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The Three Formulas Explained

What are the three formulas? Firstly we have N ways to Y, Secondly we have N ways to Y in Z time. Lastly we have How to A without B.


N Ways To Y

Where N is numeric number and Y is the ultimate result. A quick sample for you here would be 2 Ways to Achieve Free Traffic to your Blog.


N Ways To Y In Z Time

This is just the extension of the above to include a time factor. N again is the numeric number and Y is the ultimate result and Z is the time needed or taken to achieve the ultimate result.


How to A without B

The best way to illustrate this is to give you samples like How to lose 5 kg without dieting. How to make 4 figure-sales without any selling experience. How to get your dog to obey your command without going for any courses.


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