Money Making Email Copy In Video


We started from email list listing where traffic is driven to the squeeze page. Once email address is obtained we turn them over to the landing page. Email follow up was next to start warming up the relationship.


Next we have Tips on Bonding in Email Marketing. Big and small list and if there were any benefits on that. Most important of all was giving of oneself in bonding to built a lasting relationship with your subscribers.


We now come to Email Copy consisting of 2 components namely the headline and email copy. Attention Grabbing and Impressiveness in your headline to invite subscribers to open your email. We also want them to click on the links in the email body.

Email Copy or the body should make up of Story Telling for 60% of the time. Next, Value content or education make up 30%. Finally 10% on Urgent basis where urgency is used to invite clicks.


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