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I hope you had a good week, well we are just edging closer to Christmas and before you know it 2017 is right at your doorstep!

Let’s try and end the 2016 on a positive note, thought the world around us don’t seem to have any optimistic views.

Definition Of A Lead Magnet

An irresistible bribe of a specific amount of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. This happens to be their email address.

What Is The Purpose Of A Lead Magnet

  1. Giving a free product or training that pre-frames a product a product offer.
  2. Email List Building.
  3. Branding one-self.

Functions Of A Lead Magnet

Attract Leads => Sell a Front End Offer => Upsell => Recurring Income => High Ticket Sale (I Love this One)

How Does A Lead Magnet Works?

Squeeze Page that conveys a value proposition or training if they opt-in. Following which they will end up in your landing or thank-you page. This where you must deliver what you promise which is your free training or product. At the end your leads will be taken through the sales funnel to a high end product, which is what we love!

Sample Squeeze Page And Bridge Page

If you like you may like to refer to my post on Help In Email List Building on 11 Nov 2016. Anyway I will show you a sample of my own Squeeze and Bridge Page.

Watch And Enjoy My Video Training Below







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