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 What Is List Building?

Mailing List Diary

List Building is the process of collecting email addresses in exchange for something valuable. This collection of email addresses are usually store in your auto responder. Please note these are real persons just in the form of an email address only; so do take good care of these subscribers.

What Is Email Marketing?

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Action taking in the form of educating and giving true value to your audience is email marketing. My previous blog post about Making Money By Giving Free Content blends in here. Content that gives knowledge as well as Problem Solving ones to your audience are accepted as email marketing.

What Is The Purpose Of Building A List And Email Marketing?

You are most likely going to get killed if you don’t know the purpose of your List Building and Email Marketing. An example I can give you in the offline world is that of combating shoplifters in your store. If you don’t the purpose of what you are doing the percentage of failure is high. Success lies in knowing the purpose of your action.

Very quickly, bonding and relationship is part and parcel of an Internet Marketer role. Well, this is carried out through List Building and Email Marketing. Through consistent, constant contact with your list will enhance trust leading to sales. Remember there is no end to your list building and email marketing efforts.

It would be good for you to refer to my blog post about Relationship Building as well as Building A Class Of Your Own to further understand what we will be discussing here if you have not read my previous blog post.

As our Internet Marketing niche is extremely a huge one, you can see the importance of branding your own name. All these goes down to your hard work of building your online presence especially if your audience start to find you not only on your blog post but on social media platform like Face Book and You Tube.

What Result You Can Expect After List Building And Email Marketing

When your List Building and Email Marketing efforts starts to show result what will come next will likely shock you! You will have full authority over traffic on demand. Expectations of further growth in your online niche in the form of Joint Ventures will follow. More online business contacts will be established and more will come to know you.

By now you will be up to your neck and isn’t that a “Happy Problem” Why is that so? Largely, you can sell and deliver valuable content to your audience or leads on automated mode through the use of auto responders.

You are now being followed and liked all throughout your niche and that means you have authority over what we called warm traffic, which is translated into income! In short, you have a tribe following which is what you must have. Let’s say you are the Prime Minister or President of a country, your citizens and all those around you will like you. If this were not so you would not be their leader. You will have some form of control and authority over them.

Mechanism At Work

Now to kick-start your list building and content marketing process, there are four mechanics to have and put in place.

  1. The Traffic
  2. The Squeeze Page
  3. The Bridge Page
  4. The Email Follow-Ups

The Traffic

Rote Ampel, Straßenverkehr in Hamburg, Deutschland

Remember my blog post Answers to Your Traffic Woes we are back at it again! We now want targeted traffic and what is that? The action of clicking your offers or link to your blog site. Translated, this means these audience or leads are interested in your products for sale or your valuable educating content in your niche.

The Squeeze Page

Just a simple one page website with the sole purpose of conveying a solid value proposition to your visitor traffic, in exchange for their email address.

Click here for a sample Squeeze Page

The Bridge Page

Also known as the Landing Page, this is where your opt-in visitor traffic will end up after giving you their email address, which is store in your auto responder. More often this should be in the format of a video. (If you are camera shy, now is the time to go practice and polish your video skills. I mean getting in front of the camera. I too was shy like you, but overcame this gradually). In marketing terminology we call it the irresistible transition video.

Hollywood show time! Now this is like your Prime time show slot, where you are given this one and only chance to shine on your new subscriber the valuable content, which you will use to build a relationship. Educate them and finally make an offer for them to buy the system or product from you.

Of extreme importance is the high value education you give must be able to align the concept of your offer.

Click here to view sample Bridge Page 

The Email Follow-Ups

An auto responder is an automated broadcaster to your email list. You only need to upload your emails and set it to when you like to have it broadcast to your email list.

Not trying to sound funny, “You Need To Make Love With Your List.” Remember I mentioned earlier they are real people in the form of an email address. Go on to build that special relationship with your list. Show value by taking good care of them.

The method is simply to provide high value content, at times providing entertainment or edutainment to your email list.


Tools Needed

Auto responder service provider and the ideal paid ones are Get Response and Aweber. There are others that maybe free but you do not have control over these providers and may get shut out. You should take this seriously as it is your business and go for something reliable.

Build a Squeeze Page followed by a Bridge/Landing Page to get started. Your list building cannot start without these, and this is what I meant Getting Killed!

Becoming A Formidable List Builder

The type of results your email list expects to get is just one factor you must know to become formidable. Other key factors that you must pay close attention are as follows:

  • The amount of value you are giving them.
  • Your level of education is reflected in the training you give.
  • How natural you are in being yourself.
  • Competency level in sales and copywriting.
  • Product knowledge.


  1. Open Rates – Your Email Headlines, do they arouse curiosity, value proposition, as well as awe or shock. This will determine the Open Rates of your email.
  2. Click Through Rates –Inside your email how many clicks are made bringing your subscribers to your blog post or site.
  3. Unsubscribes – By only pitching non-stop without consideration to your subscribers will result in high unsubscribes.
  4. Complaints – Whatever you do, there will still be complaints. It is not possible to please everybody. So do not get dishearten by complaints.

Matter Of Importance

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  • Which of the four mechanism do you find most challenging? Traffic, Squeeze Page, Bridge/Landing Page or Email Follow-ups.
  • Do you find email list building and email marketing necessary in building your online business? Why?
  • Any other feedbacks or comments.


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