What Makes A Lead Magnet Attractive?


Fast backwards, recap of what is a lead magnet? I began with a definition of a lead magnet. I went on to list the purpose of a lead magnet. Next on the line, I gave the functions of a lead magnet like attracting leads into a sales funnel. The workings of a lead magnet were explained in my last week video as well. Finally I showed my Squeeze Page and Bridge Page.

Imagine yourself as a Lead

Put yourself in the shoes of a lead, ask yourself this simple question like what do you expect to get before giving your email address.

Start From The Back

What is the product you want to sell? If it is funnel related take just one maximum two of the training within, and concise it (ensure it is still valuable) to turn it into a lead magnet. If they want more, ask them to head over to your pitch.

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