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I have been trying several Internet marketing programmes in the last few years. There were several reasons for my failure with these programmes. Some were my own; others were vendors not living up to expectations.

Now let’s get back to my iPro! To begin with I was on the verge of signing up with Alex Jeffrey’s programme. I have been following him stop short of signing up. The only reason for holding back was lack of funds. Through my following I learned that Dean Holland was Alex’s first student. I now cannot recall exactly how I came to know iPro and Dean Holland.

Anyway, I signed up as an iPro Master partner on 9th Nov 2016. At that point of time I knew my full time day job would end on 30th Jun 2016. Nevertheless I decided to leave a month earlier on 31st May 2016. All this while I have listen to live training webinars on iPro and DID NOTHING! Now is this going to be another one of my failures like my entire past Internet marketing coaching programmes? Too good to be true. I tell you my biggest drawbacks were procrastination and no action taking. These are the most potent poison for failure in Internet marketing. Outside Internet marketing procrastination and not taking action will also lead you to failure.

So from 1st Jun 2016 I started to plough my way back and I remember somewhere in my notebook I wrote a kind of self motivating theme

Version 2


Now a little more about iPro, it’s simple and I really mean it. With the little I know and my age I could still figure my way in iPro I’m sure anyone reading my post could do it as well.

In simplicity iPro is a sales funnel, which will bring you from free products upselling you other inexpensive products right through to its coaching programme. Now what all partners and I need to do is simply drive traffic through this funnel and gradually you will see result coming through. There are two types of traffic paid or free, a mixture of both would be ideal. Paid will yield fast result while free will take a slightly longer time but have a lasting effect?

Anyway, my present blog site will be undergoing some changes in terms of layout (kind of renovation). Do bear with these changes as I continue to do a weekly post. As I’m not a techy person I did mess up with some of my cPanel and word press admin settings. Thank goodness I had iPro tech expert Glenn Shepherd to help me out. Thank You Glenn for your patience and assistance.

I will tell you more next week, maybe I will try a video post! Please don’t laugh if I look funny and odd!

Do share your thoughts and comments.

Till next week, have fun!

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