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It’s time for another blog post, how quickly the week has just slip by. I hope everyone is in good health and doing well. Watch the video below for my sharing of my little story.

First Course – Email Copywriting Defined

What is the definition of email copywriting? Its just email carefully constructed to tease the reader to buy a product or service without the presence of a salesperson. Ideally, this is one opportunity to do branding.


Second Course – Writing That Email Copy

Do you feel challenge writing your email copy? When was the last time you received a compatible curiously compelling email copy? Would it surprise you if I say it is harder to write a shorter copy than a long one. To begin what do l like to channel across to my readers?

Place yourself in the shoes of your subscribers to understand what they really want. Do I construct my email copy in the most concise form or am I placing too much background? Get straight to the point! One suggestion is to write all you want and go back to edit and trim your email content. What you wrote in six paragraphs could be reduce to just three.


Third Course – Stay With Your Key point

Now instead of having several call-to-actions, just focus on that single point you like to channel across to your audience/subscribers. Blend this single point in your copy. One suggestion is to have your key point written in block bold at the start for reference. Return to it as frequent as you can to remind you to stay on track. Once you gathered what you like to put across, build your content around it. Of course you remove that key point once you are done!


Fourth Course – Solutions That Helps

Instead of showing sympathy to your subscribers issues, how about offering them solutions. Better known as problem solving, detail your solutions here. This can replace the usual featuring of your product features. You can incorporate this into your call-to-action.


Fifth Course – Coordinating Your Copy With Issues Your List Are Having

It is extremely important to have a chat with your audience. This is one way of finding out what their issues are, what problems are they facing. Social Media platforms are ways to touch base with your audience. Often this is overlooked or neglected by marketers.

Spending time at forums just to listen out what issues others are facing. You don’t have to participate, but just to get a feel of problems people are facing is good enough. This can provide you with sufficient data for you to research for solutions.


Sixth Course – Can You Show Your Personal Side In Branding In Your Email Copy?

Do we make ourselves as a brand name? If we look at it from a corporate or company side, it is usually the logo, which the audience associates the company with.

Branding is more often connected with the human side of you. I have said this before, company or corporates are made up of people and we buy more because of the people who serve us.

So how do I brand myself? If I tell you your voice can make a difference and it is an advantage you can use to the fullest, would you believe me?



Seventh Course – Email Personalisation

This goes way beyond the usual {Dear_First_Name}. There must be some form of humanity in that email. Write as if you are writing to that one special person. How your email is going to help that one special person and not just any one person on your email list. It takes time and I agreed lots of time but well worth it. Just a suggestion to write a personalised emails every two or three days to your email list. You know best how to segregate your list or segment it into different groups.


Eighth Course – Length Of My Email

K.I.S.S. it simply means Keep It Short and Simple. Personally I’m not against long emails, but do have the consideration of your audience time to read what you write. Say what you want to say, if three words are needed, why have three sentences?

Ninth Course – Passive Subscribers Of My List

It’s perfectly normal to have a segment of our list that is passive. So what do we do with these people? Be direct by sending them an email asking if they still like to be on your list. Do they find any value for being on your list? Offer them an opportunity to speak to you.

At the end we have to face the fact if they are not interested means they are not. No amount of persuasion will change their mindset. It is only fair to give them one chance.


Tenth Course – Do We Treat Our List As One Person Or A Mass?

The availability of auto responder has made email blast a breeze. You need to write once what you like to tell and the many thousands on your list will receive it almost instantly. This some how will display a lack of personal touch.

I’m not suggesting to you to abandon the use of auto responder here especially if you have a list of thousands. Imagine writing a thousand times in different tones, it will take you ages!

Writing to a single person gives a natural look and sound, compare to a mass.

It would be good to write individual emails every other day and choose which segment you like to write to. As long as it is short and simple I don’t think too much time is taken up.



I come to the end of my blog post, and it’s a great pleasure for me to present this to you. Hopefully your have gain something that I have shared with you about copywriting.


The Ball Is In Your Court

  1. Do you agree on writing email on a personal level to your audience versus the mass?
  1. Short versus long email copy, which do you in your opinion is better?


  1. Do you know of any other way of getting personal with your audience?


Drop me some comments and feedback in the comment box below. Love to hear from you.

Thank you and have a great week ahead!






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