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Dear Readers of my Blog,

I have decided to switch to Monday post instead of my usual Wednesday.

To begin my post, I have to be realistic and humble enough to admit the bad news I have here. I have some claw backs or refunds to sales that I have made in the month of June 2016 in iPro.

These are frustration and pain that fellow iPro partners and myself faced every month. If your earnings are low you will the pain compare to those who making higher earnings.

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In all honesty there is nothing much you can do with such refunds. I’m trying to look on the bright side that at least these are siphon out now rather than later. At least we know these are not so keen in what I am promoting. It is even more painful if these refunds come in when you are on the verge of closing a high-ticket back end-coaching sale!

So what is the morale of this lesson? At least for me, I now know I must get more leads into the iPro funnel. It’s a continuous process, one cannot just say I now have a thousand opt-ins and I can take a break – Have a kit kat! Yes, a break I can take but get back into focusing into getting more leads into the funnel. There is never a limit to the number of leads a partner can bring into the funnel.

One must always remember leads are never dead in iPro, as they are being constantly followed up. I personally take it as building my future income with leads that comes in today.

There are two ways as far as I know that you can bring leads into the funnel. The paid traffic method, which is solo ads and that, is what exactly I will be doing for the rest of July 2016. This is a quickway of feeding the fiPro funnel. The other method is the free traffic methods like blogging or You Tube video marketing method. These are the methods that I will be using for my free traffic generation. It takes time but the effects are long lasting and the impact is profound. I will be explaining and dwelling into this area of blogging and traffic generation next month or so.

I will now take some time to so my usual research in Facebook for solo ads vendors. I hope to show you readers some result in my next blog post next weekend.

You seen me mentioning iPro in my blog post many times and I invite you to a free webinar with my mentor Dean Holland together with Louis Doughty on Mondays and you can find out more. The Date is Monday 11th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern and 11pm United Kingdom.


Click here to sign up for iPro Affiliate Hack webinar.


My blog site will be undergoing some changes; do bear with me, as I will come back with a better blog site. The blogging and traffic generation training will come once my new blog site is ready.


So once again remember to sign up for Monday iPro Affiliate Hack webinar.


Once again I do look forward for any feedbacks or inputs.

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Till next week have a great week!

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