My First Month Earnings with iPro

Dear Readers of My Blog,

How quick another week has just pass by!

I like to share in my post for this week is exactly how much I earned last month (June 2016). iPro truly rocks in its real sense! You must remember I joined iPro on 9th Nov 2015 and did totally nothing. Apart for listening to training webinars and saying hello in the Facebook community in iPro, I did nothing. Frankly, I’m a great procrastinator, when it comes to procrastination I definitely will beat you hands down!

In May 2016, I started to ask myself seriously “What have I been doing? Am I adding value out there or sharing content with others?” The answer is obvious and it’s a big fat “NO”. End of the day am I making any money with iPro? I have seen many making four figure sales and I wonder to myself will I be one of them? Of course I can, but have I been doing anything to achieve it?

I decided to give a shot at Paid Traffic by doing solo ads. This is one way to prove to myself, if I take action and get out of the learning phase something must happen be it good or bad. At this point of time, I was still struggling with free traffic, so lets just try a quick shot in solo ads.

A fair amount of time was devoted into researching for solo ads vendors. There are many out here but I want one that is creditable and trustworthy. Ultimately, one that can help me achieves some form of result.

As courageous as I could I went for 300 clicks to a very awesome iPro squeeze page. It’s the DAMS quiz squeeze page. Go and click on this Dirty Affiliate Marketing Quiz and find out. Guess what those 300 clicks to that squeeze page brought me. It’s right below here:


Screen Shot June Ledger with refunds












After refunds or claw backs, there was still $202.42 balance. So does iPro works or real? It sure rocks and will continue rocking if one put some serious efforts.

To find out more about Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets


Click Here: DAMS


To learn more about iPro why not sign up for this FREE webinar happening on 25th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, and 11pm UK.


Click Here: I want to know more about iPro


Please bear with me if you don’t find any post from me next as I expect restructuring to my blog to start soon.


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Thank you and have a great week ahead!


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