Making Money With Consistent Marketing Message

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Summary Of Video Presentation

Applicable To Lead Magnets


  • Squeeze Page align with Bridge Page – what you say or promise on your squeeze page, did you deliver those on your bridge page? You must always deliver on your bridge page what you say on your squeeze page.
  • Colour schemes and font size – they must be consistent and same throughout. Keep colour schemes simple not those bright highlighting colours. Keep everything simple and consistent
  • Aligned and connected leading to consistency. This is very powerful especially when we give an awesome free training. Chance of a sale is better when this takes place.


  • When you don’t give in your bridge page what you say in the squeeze page there is a disconnect. This is will lead to confusion with your leads.
  • Your branding, fonts, colours and content are not aligned resulting in a disconnected situation. This will give the impression of inconsistency and unprofessionalism. Your creditbility is lost as well as Know Like Trust taking a beating.
  • This happens all the time and you might even notice some instances of this sort of disconnect and inconsistency

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2 thoughts on “Making Money With Consistent Marketing Message”

  1. Hi Harold,

    What a brilliant and clearly laid out video and blog post. I loved it!

    You are absolutely right – the pages and, in fact, the entire story of each and every step in the process should be perfectly aligned and congruent within itself and be consistent with the entire message. This is often where “newbie” marketers, or the ones not generating the results as they would like, are not up to the mark. Often using different and inconsistent messaging is seeing as displaying “variety”, yet NOTHING confuses a visitor to a site more than lack of consistency.

    Loved your statement about using simple fonts, and not “psychedelic” ones. That is sooo true. I am sure you know that Google alone has about 600 different fonts that they provide. And there are so many more fonts out there (much higher than that number that one can use), but it is all useless. A simple, beautiful and pleasing font is all that is required to reinforce the message of consistency you’re talking about.

    You also touched upon a very important point about Know-Like-Trust (KLT). This is probably the single-most significant aspect of being not just present but being successful online, as a very famous blogger (Donna Merrill) and successful online entrepreneur recently wrote while commenting on my blog post. And she’s absolutely right – it is the single biggest asset I believe one can have online. It is what gets people to listen to your message and also buy from you, should that be the justified intention.

    And with your video, you just “led-by-example”. A video does wonders on a blog post and that is exactly what you have done here in your blog – AWESOME.

    A very important blog post, all in all. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I look forward to more and will keep track as I have so much to learn from you. Happy New Year to you, too.

    Very best wishes,

    1. Hi Sameer,

      I’m happy to hear you found my video useful and it’s our human nature when we think out of the box, we complicate stuff!

      When we keep stuff simple it has this feeling that we are not doing enough, I too sometimes feel that way! I love to share with newbies my experiences and by that I’m not saying experienced marketers are left out!. It’s a two way traffic so that we end up in a win win situation.

      Anyway, I will upload more videos in trying to help others.

      Thank You again Sameer!

      Best Reagards

      Harold Ho

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