back and relax in the long term and say it’s worth the time and effort. You make go over to for logo design. Check it out.

Value Contribution

I have said this before, educate yourself first than share this education you got with your audience. This is value contribution. Give value, and that value can solve problems that others have.

Do feel these 7 pointers easy to implement? What is your opinion or you have any other points to share. Do give your comments in the comment box below.

The Importance of Building A Class of Your Own

You Want To Be Remember

This is something that cannot be left out. When you talk about luxury or classy cars, does Mercedes come into your mind? When you share thoughts and ideas on sports cars, does Ferrari or Maserati come into your mind? Now go do the same for yourself to create that online presence. It may take time but eventually you will reach there.

You Want To Get Noticeable

With Building A Class Of Your Own, it comes with you getting notice and recognized. This will come fast once your audience remembers you with your online presence.

You Want To Look Qualified

Surely, you want to look qualified in whatever you post be it be video or blogging. This comes from your content, which goes back to your education. Get educated and keep it on-going all the time. You can never stop educating yourself!

You Want To Look Stable

Branding can make you look stable. Constant blogging does help you in this aspect. You can associate this as being established. So remember to provide valuable content.

Gives You More Validity

You want to be validated at the end of the day don’t you?

Be patient, this may take a while before you can get validated. Some form of credibility will relate to building a class of your own.

You Want To Be Trusted

Firstly through branding you will be Known by your audience. With stability and validity you will be Like. Finally, with all that in place you will be Trusted.

When your audience Know Like and Trust you guess what is going to happen next?

You are able to sell to them easily! You have won their trust.

One exclusively important point to note here is Never Abuse That Trust. It took you time blood and even tears to building your brand or Building A Class Of Your Own. End of the day you don’t want your tribe or audience to loose faith and trust in you.

You Want To Be The Go To Person

With your skill-set and long development to reach that expert status, you will be the go to person. Be it graphics designer or video marketer, your name should be associated with your field of expertise.

Are the importance discuss here sufficient in helping you to Build A Class of Your Own? Do give me your feedback in the comment box below.


Businessman drawing Brand Building concept on blurred abstract background


In concluding my blog post, there is now work to be done. There is quite a lot of hard work out there to begin with. The first step is always challenging and that is true for most of us. Never Give Up, otherwise there is no beginning to those who want start your online marketing business. Model yourself after Mercedes and get going

Who knows a day might come when you may be driving a Mercedes and sit back and say my dream has become a reality. Others will look up to you and follow in your footsteps.

I love to hear your views and comments on this post. Feel free to give me your feedback in the comment box below.

Till than, have a fantastic week ahead!

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