Can A Newbie Online Marketer Get Branding?

5 Simple Steps To Get Branded


Hello my friends,

How is everyone doing? June is coming on quickly and half of 2017 will slip by! I hope all of you are making contribution big or small to your business.

I had a small success and like to share it with all. On 9 Oct 2016 I publish a Slide Share on Relationship Building comprising of 58 slides. One of the slides got clipped! What the heck is that? Simply means it gets shared and that means more visibility and credit. Well it’s free and that goes a long way in traffic building for free.




So efforts put in now seem like zero engagement but perserve and soon you will see result. Never give up, think before you do that, perhaps the next moment could be a sale. No matter how small it will inspire you. A relook how this came about and some refinement could change the whole situation!

Stay Positive! Anyway today I’m going to talk about branding for the newbie and only 5 Simple Steps to get you started.

Marketing And Branding

Marketing and Branding are always linked do you agree? Well to cut in and make short, we are talking about personal branding for the newbie.

Now you asked do I need to hire professionals for this? Boy, I need to pay big bucks just to get myself heard or seen! I’m a newbie and budget is of great concern.

Don’t get put off by all this talk! In any business a solution can be found and this is no exception. You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself branded.

For the online marketer, how about investing time, but be prepared for slow results or outcome. I always encourage this free method as a newbie to save you some money. Savings here could be better use in other areas of your online business like traffic and email list building.

Recognise Your Personality Or Profile

The adoption of buyer personality is one helpful way to center around the qualities you are going for.

How you relay your product or programme is very much related to the desires and nature of your potential customer. When you become aware of these, it will help you with the type of personality you should circle around.

With this information, it is easier to develop fascinating brand name and an effective one. In this way you will access the correct clientele.

Let’s say you know your client is looking for some programme to solve their financial woes. Most likely, they need to supplement their current income.

When the profile of your client or buyer is known, it is a lot easier for you to brand your name on that basis.

Creating Your Personality And A Voice

Your brand name can only begin when you know your clients personality. Developing a brand identity i.e. the awareness of your brand.

Attach a voice like the tone you like to use in your communication. It is this voice part, which carries a lot more weight. How to you want to project your brand through this voice? What are your values? What values does your brand represent?

Perhaps as an online marketer you may like to project yourself as someone going out of the way to help others. Your values of help pit against simply making money. You can project this via your voice when you communicate.


Need to Be Present In Social Media Consistently

Which social media platforms are your clients found? The major likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln and Pinterest are the likely ones.

Make a research on where they congregate at and the time they spend there. Commonly they could be at Facebook but that don’t mean you ignore others! It’s just an idea on the amount of efforts you should focus on.

Your Blog Site

This is a platform of trust and more like a meeting place. You put your educational content out on your blog.

This in turn will attract “cold traffic” or visitor’s most likely strangers. Continue with your valuable content publishing and stay persistent on that.

You won them over and they like you, somehow they can associate with your brand and voice you project. They are now converted from mere visitors to leads.

Your follow-up emails with them, it’s the relationship you are building and eventually the trust you earn from them. When that happens it is a lot easier to sell.

Ideally, your content should have some form of Search Engine Optimisation. Just be consistent in your blogging efforts. Slow as it may be but it will have a long run impact as long as you are consistent.

Customer Service As A Form Of Advertising

When you are able to deliver customer service that others talk about, your objective is met.

Do you know you can get free advertising from this sort of customer service? By word-of-mouth your brand name will spread like wild fire to existing or potential customers. You don’t have to pay for this.

Obviously this is not going to happen overnight, it takes time but well worth your effort especially if you can’t afford to spent anything to get yourself branded.

Summary Video




Branding is one process; you cannot ignore or do away with it. Only time will tell, do not expect overnight result especially if you are a newbie.

Do not get dishearten, when you find no engagement, stay positive and persistent. Remember all your efforts are long term, as long as you provide valuable content. Somehow, your name will be associated with that.

Do leave me feedbacks or ideas on this subject of branding.

Till than have a good week, take care!


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