5 Ideas To Defeat Distractions

Distractions Versus Productivity


Hello Readers,

How are all of you doing? Distracted or Focus? Well it’s our human nature to get distracted from time to time.

Now are there any solutions from getting distracted? Someone suggested to me meditation. I tried it before and there were some improvements, but unfortunately, I can’t do it at my crazy day job, right at this point of time.

Nevertheless, you need to have some good discipline to start and remain consistent after that.

If you can recall last week my blog post was about 6 Productivity Hacks Revealed. This week I’m going to talk about 5 Ideas to Defeat Distractions. Both somehow do have some common platform.

Many things in life are easier said than done I’m sure anyone out there will agree with me. We can get distracted 30 times a day with emails and phone calls. I call it interruptions galore, and how about scheduling an hour to clear all those emails.

Well at my day-job while answering one email, I could see another 3 or so rushing into my inbox! In my role as an online marketer, I can choose whose emails I want to read and when to respond.

Now let’s kick start this week’s blog post 5 Ideas To Defeat Distractions.


First Idea – Centering Your Day On One Project


Let me begin by asking you this question, do you hit on your task or project right at the start of the day or allow it to dangle on your desk and aggravate? Placing your main task or project ahead of the least important ones on your list is the key to productivity.

I mentioned last week, we always love to complete those least important tasks first. This will reveal like you have completed more tasks numerically and make us feel “satisfied”. Ticking tasks off your list is real fun and satisfying.

Your major task needs more time and effort and probably a tight deadline. This is one good reason to start working at it immediately and giving your undivided attention.

In my last blog post I mention about having a to-do-list done up the night before. Another alternative is to have your task prepared during the weekend before you start the week on Monday. After arranging your to-do-list, you may allocate the time you need to complete these tasks. Mark these off in your diary.

Remember your brain performance is best 2 hours after you are awake. This probably will hold out till lunch. Therefore you should not waste this morning time to get the most out of it.

By day-end it is the worst time to do any purposeful task. Simple, you are exhausted and tired, as you have burned most of your energy away. You are most likely complacent and procrastination sets in.


Second Idea – Stay Focus And Get Rid Of Distractions


You are always distracted by the constant pop-ups notifications on Facebook updates or Instagram post, just naming a few. Next comes your phone buzzing with Whatsapp updates. By now, you are probably reading some latest post on Facebook.

Does this sound familiar to you? Anyway you are not alone in these distracting situations. I’m guilty as well remember distraction brood distractions. It takes about 20 minutes to get back to your original task after a distraction.

Solutions that are not easy to implement or follow are locking your phone in the drawer. Installing site blocker to keep you focus on what you are suppose to do.

Emails take up a good number of hours or our time and distract us, take note unless it is an emergency you can respond to that email within hours. By following all these you should be able to stay focus and complete your task.


Third Idea – Have Short Breaks


Is lunch the only break you take in the course of your workday? Can anyone achieve maximum productivity by working without break?

Research has revealed working unceasingly hinders your concentration. Therefore, taking short breaks throughout the day helps you to stay focus.

Our brain registers continual stimulation as not important and awareness will vanish. The same applies to work, if you work non-stop the law of diminishing returns will set in.

So go take those short breaks to recharge your focus, taking short walks helps too. All these help you to have clarity of mind. For all you know it helps you to look at task or problems from a different angle.

How about working 25 minutes and taking a 5 minutes break!


Fourth Idea – Stop Stuffing At Lunch


By noon you will probably be starving and food becomes your best companion. Everything taste good and you will swallow everything to have a satisfied lunch.

The aftermath is probably one of sleepiness, and this is because blood now flows down to your belly to help in digestion of food consumed. You will be too sleepy even to look at your simplest of task. Your brain lacks oxygen at this point.

It’s a good idea to snack on healthy food through the morning. This will result in eating a little less during lunch. Eating light and healthy food is sure one way to keep you staying alert through the day.


Fifth Idea – Cut Off Noise Distractions


Noise from chatting or keyboard does break your focus. Noise from surroundings does cause stress according to studies.

How about investing in a good pair of headphones to cut off such noise? Exploring every corner for a quiet spot does help to free you from those distractions.




These are the 5 common distractions you are likely to encounter in your everyday living and how you can combat them. Distractions cannot be totally eradicated, but doing our best to avoid them helps us to stay focus and productive.

Main task get done and clear off your list and you become better organized and it goes a long way in facing new challenges.

Do leave me some feedback if these ideas help in fighting distractions?

Till next week, take care and have a less distracting week and stay healthy by eating wisely!


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6 Productivity Hacks Revealed

Procrastination Versus Productivity


Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing this week? Hopefully good, anyway it was a busy like a bee week for me at my day job. At times, I don’t even know what I am busy at and what exactly I was doing.

This inspired me to come out with a blog post along the line of productivity and procrastination. This does affect everyone be it a full time day job or online entrepreneurs. In all walks of life, we definitely procrastinated at some point of time.

If you have been thinking or contemplating about your future and financial freedom, I have something for you to start you off. Stop Procrastinating And Start Taking Baby Steps.

I like to quote Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook “Some people dream of success…While others wake up and work hard at it”. Let me start you off with a rather inexpensive investment. It’s the Commission Machine 2017.


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A Brief Introduction To Productivity


Let me share with you the key elements to online success after these 6 productivity hacks. I assured you if you actually follow through with these hacks it would change your life for the better.

You create more space in your life for vibrancy, focus and clarity. Procrastination is a success killer for any type of Entrepreneur, and if you can beat it by taking more positive action in your business. When you learn to take more action you will start to see results. So let’s go through those hacks now.


No. 1 Work Where The Creative Juices Flow


If you are struggling in a certain space and creating negative energy around that space, it can really help to get outside or work somewhere else if possible.

When we are struggling in one spot too long, we start to subconsciously attach negativity to the things in those surroundings. This is why, it helps to change our workspace from time to time, and nature is the best solution.


No. 2 Tackle The Harder Or More Complicated Tasks First


When we leave the harder jobs until last we often create an anxiety about those jobs the longer we leave them.

This is an energy draining state and will make you see those tasks as more complicated and harder to start than they actually are in reality. Getting your harder jobs done first is a great way to free up your energy for the rest of the day.

You will often find that once you actually start the job you will get on a roll and it will be much easier than you think.


No. 3 Clear Your Work Desk Of Clutter


When we have clutter around us it can create a cluttered mind. The simple act of a very clean not cluttered environment can enable you to thank clearer, thus creating more focus for the task at hand.


No. 4 Don’t Multi-task!


As Entrepreneur’s we are usually very creative and love to start new projects. Many also seem to think that trying to do loads of things at once means we are getting a lot done!

When in actual fact we end up spreading ourselves too thin and not giving our all and our focus to any one of the projects or tasks.

Don’t multi-tasks, focus on one job at a time and become a completer. You will get much more done.


No. 5 Create Your To Do List The Night Before


When we start our day without our goals and to do list clearly defined we sometimes waste a quarter of the day just compiling that to do list.

Getting your to do list will help you sleep better knowing your clear on your progress tomorrow. Turn up ready for action and not trying to work out what action to take.


No. 6 Knowledge And Continued Action


This is the most important hack of them all! Procrastination and overwhelm are breed from what? Can you guess?

Misinformation and Confusion

Well that proven strategy for online marketers is really on the face of it quite simple.

Targeted Traffic + High Converting Web Pages = Commissions




If you look at all these 6 hacks I have given you, they are actually very simple to follow. All are attainable and again, take one step at a time, remember don’t multi-task.

Now to help you out in the education part just click on the link below to Commission Machine 2017 and make that small investment to kick start your journey to financial freedom. Surely you want to live your life to the fullest.


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Once again, thank you for your time, do leave me some feedbacks. Is there any other hack you have that can help others as well?

Have a Fantastic Fun Week Ahead!


4 Decisive Attributes Of Highly Successful Business Person

Necessary Ingredients For Success

Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing? It’s August and I’m excited to share some good and not so good news. How should I start, lets begin with the not so good news. I still have 8 follow-up emails to edit before I can put it to test and commence my list building campaign. The email list is one essential area of focus to succeed in online marketing.

The good news is I made a tiny commission like $219.60 from a referral sale of a product I promoted long time ago. Honestly I cannot remember when did I promote this product. Therefore this came as a surprise to me. It was Thursday morning when I check my email and discovered 2 sales amounting those $219.60. Terribly excited I must admit and so decided to locate where they came from. Manage to narrow it down to either one of my blog post or my blog site.

Of course this is not consistent and you can’t quit your job over this sort of tiny miserable amount. However if you don’t start making these miserable amounts how are you going to make those high-ticket sales? It takes some trust and bonding before that can happen. Screen shot below of earnings from 1 Jun2016 to 31 Dec 2016. The sales were mainly from solo ads. I do not have the cost of exactly how much I spent on solos but nett it was a loss. I was only testing if this whole stuff works.



This screenshot below is the latest for this year to date and it’s totally on free traffic. I have stop using solo ads as it is pretty costly to promote sales.



Now once again it’s time for you to take action to see a start of tiny miserable amount. In fact I believe you can do far better than me by putting consistent serious effort. I bet you will surpass what I got easily. Click on the link below to attend this Monday August 7 Live Webinar with these “2 crazy guys”. It’s a free webinar. No money needed, I don’t get a cent even if you sign-up just go listen to them. You still need to invest to get started which I strongly encourage you to do so. Remember to attend don’t sign up for sake of it and go to bed. It’s your future not mine we are talking about here.


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So much about taking action to make money online, today’s blog post will be a short one as well. It’s title 4 Decisive Attributes Of Highly Successful Business Person. Actually these are quite simple but we just don’t have the will to follow and persist.


Attribute 1 is Resilient


What is resilient? It is define as your ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or any setbacks.

When you miss a “big-deal” maybe a 4-figure commission, do you whine and cry over it? I do for sure, but we should quit all that and get back into action for the next game.

You must be able to take pressure well especially even if you are looking down an unforeseen enormous cost. Now are you able to reboot and proceed to the next action station at 100%? All I can say it’s easier said than done, but you need it to be successful.


Attribute 2 is Pursue Your Ambition


We all have ambitions and do we pursue these or it just remains as “dreams”? Successful business owners all over the world follow their ambition or passion. This is one key to success, as we all know starting a business is very challenging and you will fall many times to a point of giving up.

It is your ambition and passion that will see you through. Without it failure will just step in and you will exit what you started very easily. Friends and even family members around you will persuade you to give up or abandon your ambition. However, if these ambitions of yours are build on strong foundation, come whatever failure and setbacks, you will persist and move on. You must be “crazy” over whatever you are pursuing till it comes alive.

I like this quote from Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”


Attribute 3 – No Fear Of Failure


Success begins with failure; it’s hard to find any one successful who never fails first before they got what they set out for. So you must be prepared to fail your way to success.

Successful business owners never let each failure stop them from moving on. I know it is very exhausting to move from failure to the next step knowing you might just fail again.

You have to take each failure as a learning lesson, have you ever heard of life long learning? That is what we are all call to do. Be it an offline or online business you can never stop learning. You have to learn your way from failure to success. So never fear failure!


Attribute 4 – Willing To Do Tough Jobs


Starting out in your online business to some can be very challenging. So now are you ready to “dirty” your hands to take on those task that nobody wants to do?

Now here’s the take, whether you want your own online or offline business or just a sheer desire of a fatter paycheck, you have to be willing to do those tough jobs. It’s dirty but worth the while.

Doing what others are not willing to do shows your willingness to go to all ends in search of success. It’s hard to rise to the top if you did not do the work at the bottom, which is classified as though.




I’m only giving you 4 attributes to start first, there are many and it is my principle never to complicate by giving many. It can cause indigestion and of course information overload.

Till today I still suffer from that, and it takes time to select what you really want and need.


Do lead me some feedbacks, perhaps you may succeeded in business and went through a lot of “hard knocks”. You may like to share with me as well as others what setbacks you have encountered.


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I sign off here wishing one and all a great fantastic week ahead take care and stay healthy always!


Revaluate Failure In 6 Different Forms


Sales And Failure

This week I’m going to revisit and revaluate Failure. It’s never a good or encouraging word. A word not likely to bring smile to a sales person or anyone involve in selling. Online Internet Marketers can you smile or feel good when you hit failure?

Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

How is everyone doing so far in the week?

Well, I did the most dreadful damage on my Facebook wall. I accidentally deleted my best FB Live done last Sunday! I tried to retrieve it but to no success. All because of my fat fingers, lesson learned “Always be very careful in what you do”

Feelings Of Failing

From a salesperson standpoint, you must be ready to fail! You must get used to failing. Online marketers, you need to do lead generation, calling and talking to your prospects to go after that high-ticket sale.

The more challenge you take the likely hood of you failing gets higher. Are you ready for that?

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”.

Please stop punishing yourself for failing! Learn and educate yourself to at these in a positive way.

1 – Opportunity To Show Your Staying Power

How do you response to failure? You Give Up or You Get Up and Give It Another Shot?

Getting Up and Giving It Another Shot shows you have staying power. It’s a confidence booster don’t you agree?

Instead of looking at yourself as a failure, take it, as you are a person that will not yield to such setbacks. View it as obstacles place along the way to slow your journey to success.

Continue to attempt and keep moving till you reach your goals.

2 – Your World Has Not Ended Yet!

We all have the tendency to view failure as the end of the road. The only reason I can think of such mindset is we were all taught that in our young days.

The truth is every failure is a new beginning! You lost a backend high-ticket sale, perhaps this is an opportunity to improve and make your service or product to stand out against all others.

Soon you will see less lost sales against the competition. That one failure has slowly brought you back to the path of success.

3 – Evidence of Risk Taken

As the saying goes, you can never fail if you never try. This equates to evidence you have tried, in other words “Take Action”

Every failure brings you a step closer to success. Of course you are not going to keep on repeating failures, one after another.

Learn from you mistakes so that you don’t allow failures to repeat it successfully.

4 – An Opportunity To Acquire Knowledge And Experience

Over confidence arises when you are successful all the time. Take sports; irrespective of it being a team game or individual, when you are always winning you can’t see the pitfalls ahead of you. Complacency sets in and a failure is just at your doorstep. You need that failure as a “wake up call”.

As an online marketer, you have decided to focus on just one lead. You believe you can convert it to a big high-ticket sale. In the end you failed to so and income for that month drop drastically. Reason being you left out all your other smaller clients who could still be providing you constant revenue.

This is an experience as well as an educational lesson that will prove valuable for your future.

5 – You Win Some And You Lose Some

Whenever you make a mistake, remember you had some gains or wins along the way. Let’s say you misjudged your prospect and presented a demo focusing on wrong benefits and features of a training programme. You lost the sale and obviously upset about it.

On a brighter note, you have achieved the following:

  1. Your value adding has gained prospect trust.
  2. Generated sufficient interest to agree for a demo.
  3. Your ability to scheduled an appointment (secured an opportunity) to showcase your programme.
  4. Generated sufficient interest to agree for a demo.

6 – Direction Change Needed

Your failing does tell you something; more like you are on the wrong path or direction. A switch of strategy had cost you to fail closing a couple of deals. Revenue is lost in that process, and led to you reverting to your original routine approach.

Your reverting to original approach saved you from further loss in revenue and you never know the next one could be a high value backend ticket sale. Ability to cut your losses can save you’re a lot of money in the long run. A directional changed should be reviewed from time to time.


Our up bringing and education have taught us to view failure as something negative. Rarely, do we view failure as a learning experience and opportunity to go out there to take risk.

Risk taking challenges us to be flexible and moving out of our comfort zone into the unknown. No success can come without failures; it is how you view both scenarios.

I come to the end of this week’s blog post.

Do leave me some feedbacks.

What was your first reaction when you failed?


Till than have a good day and a blessed week ahead.

Take care and Stay Healthy!

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Are You Afraid Of Failing?

Dear Readers,

Happy Easter, half the month of April 2017 just slipped by!

Introduction – Any difference between Fear and Scare?

Let’s begin with the definition of fear and scare.

Fear is just an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen.

How about scare, well it is more like a verb, for instance, you make someone afraid or frighten. You cause your loved ones to get worried or nervous by coming back late.

At any point of our life, we have fears or scare or afraid of certain situation. Let’s take when we were in school, were we not afraid of going to school for one reason of the other. Perhaps we have not completed our homework or assignment.

When we were working in our day job, we fear our bosses or colleague. All our life, we are experience this feeling of fear. Now what is the outcome of fear, definitely something negative I’m pretty sure.

You dislike going to school, when you fail to complete you homework or assignment. You hate taking exams because you did not study for it. Going to work was a nightmare as you are afraid or you fear your bosses.

Today around the world we are surrounded by bad news. Recent terrorism acts to possibilities of war. This has led to some of us living in fear. At the end of the day we fear death.


Non-Failure Culture

Many if not most of us were raised by this non-failure culture. Right from young it’s go to school and study hard, don’t fail your exams. The only way to avoid failure is to study hard. This should ensure success. After you get your paper qualification head out there and look for a job and get yourself hired.

Along with it is of course “work hard” the harder you work the better off you will be. We equate our earnings with working hard. To earn more, work harder, it’s as simple as that. There is no room for errors in whatever you do you must not fail!

This is the perfectionist model, which our grand parents, parents went through. Likewise, we are to follow this path to success. Never ever dream to doing something different from the norm. After all this route work for decades why deviate from it. This too has contributed to us fearing coming out of our comfort zone. Why change from a model that has served several generations?

Now if we look at our Internet business, do we have some kind of fears attached to it? Is it all that plain sailing?


How About Online Marketers, Any Fears?

The greatest leap of faith in your life is to embark in this business of Internet Online Marketing. In fact, you are stepping out of line, out of the non-failure culture. Within a short space of time you start to wonder if this is the right choice to make. It’s a plain natural feeling because you have move out of the non-failure culture.

We also equate or relate success to monetary rewards. After much investment of time and money the rewards are negligible. This will make us think twice and means fear. Fear to move forward!

When we don’t get traffic to our blog or opt-in page we get worried. All because we will not be able to built our email list. When you have an email list we are worried they may not response to us at all.

These are parts and parcels we go through as online Internet marketers. The thought of money will lead us to greater fears.

So my suggestion is go out there and give value and don’t think about any money. Easier said than done, how about changing your mindset that this is a learning phase (get out of the non-failure mode) experiment in order to move forward.

Take everything as you learn something new every day. Like you have found new methods and ideas. We are too deep-rooted in our non-failure culture that we find it a challenge to learn something new.

Any chance to change this fear we have to one of learning mode? Even as online marketers, we stick to well tested or tried out methods just to play safe. As long as we stick on to tried out methods creativity is halted.


Any Solutions To Overcome This Fear

Can we re-programmed our mindset from one of failure to one of learning?

A goal set out but not achieved at the end of the day, can that be a useful learning lesson? After all you did achieved something, and did not left empty handed.

How about looking at it from a different angle of what I did right in achieving that small goal instead of dwelling at what you failed! Perhaps you could leverage on that small success to scale greater heights.

Another area of focus is to incorporate all possible pitfalls, before you embark on your project. We never feel comfortable getting caught in surprises (pitfalls or obstacles) we feel more confident when are well equipped.

Have you learn anything from a personal point of view. How has that experience change me for the better as an online marketer? We can always pick something up along the way no matter how small.

Learning is a process; fear is just an obstacle preventing us from learning!


This is where I end my blog post!

I like to wish you all a great week ahead and take care!










Are You Struggling?

Is Struggling That Bad?

Dear readers,

Trust all had a good start for the week. Well mine, was different, I struggle as to what I should to blog about. If you notice my last few post was all about email and content marketing.

Just over the weekend in my schoolmates chat group I saw this interesting video clip and let me share it with you here below, pay careful attention to the end part of the video clip.



Right From The Start

Struggling Person
Struggling Person With A Lot Of Burdens

You struggle to get a job, after you finish your education.

Not all so negative, you kind of enjoy the job, but felt you deserve something better.

Now, you felt better, probably you had a raise or promotion and in your boss good books.

After some time, you dislike this routine or you find yourself in a deadlock.

Now you struggle for a change and badly needed one.

You found this Internet marketing scheme that attracted struggling day-job people like you.

Trying to get yourself started, you found challenges and of course you struggle to get it working.

Struggling to convince your loved ones, this is not a scam, it worked for others and will work for you.

All in there are struggles along the way. Does struggling need to be associated with monetary inadequacy?


The Bigger Picture

If you look around your community, you will see this “struggling” scenario. Your workplace too will see colleagues struggling as well.

Society as a whole too has a fair share of strugglers. I’m sure you have seen them dominating headlines. These do lead to political issues in some cases.


What Do We Associate Struggling With?

Do we associate struggling with monetary inadequacy? Not everyone who is struggling is experiencing financial inadequacy. How about your colleagues in the office, who struggles with their job?

Just to highlight other struggling situations below:

  • Those who struggle with health issues. Stricken with terminal illness, they struggle just to get well.
  • Students struggling with their studies. No matter, how much they study, they still fail!
  • Sporting teams struggling to end their winless streak.
  • Struggling to complete a school project or work project.
  • Struggles to get use to a new environment when one move to another country.


Is There Anything Positive From Struggling?

Think Positive
Think Positive

Well, from a religious and spiritual point of view YES, there is!

As for me, religious or not, struggles will only make you stronger. Not everyday is a rainy day, neither will all days be sunshiny days.

You may struggle for a good part of your life just to bring food to the table for your family. Take heart, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end, it’s up to you, to make what you can out of your struggles. It’s all totally up to you, you call the shots. I know there are times that look like the world seems unfair to you. The positive note you can take away from your struggles is “it’s a learning lesson” and “I will just grow stronger”

Just to share my fair share of struggles. I was out of job for like one half years. It was during those times that internet marketing caught my attention. The money and the idea of working from home were all the perfect ingredients for me to earn some money. The negativity surrounding me was enough to stop me going further.

I never gave up even thought I got a day job after those “long” one half years of unemployment. Even than, this new job did not look suitable for me. I struggle but still kept faith on my dream internet marketing journey. The lack of funds to invest kept me out from decent coaching programmes. I turn instead to shinny objects (cheaper alternatives) and of course still no success.

Fast forward, even today, I still struggle with certain aspect of my internet business. Anyway they just got me stronger, time will be the only factor to see me climbing up higher.


I Want To Help All Struggling In Their Internet Business

I being through whatever struggles you were at. You need help, probably for a start “baby basic” help I bet. I don’t want to go round the whole world to tell you stories after stories.

Click Here And Stop Struggling

Have a great week and a restful weekend!