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Definition of Email Copy

Email copy is commonly defined as a sales letter or direct mail constructed to entice the reader to buy a product or service or a system without the presence of a salesperson.

On a more technical front it’s content with a purpose of advertising or marketing. It is persuasion with an intention of selling. Branding can also be done in this manner.

The Subject Line

This the first line of eye contact between you the marketer and your subscriber. Indeed this is the most important liner of all. If this doesn’t impress or grab your subscriber attention, your email doesn’t get opened. The consequence of that is your emails don’t get read and the links inside don’t get click and you get no sales.

What Is A Killer Subject Line?

Reference is made to my 29th Oct 2016 blog post 3 Curious Copy Writing Foundation Tips That Can Get Your Heart’s Desires Second Dose


This is a key driver, it creates a feeling of “What The Hell Is It?’ This is very relevant to your emails.


Valuable content like I always say comes from being educated. Your subject line must reveal what value they will get or results.

Oneself Effects

This will imply the information inside will apply or affect your subscribers on the whole.

General Consensus

As an email marketer, you cannot just use one, ideally mix and match in variation in your email copy. Focusing on just one will lead to subject line blindness.


“Shocking, have you heard about this?” 

I mentioned about this before about the use of questions and this is one classic. At the same time it does generate curiosity to the reader, what is so shocking.

“Dammit” or “FYI”

Both are pure curiosity, somehow you are targeting your subscribers the person. It’s about them and the information is for them.

“What on earth is ABC (Name of system) training and how it can change your life”?

This leans towards content, it’s training and this gives value and the result is life changing. It does create curiosity like what could this be that can change my life?

You will notice the headline is a bit long but if your subscriber read the whole line there is a fair chance of a sale.

“Have you heard the awful news?”

Bad news does invoke curiosity and get read first, but try not to use this too often.

“Do You Want A System That Brings You $20,000 A Month?”


Value Proposiiton words on a check to illustrate benefits of buying products or services in a special savings offer from a business or company

 This one is a value proposition and considered a secondary subject line.

“I was just thinking about you earlier today”? 

“Please accept my apologies for overlooking you” 

“Must share this personal story with you”

These are more incline towards personal relationship with your subscribers. They display your thoughts for them and do create a feeling within them.

Points To Note

Never use subject lines that will encourage clicks but does not deliver anything relevant in the email copy. Lets take this one:

“ A system that generates $10,000 a week made for you”

In your email content, if there was nothing that can deliver what you said in your headlines. There will be a lost in the “Trust Factor” simply because you fail to deliver what you said. It is clear you just want to have a high click rate.

The Email Copy

The Email Copy is one that serves your list or subscribers. It also ensures us marketers of getting the clicks. Don’t abuse its use!

Three Types Of Email Copy

First and foremost we have the Story base type. This contributes 60% of your Email Copy. If you still recall I mentioned giving yourself as a marketer to your list. Share your life and whatever you are doing, even the not so successful part of you. We can’t always be doing well so have no fear about sharing that for the benefits of your list.

Have a Call To Action, which is the click to probably a free training that will link to a pitch.

Secondly we have Value Based type, which constitutes 30% of your copy. You are conveying the value your subscribers will get or learn leading to the type of results that awaits them.

Alternatively, you can direct your list to a promotion. Ideally, you should first send them to training after which to a pitch of your promoting offer.

For example you offer a free training about driving traffic and subsequently you pitch a sale of funnel system where they can in turn drive that traffic to. This will leave to sales for them (value added).

Third and lastly it’s the short and urgent copy, which should be more than 10%. These sorts of emails have a high click through rate. Nevertheless don’t use these too often as you may destroy the relationship with your list leading to unresponsiveness.


The best situation is to mix between story telling, leading to a valuable training follow by a pitch. The chances of you succeeding are much higher. They love your story and get impress with your training and they will stay with you. Having said that, in reality not all your Email Copy will end up as winners.

At times some of your campaign may end up a failure! Do not get upset, take it as a learning curve, review it and correct the mistakes. It’s a learning process as you journey and grows.

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