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Have You Ever Been Interviewed?




Have you ever been interviewed before? How about when you were looking for a job? You were probably trying to sniff out what the job was going to be. What you are expected to do. My task and possible objective

How about if we reverse the role, you are now interviewing a prospective candidate. What will you be sniffing out from the candidate? Is this person the right fit for my company and team? Will this person be able to blend in with our culture?

This is going to be the same as sniffing out your most fitting client. One best way is to share a story where some of you audience can relate.


How To Go About Sniffing The Fitting Client




Firstly, we must know what we want to sell them? Give Internet Profits as example. Which is a high-ticket product. We want this lead or client to buy this high-ticket product.

Secondly, someone in the position to buy Internet profits. One who can afford to pay, as it is a high-ticket product?

Thirdly, this person must not be broke, desperate, must be serious in putting time and effort to ensure success.


Who Could This Person?


Who could it be


  • From the corporate world and have experience hard work.
  • Wants more freedom and control over what he/she does – business owner.
  • Near retirement or retired.
  • Mid-Career switch – tired of corporate world.
  • What are their passions?
  • What are their goals and dreams?

Type of Candidate

  • Supplement their income for retirement.
  • Make enough to fire their boss.
  • People looking for a change.
  • Passion to make a change, which is making a difference.

Checking Out Your Lead/Client

Tell the story of Alan and Adeline



Alan works hard in the corporate world and was collecting a decent paycheck. He climbs the corporate ladder and was doing real well. However he soon discover he was spending less and less time with the family.

He also realised without this corporate job, which pays him well, his family couldn’t enjoy the more than decent lifestyle they are having now. At the back of his mind he wants to get out of this corporate race but fear losing the decent income he is having now. Alan does not want to miss out watching his two young children growing up.

If only I could have this same lifestyle without working for a corporate. Now is that possible he ask himself one night as he laid on his bed tired and about to fall into dreamland.

As he woke up the next morning and prepare to start his corporate race, he realised the only way to keep his lifestyle was to be his own boss.

Again he was not sure what he could do to become his own boss. He even fear if he could earn just as much as what he is getting now. In short Alan wants financial security and continue to live his present lifestyle.




Adeline is someone who has retired from her day job. Inside her is this business-minded spirit flame prompting her to do something to earn some extra income. This could help to supplement family expenses.

She spent a lot of time in researching this online Internet marketing and soon was in information-overloaded mode.

At this moment she is crystal clear about becoming an affiliate marketer to earn commissions promoting others products. Adeline does not possess any skills to create her own products now to sell to the online world.

Try she did and still she cannot unlock the door into earning a fair commission. This of course led to frustration and she doesn’t seem to know the reason.

Definitely among your leads and audience you can find some who can relate with Alan and Adeline. These are the ones whom we want to help.


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Share With All Your Experience

  • Tell us what you tried to find out from your interviewer?
  • Share with us if you had other experience of trying to look for your prospective client

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