Can 2017 Be The Year Of Video?

The Environment of Video Marketing




Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing so far this week?

Like I mentioned last week, not a technical person, trying to set up a follow-up series in another or default auto responder of mine was challenging.

I guess, I have to spent weekend time as well as some weekday night’s going through this step by step like a baby!

I guess in life and especially in out Internet marketing niche, we learn something everyday.

Anyway so much of my weekly encounter, this week we are going to talk about videos in 2017.

By the way this week’s blog post is going to be a rather short one.


What Is This Fuss About Video?

If I can recall when I was young, which was like yesterday LOL videos were either in VHS or Beta format. Movies during those days were sold in this sort of format.

I cannot remember if any sort of marketing uses video for this purpose. As time evolves, we had Laser Disc (LD) which was better quality but bulky and subsequently Video Compact Disc (VCD). Nevertheless, it was still movies and hardly marketing using videos.

Now fast forward, to recent times we saw an emerging trend of videos being use to market products and services.

Our eyes have shifted from reading written advertising content to videos. If you say a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth far more than that picture.

So I guess that’s how video came to play and now it is making waves!


What Is The Environment Of Video Today?

We cannot denied, video is extremely popular especially in content marketing.

Which will you prefer, reading through advertising content or watching it on video?

Many research and surveys have been made and it’s still video which will be the platform for the future.


What Has Video Achieved?


Let’s look at the numbers and see what they tell us.

Business owners say 63% are currently using videos, which is a marginal gain versus last year.

More importantly are the objectives achieved by using videos:

  • 97% believed videos have helped their user to understand their product/service.
  • 81% have associated increase in direct sales.
  • 76% indicated increase in web traffic.
  • 83% feels video gave them a good ROI.

All statistics point to continue use of video for the rest of this year. For those who have not started using video, they should do so without hesitation.


Attractiveness Of Video With Consumers

79% of consumers prefer watching videos than reading text of any product. 91% have watched a pitch intro video and 84% will make a purchase after watching a branding video.

More interesting, social media that videos can be used like Facebook Live where 19% of marketers are using it. Snap chat (8%), Instagrame video (26%).

All these numbers are set to rise and those who use videos will enjoy continued success.



My Conclusion today is a simple one, when are you going to start your video campaign?

Do share with me you thoughts and feedbacks.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

Have a Blessed Week!




2 thoughts on “Can 2017 Be The Year Of Video?”

  1. Hi Harold,

    The statistics you provide would most definitely convince anyone about the critical importance and sheer impact potential of video and video marketing.

    One figure, in particular, is a standout for any online marketer – 81% associated with a direct increase in sales.

    I have found by leveraging my video content it has also contributed to a significant increase in my blog traffic and the growth of my email list. I share all my Facebook live videos, unedited, on my YouTube channel and embed about 50% of them on my blog pages.

    Video marketing certainly works for me.

    Many thanks for sharing your expertise Harold – greatly appreciated.

    Cheers and best wishes from the village marketer.


    1. Hello Peter,

      I must say a very big Thank You for your comment and feedback about my blog post on videos.

      Yes, that’s the direction and I don’t think you can go far wrong by using videos.

      I guess for those who are still muddling away about using video is the “fear” factor.

      I had that when I started, by now I have lost count the number of FB Live and all other videos I made!
      Once you overcome that fear, it’s a lot easier and the rewards plus benefits are motivating factor for
      one to use more videos.

      I will go thru Is your Mindset Killing Your Business.

      Thank You Peter and take care!

      Chat with you again soon and catch your FB Live!

      Best Regards


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