What And How iPro Works

As you have seen from my first video post last week about iPro and my involvement.



iPro Brief Intro

Dean Holland started iPro and it’s an Affiliate Marketing Program. There is no product creation one has to do or attempt to do. In basics iPro is all about driving traffic, especially targeted traffic into its funnel. This funnel is arranged with products in a way from lower end to middle end to up-sells as well as membership and finally backend high ticket coaching course.


How I got started

A little of how I got to know and started with iPro, it was Dean Holland Quick Start Challenge that got me back on track with my Internet marketing journey. Somehow, I did felt the need to make Internet marketing a source of my income for a start. Like in any Internet marketing program one have to look at it as a business rather than anything else.

This means you have to make an investment in whichever tier you join in iPro. There are Platinum, Masters and Elite available depending on how much you are willing to invest.

Over to your member’s area after you sign up, you are able to access your training videos and archive webinars. You are strongly encouraged to join the Facebook Community of very liked minded marketers. It’s a fantastic community group I must say to anyone looking into iPro.


Type of Action Needed

  1. Attend the trice weekly live training webinars, as you will definitely benefit from these live sessions. You are free to ask any questions to Louis or Glenn during these sessions to clear any doubts you have.
  2. View previous training webinars in the member’s area. Just in case if you cannot attend any live sessions you can go back to the archive to view them.
  3. Once ready start taking action perhaps small ones for start so as not to get overwhelmed. Drive traffic into the iPro funnel and watch what happens from there. Be it paid or free traffic some form of result will show up.


Paid And Free Traffic

Paid traffic is usually traffic purchase from Solo Ads Vendors. These vendors are in possession of an email list they built and the quality and quantity varies from one vendor to another. This sort of traffic usually gives you give results. You may have some front-end sales and opt-ins which iPro will follow up. I will touch on this sort of traffic later weeks from my personal experience.

Free or time invested traffic, as what I like to call it are organic traffic. Blogging or video marketing are some methods of time- invested traffic. One cannot expect to see result as quickly as paid traffic but it boils well for longer-term objective. You and I are encouraged to work at this and devoting some energy to see it succeeding in the long term. Again I will go through this in greater detail at a later date.

Now there will be a free webinar by my mentor Dean Holland on 8th August 2016 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern 11pm United Kingdom. Do sign up by clicking on the link below and have yourself enlighten.

Sign Up For Live Event With Dean Holland & Louis Doughty


Thank You and have a great week!


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My First Month Earnings with iPro

Dear Readers of My Blog,

How quick another week has just pass by!

I like to share in my post for this week is exactly how much I earned last month (June 2016). iPro truly rocks in its real sense! You must remember I joined iPro on 9th Nov 2015 and did totally nothing. Apart for listening to training webinars and saying hello in the Facebook community in iPro, I did nothing. Frankly, I’m a great procrastinator, when it comes to procrastination I definitely will beat you hands down!

In May 2016, I started to ask myself seriously “What have I been doing? Am I adding value out there or sharing content with others?” The answer is obvious and it’s a big fat “NO”. End of the day am I making any money with iPro? I have seen many making four figure sales and I wonder to myself will I be one of them? Of course I can, but have I been doing anything to achieve it?

I decided to give a shot at Paid Traffic by doing solo ads. This is one way to prove to myself, if I take action and get out of the learning phase something must happen be it good or bad. At this point of time, I was still struggling with free traffic, so lets just try a quick shot in solo ads.

A fair amount of time was devoted into researching for solo ads vendors. There are many out here but I want one that is creditable and trustworthy. Ultimately, one that can help me achieves some form of result.

As courageous as I could I went for 300 clicks to a very awesome iPro squeeze page. It’s the DAMS quiz squeeze page. Go and click on this Dirty Affiliate Marketing Quiz and find out. Guess what those 300 clicks to that squeeze page brought me. It’s right below here:


Screen Shot June Ledger with refunds












After refunds or claw backs, there was still $202.42 balance. So does iPro works or real? It sure rocks and will continue rocking if one put some serious efforts.

To find out more about Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets


Click Here: DAMS


To learn more about iPro why not sign up for this FREE webinar happening on 25th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, and 11pm UK.


Click Here: I want to know more about iPro


Please bear with me if you don’t find any post from me next as I expect restructuring to my blog to start soon.


Do leave any feedbacks about my post. I welcome all feedbacks.


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Thank you and have a great week ahead!


Best Regards

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Sharing of My Performance with iPro

Dear Readers of My Blog,

In my last blog post, I mentioned about the refunds that happen to me. Definitely, nobody liked to start the month in negative. I had like U$58 in refunds to start with. I had to resort to solo ads again to put more leads into the iPro funnel for future earnings. Deep in my mind I was hoping for some earnings to offset this shortfall.

Over the weekend, I checked my backend office and yes some sales were made! To my surprise not only it offset my refunds it did turn a small positive. This is a morale booster I must say.

So much about Paid Traffic, we now turn our attention to free traffic, which is the more ideal path to take. I will shortly be commencing this route and share it with readers of my blog. I will be doing blogging and video marketing to get traffic into my blog. I’m holding it back at the moment, as my current blog site will be undergoing some restructuring in the coming weeks.

Putting content into your blog is one way of getting traffic to your blog. Having said that, it should be valuable content, content of use to readers whose interest are in the same area which is Internet Marketing for myself. It is slow but long-term impact is huge and more worthwhile. Solo ads are all short term or quick fixes. More likely they will buy the Front end products of the iPro funnel. Quite unlikely they are going to go for the higher back end coaching courses. If they did it is going to be quite a long time, I have heard of instances of one year!

In blogging and video those who land on one’s blog are targeted traffic. This is especially so, otherwise they would not be following you on your blog post. Develop a relationship with your list and treat them well. This is where the chances of them buying something at the backend are higher.

iPro is simply about driving traffic to the funnel, no product creation to complicate with. All products in iPro are high quality and done for you already. So you just drive the traffic be it Paid or Free. It must be targeted to achieve maximum result.

To learn more about iPro why not sign up for this FREE webinar happening on 18th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 11pm UK.


Click here to sign up. Seats are filling up fast!


Please bear with me if you don’t find any post from me next as I expect restructuring to my blog to start soon.


Do leave any feedbacks about my post. I welcome all feedbacks.


Thank You and have a great week ahead!


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Internet Marketing with iPro

Dear Readers of my Blog,

I have decided to switch to Monday post instead of my usual Wednesday.

To begin my post, I have to be realistic and humble enough to admit the bad news I have here. I have some claw backs or refunds to sales that I have made in the month of June 2016 in iPro.

These are frustration and pain that fellow iPro partners and myself faced every month. If your earnings are low you will the pain compare to those who making higher earnings.

Screen Shot of Frustration

In all honesty there is nothing much you can do with such refunds. I’m trying to look on the bright side that at least these are siphon out now rather than later. At least we know these are not so keen in what I am promoting. It is even more painful if these refunds come in when you are on the verge of closing a high-ticket back end-coaching sale!

So what is the morale of this lesson? At least for me, I now know I must get more leads into the iPro funnel. It’s a continuous process, one cannot just say I now have a thousand opt-ins and I can take a break – Have a kit kat! Yes, a break I can take but get back into focusing into getting more leads into the funnel. There is never a limit to the number of leads a partner can bring into the funnel.

One must always remember leads are never dead in iPro, as they are being constantly followed up. I personally take it as building my future income with leads that comes in today.

There are two ways as far as I know that you can bring leads into the funnel. The paid traffic method, which is solo ads and that, is what exactly I will be doing for the rest of July 2016. This is a quickway of feeding the fiPro funnel. The other method is the free traffic methods like blogging or You Tube video marketing method. These are the methods that I will be using for my free traffic generation. It takes time but the effects are long lasting and the impact is profound. I will be explaining and dwelling into this area of blogging and traffic generation next month or so.

I will now take some time to so my usual research in Facebook for solo ads vendors. I hope to show you readers some result in my next blog post next weekend.

You seen me mentioning iPro in my blog post many times and I invite you to a free webinar with my mentor Dean Holland together with Louis Doughty on Mondays and you can find out more. The Date is Monday 11th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern and 11pm United Kingdom.


Click here to sign up for iPro Affiliate Hack webinar.


My blog site will be undergoing some changes; do bear with me, as I will come back with a better blog site. The blogging and traffic generation training will come once my new blog site is ready.


So once again remember to sign up for Monday iPro Affiliate Hack webinar.


Once again I do look forward for any feedbacks or inputs.

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Till next week have a great week!

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A New Month and a New Start with iPro

Hello to followers of my Blog!

In Internet marketing there will be times of dryness and even loneliness. This is especially so when nothing seem to be happening. You must always treat this as your business. It is something you own and as your own just like your child.

This where iPro makes a difference, we have our Motivational Monday; Wednesday we have our coaching session. Both these session are by our motivator and trainer Louis Doughty. We also have our technical wizard Glenn Shepherd doing what we called Techy Thursday.

For iPro partners all these sessions are Live and archived into our Members Area. We can always go over again and again for anything that is not clear. We also have an extremely strong Facebook Community where there is sharing of successes as well as issues our partners encounter. I really love thisCloseup portrait dumb clueless young man arms out asking why what's problem who cares so what I don't know isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling body language

So now what since it is already Jul 2016? No clue or dead end? I will continue with my same strategy as like previous month to go by the solo ads route. Still it is going to be 300 clicks per vendor with just 2 vendors. I always believe in researching on all my vendors.

At this stage just like last month it is just drawing leads into iPro sales funnel. Hopefully there are sales just to cover cost of these ads. It kind of excites me whenever I see a webinar sign up for my Mentor Dean Holland AffiliateHacks webinar on Mondays! These are potential just at the tip of the iceberg of making four figures day. All these leads are being followed up by iPro. Do you know from my last month solo ads there are still interest going on which I feel is going to lead to some potential. Leads that do not buy today may just sign up or make purchases later on.

Technical stuff like opt-in page, squeeze page and bridge page are always going well above me. I do struggle with these but definitely there must be a way out of this. It may take time but positively there will be an answer. I still believe in blogging my way to traffic.

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Do leave some feedback for me guys!

Thanks and have a great week ahead!

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Working on iPro Close to One Month

A Very Good Day to followers of My Blog!

Time sure flies, its been now coming to one month since I left my day job and focusing on iPro.

Now in anything you do you must have a strategy or a plan to go with. iPro is no different and here is my game plan. According to iPro training there are two type of traffic i.e. free or paid. While I take time to re-construct my blog site, I will do solo ads just to drive traffic in iPro sales funnel. This would be the paid method, which I will share in a moment. The free method that I will go along is blogging and videos (YouTube).


I did my research on solo ads vendor on Face Book before making any decision. Late May 2016 contacted a solo ad vendor and decided to go with 300 clicks for iPro Big Commission Blue Print Opt-In. I had about a 55.8% opt-in rate, which was not bad for a start. This campaign started on around 3rd June 2016. So much for Big Commission Blue Print (BCB).

Not being satisfied and wanting more, I decided to promote Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret Quiz (DAMS Quiz)

This was again via Paid method of solo ads and using a different vendor I met with some success this time round. I had about 61.6% opt-in rate my highest so far. What constituted this high opt-in rate? All I can say both vendor and product play their part. There were sales which did cover to a certain extend of my solo ads cost.

Truly overwhelmed! However being very ambitious driven I was gunning for a high-ticket back end sale which is iPro coaching!

I kind of got excited when one of my lead did fill up an iPro Application Form. This means iPro sales representative will get in touch with my lead and hopefully sign up and boom I will make my four figure commission depending on which level my lead sign for.

I did felt kind of down till this moment when nothing happen. That’s life I guess, nothing or rather success comes easy!

From all these happenings its clear iPro does sell and solo ads is one of the methods for fast traffic if you have the budget. I can understand not every one of us is blessed with a budget to do paid traffic.

Not to worry too much if you are in that position you can try blogging like what I’m doing right now. In our real world nothing is for free as we all know. How is it than there is free traffic? Free traffic is paid for in “time” You will not and cannot expect visitors to come by the moment you put up your blog post. Be patient and consistent in your blogging and result will slowly but surely come in.

Another form of blogging is video which is popular and with high potential. I will also take that route as well though I ‘m camera shy!

Sometimes a video could be worth more than a thousand words. Your message and ideas can be delivered in this manner.

I have spoken a lot about iPro and you are free to find out more about it in this coming Monday webinar by Dean Holland. It’s Free and I bet you will love it!

What do you think? Do share with me your thoughts and comments.


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Until next week I wish you a good week ahead!

Best Regards


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Harold Ho


Harold Working with iPro

Hello Readers to My Blog!


I have been trying several Internet marketing programmes in the last few years. There were several reasons for my failure with these programmes. Some were my own; others were vendors not living up to expectations.

Now let’s get back to my iPro! To begin with I was on the verge of signing up with Alex Jeffrey’s programme. I have been following him stop short of signing up. The only reason for holding back was lack of funds. Through my following I learned that Dean Holland was Alex’s first student. I now cannot recall exactly how I came to know iPro and Dean Holland.

Anyway, I signed up as an iPro Master partner on 9th Nov 2016. At that point of time I knew my full time day job would end on 30th Jun 2016. Nevertheless I decided to leave a month earlier on 31st May 2016. All this while I have listen to live training webinars on iPro and DID NOTHING! Now is this going to be another one of my failures like my entire past Internet marketing coaching programmes? Too good to be true. I tell you my biggest drawbacks were procrastination and no action taking. These are the most potent poison for failure in Internet marketing. Outside Internet marketing procrastination and not taking action will also lead you to failure.

So from 1st Jun 2016 I started to plough my way back and I remember somewhere in my notebook I wrote a kind of self motivating theme

Version 2


Now a little more about iPro, it’s simple and I really mean it. With the little I know and my age I could still figure my way in iPro I’m sure anyone reading my post could do it as well.

In simplicity iPro is a sales funnel, which will bring you from free products upselling you other inexpensive products right through to its coaching programme. Now what all partners and I need to do is simply drive traffic through this funnel and gradually you will see result coming through. There are two types of traffic paid or free, a mixture of both would be ideal. Paid will yield fast result while free will take a slightly longer time but have a lasting effect?

Anyway, my present blog site will be undergoing some changes in terms of layout (kind of renovation). Do bear with these changes as I continue to do a weekly post. As I’m not a techy person I did mess up with some of my cPanel and word press admin settings. Thank goodness I had iPro tech expert Glenn Shepherd to help me out. Thank You Glenn for your patience and assistance.

I will tell you more next week, maybe I will try a video post! Please don’t laugh if I look funny and odd!

Do share your thoughts and comments.

Till next week, have fun!

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