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My Dear Readers,

A Happy New Year to everyone, May 2017 be your year in achieving what you desire. I do hope you have spent some quality time with your loved ones and friends.

It is also a time of resolution making or strategy mapping. If you have not done so, no worries all is not lost as long you take thing seriously. After all this online business is yours and you are solely in the driver’s seat.

Take a couple of days compose your thoughts, let the merry making move to a back seat as you seat down and draw up your strategy. Set something realistic that you can achieve and perhaps over deliver at the end! It’s a booster I can assure you.

Let me share with you my recent video about the “Impossible Dream”


The Show for 2017 Begins Here


Importance of Marketing Message

Most of us online marketers use Lead Magnet to get our Marketing Message across. So we have this simple sequence as shown below:



Now what you say on your Simple Squeeze Page must be consistent with your upcoming Bridge Page. Ideally your bridge page should be in the form of a video. Video speaks volume and that is the best way moving forward.

If your Squeeze Page says you are going to deliver traffic generation training, do ensure you do just that in your Bridge Page training video. Bear in mind it was that promise you made on the Squeeze Page that they gave you their email address, so live up to that.

Do ensure you give a good quality free training to your leads to live up to what you say on the Squeeze Page. In this way it is much easier for you to pitch a sale at the end. Chances of getting a sale are much better when you do that.


Looking Back (Analysis)

You must always stay consistent, beginning with your font size and colour schemes. These must always be the same from Squeeze Page to Bridge Page. Keep your colours plain and simple, not those “eyes stabbing” type! You are consistent in what you say and what you deliver. Your Simple Squeeze Page connects with your Bridge Page, which is very important to your audience. Your chance of securing a sale is much higher now.


Content of Your Free Training Video

Begin your free valuable training by repeating what they will be getting in this video. By this you are assuring your leads what they will be getting when they opt in on your Squeeze Page.

To built rapport and trust with your leads, give a little summary about yourself. A little story about your good self, this will help your audience to relate to you. This will go a long way in trust building for the future.

Now you deliver your free valuable training, give your all and all. If you can over deliver, by all means please do so. It shows how much you care for them. By this you have won your leads over and the next move is much easier.


Pitching Your Sale

This is the ultimate, but may not apply to all. Some of us may just want to collect email address to build an awesome email list. Otherwise this will be a good time for you to pitch a sale at the end of your free training video. You may say something like now that you have seen a part of my training do you like to have the full specs that can help you further.



Remember staying consistent and connect with your audience (leads) is very important, keep everything simple. It is our imagination to make our pages sophisticated that will cause us more damage than good.

We come to end of this week blog post, do leave me some comments in the comment box below. I love to hear from you!


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