Making Money By Giving Free Content?


Definition Of Content

The definition of content simply means information and experiences package together and presented to an audience. Most likely this is done in the form of a speech or writing and delivered to an audience.

More recently, advancement have been made, and the use of Internet, television, audio CDs or books.

What Is Valuable Content?

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Valuable or quality content are ingredients to lucrative and rewarding marketing. So what is this Valuable Content? In short it is problem solving or solutions to your audience problems. This is one way to market your online presence and build your brand name I spoke about in my earlier blog post on Building A Class Of Your Own.

How To Gain Trust?

Ideally, give away free content and even so giving away not only free but your most valuable content to gain this Trust you are trying to get. Your audience will love you for giving away this free valuable educational content. Content that can educate and solve their issues.


Benefits Of Giving Free Content

Firstly, can you recalled when you visited the supermarket that attractive girl was trying to promote a particular brand of wine and insisted you to sample some by having a sip?

It’s the exactly the same here, your valuable free content once sample and liked will definitely help you to sell perhaps an upgraded version. Your free content could be in the form of an e-book or video or even an interview via Skype.

Secondly, you assume authoritative position by giving lots of this valuable free content. The more you give your authority increases. You now appear on You Tube, Facebook, and your blog site.

Thirdly, this is free marketing come to think of it. Once you are known to be giving free valuable educational content, your blog traffic will increase. Leads are converted; your subscribers will increase as they seek your free content. You will need to follow up with these in the form of communication.

Fourthly, a following of fans are created, as they love your stuff. They help to spread your brand to others and more will seek your free educational content.

Lastly, this will link up with my blog post title above. Your audience or leads will now wonder with awe if your free educational content is so valuable and helping them, what more can your paid product or recommendation do! They will definitely buy from you!

Provide up to 90% content that solves issues and leave 10% for pitching at the end of your educational training. Ideally your content should tie-up with your pitch or at least aligned. Take your free training or education is about copy writing and at the end you may pitch an upgraded version of video training on copy writing, or even a one to one mentoring.

Line Drawn Between Free And Paid

Give freely your content that not only educate but also inspire your audience. Deliver to your audience what they are looking for. Reveal the results that they can achieve. Tell them your all-personal and powerful stories.

Finally, your pitch should be directed towards the “How”.

It is this “How” they will have to pay for! Leads will have to pay for the system you introduce to them helping them from failure to success. They will have to pay for the high-end coaching or “hand-holding”. Charge them for revealing the system you promote to them. Training of an upgraded nature too is chargeable.


You have reached the end of my blog post! I hope you have found it useful and beneficial in moving your online business forward.

  1. Are you convinced that giving away not only free content but also valuable ones helps to bring sales? Share some of your thoughts and opinions.
  2. Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment box below.


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2 thoughts on “Making Money By Giving Free Content?”

  1. Hi Harold
    You make some great points here; it took me a long time to really understand the business model, which includes giving away valuable knowledge. It is now so well established a principle that it is hard to remember when it was not true. For many years, I genuinely believed that anything given away for free was probably worth little or nothing. How things have changed, in this information age.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi John,

      Trust you are doing well!

      Thank You for leaving a comment in my blog post.

      If you notice once you are on someone email list, you will get offers after offers. If they are considerate it will not be a daily affair. Hardly anyone impart knowledge of what they have learn to you, Giving free valuable content is one way to engage your list
      and staying in touch with them. Today free content on the contrary are at times valuable compare to the past.

      Anyway Jon, my next blog post is Tips On Bonding in Email Marketing will be publish shortly before this weekend is out. I will keep you posted.

      Till than have a great day ahead!



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