6 Must Have Skills To Get your Prospect To Agree

Do You Agree or Disagree?


Dear Readers,

How are you doing this week, hopefully better than what I went through! It had been a disturbing week at my day job. I see colleagues been gradually turn to slaves and it saddens me that people with or without authority are doing just that to others. It’s sheer exploitation to the bones, without any thought or consideration.

Do you agree or disagree that the world would have been a better place to live in, if only we can treat each other with dignity even in authority? I always believe as long as you work for others, this fair treatment is hard to come by. I’m not suggesting if you face with this sort of situation to quit your job unless you have the financial means.

However for a start you may like to consider taking a “baby step” to secure your financial stability before you can tell your pain in the a__ boss “I don’t have to see your face ever again” especially one who have unjust you one way of the other.


Don’t Delay Till Your Boss Fire You

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This week’s blog post is going to be a short and sharp straight to the point about skills you must master to get your prospect to agree.


Skill No. 1 is Bonding

You must have the human relation chemistry with your prospect; some call it public relations (PR). This will lead to bonding, an essential element you must have, and irrespective of you are trying to sell or being a supervisor to a few subordinates. An agreement could be reached easily and result in a win-win situation. Your prospect will be more responsive to your offer. It is always good to spend a couple of minutes before hand to talk about other subject or share a light moment or even a joke to lighten up the mood.


Skill No. 2 is Effective Listening


The difference between hearing and listening was something I blog about last week. You may like to visit my blog post title Why I Can’t Close The Sale After A Perfect Pitch – Failure To Listen.

Effective listening means 70% listening and 30% talking. Never dominate a conversation and make your prospect feel left out. You may even come across as aggressive.

You should listen more than you speak. Remember to pause for a while before responding as the other party may be taking a breath and want to continue.


Skill No. 3 is Imitating


Imitating can be regarded as trustworthy by merely using the words your prospect is using. Are you surprised at that? It takes some skill to pull this one and how it is done is by listening to the choice of words your prospect is saying, or phrases.


Skill No. 4 is Emotional Detachment


Never give away your emotional expressions during your dialogue. Be it an excitement that you are going to get the sale or frustration that you have lost it. These are vulnerabilities that you should not be reveal; always stay calm in order to avoid giving in to such weak points.

Some useful tips are pause before speaking so you don’t say something stupid. Taking deep breath is another good exercise to avoid giving away your emotional expressions.


Skill No. 5 is Retreating


You must know your bottom line and not compromise on it under all circumstances. It will no longer be worthwhile to stretch yourself that thin. Be discipline to retreat when your prospect won’t budge to meet at your best price offer.

Be polite in retreating by your choice of words and not to give in to pressure and going below your bottom line.


Skill No. 6 is Be Imaginative


Perhaps you may consider something apart from price, like giving away free gifts. Online marketers, some free e-books or videos of great value may help to close that sale.

On a monetary side you make offer a discount for early action takers. Make it time sensitive to entice early action. Try to think out of the box instead of restricting to traditional price bargaining. You make like to give a free one or two weeks free “hand holding” training or free coaching to entice your prospect to agree to your offer.




Depending where you are coming from, if you have no sales background all these may look very challenging to you. I too did not have much of sales background or training, but constant practice can help you to improve your negotiating skills.

Remember my offer at the beginning, I will propose to you once again here before I end my blog post. You owe it to yourself to quickly start your journey to learn to earn some spare cash for maybe your early retirement.


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Remember to leave me some feedback like do you find these tips useful or you might have other skills you acquire and like to all. I always welcome feedback.

Take care and have a great day and week ahead and stay healthy.


Summary Video



Revival Of My Internet Business & Interest

It has been some long time since I blog and really put my hands into my Internet business. Well if you did nothing, you get nothing right?


Closeup portrait dumb clueless young man arms out asking why what's problem who cares so what I don't know isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling body language

Anyway I left my day job on 31st May 2016 or rather gave it up. As long as you work for someone, that someone got full control over you. Some of us are fortunate to have good and understanding superiors. To this sort, I would say it’s worth giving your every ounce. However there are some who never and will never appreciate your greatest effort than you are on the loosing end. If they cannot appreciate your greatest how could they appreciate your smallest of all efforts? So much of the day job, now let’s get back to business.

Now if I could remember correctly, I joined iPro Partners on 9th Nov 2015 as a Masters. Believe it or not I did nothing like always. My most common issue was and still now to a certain degree is procrastination. Well I had quite a valid reason this time round. I was moving house and had to see to renovation and moving and all related to moving. I finally moved on 29th Dec 2015 and took months to really settle down. So finally when did I got back to iPro and got more serious?

Way back before 2015 Christmas I did listen to most of the live training webinars by coaches of iPro. However I still did nothing! You might wonder what the heck is this iPro I’m talking about all this while. iPro is a programme whereby I need to drive traffic into their sales funnel and when sales or orders are place you are paid a commission. I will explain more about iPro a little later (hopefully I don’t forget)!!

To make money on the Internet which is my aim and those in the industry, you need to drive traffic or rather targeted traffic to a website (your own or affiliate) and covert these to sales. Boom that’s where you make your $$$.

How To Make Money Online Concept

So the theme is either you develop your own product and sell it or you sell someone else product and make a commission. It sounds all too complicated which I thought as well in the beginning. Tell you more in my next post.

Thanks giving concept with thank you word and sign on colorful hanged tags isolated on white background.


Quick Start Challenge Week 2

It was a real challenge to ask me to shoot a video of myself and have it posted on YouTube.

Crazy as it may be I manage to do it in this Quick Start Challenge Week 2 assignment. It’s not the best of video I could have done but just do it. I guess the idea and benefits are long term.

Some day when you and I are successful in our internet marketing journey, we will look back at this first video and have a good laugh! Most certainly you will see how far you and I came from. Enjoy it and have a good laugh!!