8 Tips To Enhance Your CTA

Do You Want Your CTA To Be Effective?


Hello Readers,

How have all of you been this week?

Well, it has been a mixed week for me to begin with I have yet to put my auto responder completely into operation yet. I still got quite a bit of email follow-ups to transfer over.

I’m determined to complete this process by this week latest and start to put it into test mode. After which I will proceed to start email list building. I like to share this when the process begin in my weekly blog post.

The good news I had this week is my application to Cash Network has been approved. Truly, a piece of good news I got on Thursday 22 Jun 2017 to brighten my weekend as I write this blog post. I spoke to my account manager a very helpful lady who has given me some links that I could promote.

Life after all is not that bad!

Now this week I’m going to be talking about Call To Action (CTA). I’m going to give you hints and tips on enhancing your CTA’s.


Tip 1 – Having A Clear-Cut Offer

Your offer should be crystal clear and well defined. Let’s say you want to teach your audience how to get free traffic to an offer. You may consider this “Watch This Free Video To Get Free Traffic To Your Offer”. It is good habit to be precise with your Call To Action, by giving some details.

Tip 2 – Make It Outstanding

I’m talking about colour scheme here. This colour should contra against your background to make it stand out. Ideal size of button should be 225px wide by 45px high.

Image – Colour Scheme of CTA button


Tip 3 – Must Be Actionable

Use verbs, to entice taking action like “Claim My Spot”, “Watch Now”, or “Download Now”, “Get Started Now” just to name a few as guidelines.


Tip 4 – Keeping It Well Above The Fold

Do ensure your visitors can see or view your CTA without scrolling down the page. This will help you get a good click through rate. This what keeping it above the fold is all about. Ideally it should be within eye contact to the visitor to achieve good results.


Tip 5 – Inserting Your CTA On Your Most Relevant Blog Post

Let’s say you have a blog post about video marketing, you may have a CTA promoting how to use YouTube as a marketing channel. You are blogging about email list building, have a CTA like watching a video how you created a process in email list building.


Tip 6 – Optimise Your Opt-In Page

It is common practice CTA drives that traffic (free or paid) to a Opt In Page. You must continuously optimize and test your opt in page with different colours and layouts, images and text.

At some point of time you will see which Opt In Page gives you the best result. It is a testing process and will take time but worth the effort for the long run in getting the best result from your optimized page.


Tip 7 – CTA Within A Buying Cycle

Basically there are three stages in a buying cycle. Using a CTA at a start to give information about product or service is imparting knowledge. At the next stage a CTA to demonstrate how product or service can help them. Lastly, a CTA to buy would close the cycle.


Tip 8 – Constant Testing

You must continuously be testing your CTA to find out which appeal to your visitors. This is similar to optimizing your Opt In Page to get best result. Synchronizing your CTA with your Opt In Page will definitely enhance your click through rate.

This is what every Internet marketer should strive for to maximize opt in rates which will ultimately lead to sales.



We come to the end of my weekly blog post about enhancing your CTA. I hope you have found it useful and beneficial for your Internet online business. Do leave me some feedback like what tip was the most valuable to you.

I will be spending time to complete my set up to begin my email list building. Before I sign off, I discover one of my Opt In Pages in Clickfunnel is not showing up! Another technical glitch I have to look into and sort out.

I take this opportunity to wish one and all a good blessed week ahead!

Say Healthy!


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Can 2017 Be The Year Of Video?

The Environment of Video Marketing




Hello Readers,

How is everyone doing so far this week?

Like I mentioned last week, not a technical person, trying to set up a follow-up series in another or default auto responder of mine was challenging.

I guess, I have to spent weekend time as well as some weekday night’s going through this step by step like a baby!

I guess in life and especially in out Internet marketing niche, we learn something everyday.

Anyway so much of my weekly encounter, this week we are going to talk about videos in 2017.

By the way this week’s blog post is going to be a rather short one.


What Is This Fuss About Video?

If I can recall when I was young, which was like yesterday LOL videos were either in VHS or Beta format. Movies during those days were sold in this sort of format.

I cannot remember if any sort of marketing uses video for this purpose. As time evolves, we had Laser Disc (LD) which was better quality but bulky and subsequently Video Compact Disc (VCD). Nevertheless, it was still movies and hardly marketing using videos.

Now fast forward, to recent times we saw an emerging trend of videos being use to market products and services.

Our eyes have shifted from reading written advertising content to videos. If you say a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth far more than that picture.

So I guess that’s how video came to play and now it is making waves!


What Is The Environment Of Video Today?

We cannot denied, video is extremely popular especially in content marketing.

Which will you prefer, reading through advertising content or watching it on video?

Many research and surveys have been made and it’s still video which will be the platform for the future.


What Has Video Achieved?


Let’s look at the numbers and see what they tell us.

Business owners say 63% are currently using videos, which is a marginal gain versus last year.

More importantly are the objectives achieved by using videos:

  • 97% believed videos have helped their user to understand their product/service.
  • 81% have associated increase in direct sales.
  • 76% indicated increase in web traffic.
  • 83% feels video gave them a good ROI.

All statistics point to continue use of video for the rest of this year. For those who have not started using video, they should do so without hesitation.


Attractiveness Of Video With Consumers

79% of consumers prefer watching videos than reading text of any product. 91% have watched a pitch intro video and 84% will make a purchase after watching a branding video.

More interesting, social media that videos can be used like Facebook Live where 19% of marketers are using it. Snap chat (8%), Instagrame video (26%).

All these numbers are set to rise and those who use videos will enjoy continued success.



My Conclusion today is a simple one, when are you going to start your video campaign?

Do share with me you thoughts and feedbacks.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

Have a Blessed Week!




5 Tips To Optimise Your YouTube Videos

My Weekly Side Of The Story

Hello my friends,

Hope all is well with everyone so far this week!

Well not everything you do will always go right. This is something as online marketers we must get use to. There will be frustration when we get stuck and don’t seem to get out of it.

This can be very discouraging and may even lead you to quitting all together. Not all of us are technically inclined (I am one of them).

To make the long story short, I had a technical problem with a new auto responder I signed up. This technical problem was push from one section to another without my knowledge. I only found out when I inquire a day later. When your issue moves from one section to the other, it’s a fresh start! How frustrating don’t you think so?

Until now, there don’t seem to have any solution yet; I was told it is a bug!

Thankfully, I have another service provider!

So newbies, if it does not cost too much, it is best you have a back up.


How To Get Most Out Of Videos

We all know videos will be the main media for content marketing. In my last blog post I have mentioned 43% of audiences preference for videos. This tells us where our efforts should be focused.

You do not have to spend too much time getting everything in place. I’m just giving 5 tips for you to digest slowly one at a time. You need not rush through all; it is just to get started on the right footing, since videos are our audience preference.

Tip 1 On Optimisation of YouTube Video


Title is what catches our eye when we search for videos. Just like our blog post it should be clear, concise and compelling (3 Cs).

It is a big plus, should your title matches the keyword searched. Exact keyword match does have an advantage.

Lastly, keep your title within the 60 characters to prevent it from getting cut-off.


Tip 2 On Optimisation of YouTube Video


You have a 1,000-character limitation for YouTube description. Do bear in mind; viewers came to watch a video not to read your story on YouTube.

It is important to note YouTube will only display the first two maximum three lines. Anything more than that will end in the click “show more”

Ideally, important links and Call To Action should be place within the first 100 characters.


Tip 3 On Optimization of YouTube Video


In order for viewers to know what your video is all about you should use tags. Not only that, you are also letting YouTube know that as well.

Check this out in Creator Academy to help you further.

In this manner, YouTube will find a way of linking your video with other similar videos. This can widen your content reach. Nevertheless, you should use your tags wisely. An irrelevant tag does not mean you can get more views. The truth is Google might penalise you instead.


Tip 4 On Optimization of YouTube Video


You may categories your uploaded video in “Advanced settings”. This is another way of grouping your video with related ones by YouTube.

Check this out in Creator Academy to help you further.


Tip 5 On Optimization of YouTube Video


Video thumbnails are basically the prime image viewers get to see when scrolling on the list of video results. Together with the video’s title, thumbnails send a signal about the videos content to viewers. This will influence the number of clicks and views on your video gets.

The Academy Creator reported, “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails”



Very quickly, we come to the end of this week’s blog post. Slowly take small and simple steps and results will show up.

I can understand how technical stuff can get you down, I have encountered many, and more will come and that how it is. Just remember you are building a business and it belongs to you. It is your efforts that count.

End of the day, when you succeed, you can look back and say:

It was a long journey and you have made it. My efforts have paid off and that is motivation for me to push on”


Video Summary



Do leave me some comments and feed back.

Wishing all a good blessed week ahead!


3 Challenges Online Marketers Face

Different Challenges But Some Are Common

Hello everyone,

How are you doing so far this week? Good I hope pushing on in a small or big way to move your online business in the direction you want.

Do you face any challenges in whatever you do for your business? Personally, I do and not ashamed or afraid to admit it. I’m going to enhance and optimize my email list building.

Next, I need a decent or rather good sales funnel to promote. Of course this will bring the money you dream of or hope to make.

Everyone is saying “the money is in the list” and I heard this like more than seven years ago! It still hold true in fact it is more the “relationship you have with your list that brings you the money”

I will tell you more in a month or two, let me get certain stuff in place and share more with you.


Challenge 1 – Traffic And Lead Generation

In general, unless you are an experienced online marketer, you are more likely going to struggle with traffic. The issue of traffic is usually linked to lead generation. It’s a twin problem that most newbies will face in their online marketing journey.

Self Check

Just two questions, you need to ask yourself online marketers!

Now are you producing valuable content that actually, your audiences are willing to pay for it? This is serious, are your entire content worthy to be monetise?

Next, are you delivering content your audience or leads are looking for?

I’ll be the first to admit, many times, I fall short of that.

A recent survey by HubSpot Research found 43% of audiences prefer videos from us online marketers, while only 29% like to see blog post. Do you get the hint my fellow marketers?

VIDEO is the name of the game moving forward. So go out there and start your video marketing.

Personally, I’ll be the first to tell you mine is not there yet.

Next, when you start creating content that can monetise, traffic will be your concern. You want to get notice by your audience to attract traffic.

Remember, today your audiences don’t need any search engine to look for content. They are fed by news feed and emails they have subscribed to. In short, they are very well fed with information.

Challenge 2 – Your Return On Investment in Lead Generation

You want to build an email list (Lead Generation) and you should as an online marketer.

The free method could take you some time (investment of time). Results will be slow and constant refinement on your lead generation campaign is needed.

Now a faster way to kick start your lead generation campaign is to buy traffic. This paid method will see you build your list at a faster pace. Take note, money spent on paid traffic equating to the number of leads that opt-in to your list. This whole process is your lead generation campaign.

Your Return On Investment (ROI) is the cost of obtaining these opt-ins.

Let’s take a scenario to further explain this ROI challenge.

Clicks Bought:                       500

Cost of 500 Clicks:                $350

Opt-ins / Sign Ups:                150

In Percentage:                      150 / 300 = 30%

Cost Per Opt-ins / Sign Up:   $350 / 150 = $2.33

You should have email follow-ups after leads opt-in for as long as 14 days. In between those 14 days, you sent them to a Cost Per Action (CPA) programme. Now we take a CPA programme that pays you $3 per sign up.

CPA Sign-Up:               45

In Percentage:             45 / 150(opt-ins) = 30%

Per CPA Sign-up $3:   45 (CPA Sign-up) X 3 = $135

Your initial traffic outlay was $350 (500 clicks); you have recovered only $135 leaving a deficit of $215. In ROI terms, it’s a negative 61.4%.

In order to break-even on $350 you need at least 116-7 CPA sign-ups out of the 150 opt-ins you have. This works out to about 77% of your opt-ins. Now that’s a very tall order, perhaps over-time you might be able to break-even.

This is basically how you look at your ROI.

Challenge 3 – Your Blog Site

Your blog site is the next challenge you are likely to faced. In my past blog post I have mentioned your blog is a platform of know, like and trust.

After you hit the trust factor, what do you want next? You want to sell your services or programme. Your blog needs to perform all these functions round the clock.

So you need content, blog design and some form of optimisation. As a newbie, all these are very challenging don’t you think so?

Alternatively, you may have friends or networks that possessed such skill-sets to help you out.

Now what if I don’t have anyone who can help.

You may like to consider www.fiverr.com browse and go through this platform where free-lancers market their various skills with a certain price tag. As the name suggest, its $5 but depending on type of services sought, it may go over the $5 mark.

Work within your budget and stick to your limits. Do your research and ask questions till you are satisfied before committing yourself to a vendor.


As a newbie, the start is always very challenging. I fully agreed to that. Be it traffic or lead generation or Return On Investment or your blog site; remember it’s a business you are setting up.

End of the day, when you see your first sign up to your email list and the first purchase, you will feel accomplish. Not only will feel that way, but feeling of self-motivation to spur you on further to achieve more.

Do leave me some feedbacks and comments.

Till than I wish all of you a great week ahead, keep on working and take care!

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Can A Newbie Online Marketer Get Branding?

5 Simple Steps To Get Branded


Hello my friends,

How is everyone doing? June is coming on quickly and half of 2017 will slip by! I hope all of you are making contribution big or small to your business.

I had a small success and like to share it with all. On 9 Oct 2016 I publish a Slide Share on Relationship Building comprising of 58 slides. One of the slides got clipped! What the heck is that? Simply means it gets shared and that means more visibility and credit. Well it’s free and that goes a long way in traffic building for free.




So efforts put in now seem like zero engagement but perserve and soon you will see result. Never give up, think before you do that, perhaps the next moment could be a sale. No matter how small it will inspire you. A relook how this came about and some refinement could change the whole situation!

Stay Positive! Anyway today I’m going to talk about branding for the newbie and only 5 Simple Steps to get you started.

Marketing And Branding

Marketing and Branding are always linked do you agree? Well to cut in and make short, we are talking about personal branding for the newbie.

Now you asked do I need to hire professionals for this? Boy, I need to pay big bucks just to get myself heard or seen! I’m a newbie and budget is of great concern.

Don’t get put off by all this talk! In any business a solution can be found and this is no exception. You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself branded.

For the online marketer, how about investing time, but be prepared for slow results or outcome. I always encourage this free method as a newbie to save you some money. Savings here could be better use in other areas of your online business like traffic and email list building.

Recognise Your Personality Or Profile

The adoption of buyer personality is one helpful way to center around the qualities you are going for.

How you relay your product or programme is very much related to the desires and nature of your potential customer. When you become aware of these, it will help you with the type of personality you should circle around.

With this information, it is easier to develop fascinating brand name and an effective one. In this way you will access the correct clientele.

Let’s say you know your client is looking for some programme to solve their financial woes. Most likely, they need to supplement their current income.

When the profile of your client or buyer is known, it is a lot easier for you to brand your name on that basis.

Creating Your Personality And A Voice

Your brand name can only begin when you know your clients personality. Developing a brand identity i.e. the awareness of your brand.

Attach a voice like the tone you like to use in your communication. It is this voice part, which carries a lot more weight. How to you want to project your brand through this voice? What are your values? What values does your brand represent?

Perhaps as an online marketer you may like to project yourself as someone going out of the way to help others. Your values of help pit against simply making money. You can project this via your voice when you communicate.


Need to Be Present In Social Media Consistently

Which social media platforms are your clients found? The major likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln and Pinterest are the likely ones.

Make a research on where they congregate at and the time they spend there. Commonly they could be at Facebook but that don’t mean you ignore others! It’s just an idea on the amount of efforts you should focus on.

Your Blog Site

This is a platform of trust and more like a meeting place. You put your educational content out on your blog.

This in turn will attract “cold traffic” or visitor’s most likely strangers. Continue with your valuable content publishing and stay persistent on that.

You won them over and they like you, somehow they can associate with your brand and voice you project. They are now converted from mere visitors to leads.

Your follow-up emails with them, it’s the relationship you are building and eventually the trust you earn from them. When that happens it is a lot easier to sell.

Ideally, your content should have some form of Search Engine Optimisation. Just be consistent in your blogging efforts. Slow as it may be but it will have a long run impact as long as you are consistent.

Customer Service As A Form Of Advertising

When you are able to deliver customer service that others talk about, your objective is met.

Do you know you can get free advertising from this sort of customer service? By word-of-mouth your brand name will spread like wild fire to existing or potential customers. You don’t have to pay for this.

Obviously this is not going to happen overnight, it takes time but well worth your effort especially if you can’t afford to spent anything to get yourself branded.

Summary Video




Branding is one process; you cannot ignore or do away with it. Only time will tell, do not expect overnight result especially if you are a newbie.

Do not get dishearten, when you find no engagement, stay positive and persistent. Remember all your efforts are long term, as long as you provide valuable content. Somehow, your name will be associated with that.

Do leave me feedbacks or ideas on this subject of branding.

Till than have a good week, take care!


Using Videos To Develop Leads

The Many Uses Of Videos In Lead Development




Hello everyone, how is everyone doing? Hopefully fine!

Well it has been a sad week for me; I have just lost one of my classmates. It was really sad, although he was sick; the suddenness shocked not only myself but my classmates as well. In short he was doing his dialysis and collapsed with a heart attack. Some of us saw him a couple of days before his passing. I was told he looked fine and in high spirits and even joking away.

We were all suppose to gather this coming August and this will have been our third year of gathering.

Anyway this speaks a lot not only to myself, but also to all of us that life is short. Anything can happen to us at any time without any notice. For those of us who are still pondering what action to take, all I can say follow the Nike slogan: Just Do It!


Standing Out And Be Heard Or Seen

Let’s just say as Internet Marketers, we will spent a lot of time refining our lead generation and emails. If you don’t than from a sales standpoint most likely you will suffer. Why is that so?

It’s simply because your message don’t stand out in your leads inbox. This would lead to your failure to attention grab and stir a response from your leads. Under such circumstances, how could you close a sale?




Can Videos Be Use In Sales?


Of late, the use of video in the following areas namely:

  • Prospecting
  • Relationship Building
  • Sales

The result are higher emails open rates and reply rates. It is no longer a why should video be use, but more like how do you use it?


Using Video In Prospecting Phase

Remember the Know Like Trust Phase? In prospecting you are only at the “Know” stage. You are reaching out to cold leads that have yet to know you. Obviously, you must stand out here to capture attention.

Now how could videos help in this aspect:

  • Grabbing Attention, try using the word “video” in your email headlines.
  • Building Credibility, engaging your leads is one good way to build creditability. Remember we are still in the “know” phase.
  • Getting Personal, finding out more about your leads and what they do will help you to better connect with them.

Sample email

Email Headline/Subject Line: John I done a personal video

Hello John,

I believe you are focusing in developing an Internet online business. I have piece together a 30-second video illustrating how I can help you to get started on your online business.


Looking forward to sharing more steps and processes. How about a short chat on {date and time} on Skype as an introduction?


Using Video In Emails During Relationship Building

More often, during relationship building you’ll into the “Like” phase. You are trying to get them to “Like” you. By now your leads have known you already, stay on the top of the game by using videos on the following areas:

  • Start with
  • Sharing valuable content.
  • Point them to any useful/valuable content on the web.

The point here worth emphasising, is content and you should take note of the following:

  • Content of a related nature; do maintain records of type of content you have sent to your leads. So at least you content that are relevant and familiar are sent to your leads.
  • Dialogue Style, this helps to make you someone approachable instead of a preacher. You can say two-way communication.
  • Beneficial, the form of communication should be educational and benefits your leads.


Sample Email

Email Headline/Subject Line: Take a look at this video John


Hello John,

Notice your recent post on your blog, Instagram or Facebook; perhaps you like to check this recent report/post on {related topic} helpful.

 I put together a video summary {interesting, valuable, and relevant} point at the end.


 Hope you enjoy it, do let me know your thoughts.


Using Video In Sales Email

By now your leads should be in the “trust” stage of the know, like trust phase. They are now close to the buying stage and it’s your selling phase. It’s the deep end of the sales funnel and you should continue with your videos.

The type of videos most relevant here is namely:

  • Mini-demos
  • Follow up

Linking value proposition with lead needs: Address “Why they need your product or programme and how you can help them”

Stay positive but not too assertive: leads like you to understand them, but now to the extent of pushing them into a deal.

Personal Connection: People buy from people, you have the upper hand if you can bond with your leads.


Sample Email

Email Headline/Subject Line: Just a 60 seconds video for John


Hello John,

With your current situation, I thought it would be good to share in this 60 seconds video that will help you move out from your present situation


I will catch up after you finish viewing the video. Looking forward to sharing more details with you to make this year a better one.



Very quickly, we come to the end of this week’s blog post Using Videos to Develop Leads. I hope you have enjoy reading it as much as I did presenting it to you.

Do let me some feedbacks.

Have a great fantastic week ahead!


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Are You Afraid Of Failing?

Dear Readers,

Happy Easter, half the month of April 2017 just slipped by!

Introduction – Any difference between Fear and Scare?

Let’s begin with the definition of fear and scare.

Fear is just an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen.

How about scare, well it is more like a verb, for instance, you make someone afraid or frighten. You cause your loved ones to get worried or nervous by coming back late.

At any point of our life, we have fears or scare or afraid of certain situation. Let’s take when we were in school, were we not afraid of going to school for one reason of the other. Perhaps we have not completed our homework or assignment.

When we were working in our day job, we fear our bosses or colleague. All our life, we are experience this feeling of fear. Now what is the outcome of fear, definitely something negative I’m pretty sure.

You dislike going to school, when you fail to complete you homework or assignment. You hate taking exams because you did not study for it. Going to work was a nightmare as you are afraid or you fear your bosses.

Today around the world we are surrounded by bad news. Recent terrorism acts to possibilities of war. This has led to some of us living in fear. At the end of the day we fear death.


Non-Failure Culture

Many if not most of us were raised by this non-failure culture. Right from young it’s go to school and study hard, don’t fail your exams. The only way to avoid failure is to study hard. This should ensure success. After you get your paper qualification head out there and look for a job and get yourself hired.

Along with it is of course “work hard” the harder you work the better off you will be. We equate our earnings with working hard. To earn more, work harder, it’s as simple as that. There is no room for errors in whatever you do you must not fail!

This is the perfectionist model, which our grand parents, parents went through. Likewise, we are to follow this path to success. Never ever dream to doing something different from the norm. After all this route work for decades why deviate from it. This too has contributed to us fearing coming out of our comfort zone. Why change from a model that has served several generations?

Now if we look at our Internet business, do we have some kind of fears attached to it? Is it all that plain sailing?


How About Online Marketers, Any Fears?

The greatest leap of faith in your life is to embark in this business of Internet Online Marketing. In fact, you are stepping out of line, out of the non-failure culture. Within a short space of time you start to wonder if this is the right choice to make. It’s a plain natural feeling because you have move out of the non-failure culture.

We also equate or relate success to monetary rewards. After much investment of time and money the rewards are negligible. This will make us think twice and means fear. Fear to move forward!

When we don’t get traffic to our blog or opt-in page we get worried. All because we will not be able to built our email list. When you have an email list we are worried they may not response to us at all.

These are parts and parcels we go through as online Internet marketers. The thought of money will lead us to greater fears.

So my suggestion is go out there and give value and don’t think about any money. Easier said than done, how about changing your mindset that this is a learning phase (get out of the non-failure mode) experiment in order to move forward.

Take everything as you learn something new every day. Like you have found new methods and ideas. We are too deep-rooted in our non-failure culture that we find it a challenge to learn something new.

Any chance to change this fear we have to one of learning mode? Even as online marketers, we stick to well tested or tried out methods just to play safe. As long as we stick on to tried out methods creativity is halted.


Any Solutions To Overcome This Fear

Can we re-programmed our mindset from one of failure to one of learning?

A goal set out but not achieved at the end of the day, can that be a useful learning lesson? After all you did achieved something, and did not left empty handed.

How about looking at it from a different angle of what I did right in achieving that small goal instead of dwelling at what you failed! Perhaps you could leverage on that small success to scale greater heights.

Another area of focus is to incorporate all possible pitfalls, before you embark on your project. We never feel comfortable getting caught in surprises (pitfalls or obstacles) we feel more confident when are well equipped.

Have you learn anything from a personal point of view. How has that experience change me for the better as an online marketer? We can always pick something up along the way no matter how small.

Learning is a process; fear is just an obstacle preventing us from learning!


This is where I end my blog post!

I like to wish you all a great week ahead and take care!










Are You Struggling?

Is Struggling That Bad?

Dear readers,

Trust all had a good start for the week. Well mine, was different, I struggle as to what I should to blog about. If you notice my last few post was all about email and content marketing.

Just over the weekend in my schoolmates chat group I saw this interesting video clip and let me share it with you here below, pay careful attention to the end part of the video clip.



Right From The Start

Struggling Person
Struggling Person With A Lot Of Burdens

You struggle to get a job, after you finish your education.

Not all so negative, you kind of enjoy the job, but felt you deserve something better.

Now, you felt better, probably you had a raise or promotion and in your boss good books.

After some time, you dislike this routine or you find yourself in a deadlock.

Now you struggle for a change and badly needed one.

You found this Internet marketing scheme that attracted struggling day-job people like you.

Trying to get yourself started, you found challenges and of course you struggle to get it working.

Struggling to convince your loved ones, this is not a scam, it worked for others and will work for you.

All in there are struggles along the way. Does struggling need to be associated with monetary inadequacy?


The Bigger Picture

If you look around your community, you will see this “struggling” scenario. Your workplace too will see colleagues struggling as well.

Society as a whole too has a fair share of strugglers. I’m sure you have seen them dominating headlines. These do lead to political issues in some cases.


What Do We Associate Struggling With?

Do we associate struggling with monetary inadequacy? Not everyone who is struggling is experiencing financial inadequacy. How about your colleagues in the office, who struggles with their job?

Just to highlight other struggling situations below:

  • Those who struggle with health issues. Stricken with terminal illness, they struggle just to get well.
  • Students struggling with their studies. No matter, how much they study, they still fail!
  • Sporting teams struggling to end their winless streak.
  • Struggling to complete a school project or work project.
  • Struggles to get use to a new environment when one move to another country.


Is There Anything Positive From Struggling?

Think Positive
Think Positive

Well, from a religious and spiritual point of view YES, there is!

As for me, religious or not, struggles will only make you stronger. Not everyday is a rainy day, neither will all days be sunshiny days.

You may struggle for a good part of your life just to bring food to the table for your family. Take heart, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end, it’s up to you, to make what you can out of your struggles. It’s all totally up to you, you call the shots. I know there are times that look like the world seems unfair to you. The positive note you can take away from your struggles is “it’s a learning lesson” and “I will just grow stronger”

Just to share my fair share of struggles. I was out of job for like one half years. It was during those times that internet marketing caught my attention. The money and the idea of working from home were all the perfect ingredients for me to earn some money. The negativity surrounding me was enough to stop me going further.

I never gave up even thought I got a day job after those “long” one half years of unemployment. Even than, this new job did not look suitable for me. I struggle but still kept faith on my dream internet marketing journey. The lack of funds to invest kept me out from decent coaching programmes. I turn instead to shinny objects (cheaper alternatives) and of course still no success.

Fast forward, even today, I still struggle with certain aspect of my internet business. Anyway they just got me stronger, time will be the only factor to see me climbing up higher.


I Want To Help All Struggling In Their Internet Business

I being through whatever struggles you were at. You need help, probably for a start “baby basic” help I bet. I don’t want to go round the whole world to tell you stories after stories.

Click Here And Stop Struggling

Have a great week and a restful weekend!





Writing Clearly

Serving Today’s Dish


Dear Friends & Readers,

How is everyone today? Hopefully you had a good week. Well this week I attended a workshop about Service Delivery. It was more towards service to our customers. Aligning everything together it should goes like this: –

Product ===> Process ===> People ====> Customer Satisfaction

Watch Video Below

Digestible Content

The word digestible tends to associate with food. If it is tasty most likely it is digestible and of course you will come back for more. Wonder if any of you will go back to food that is not tasty and difficult to digest? Unless it is for health reason, I won’t for sure!

Definition of clear is content that is clearly written, accurate and understood easily am I right? So isn’t it our aim as bloggers or internet marketers to produce such content? So when your content is clear and accurate and understandable, your audience will come back for more. Just like your food!

What Do I Want To Say?

Before you put pen to paper, you must have an idea about what you want to say. There are three essential pointers you need to have.

  • Subject Line: Take my blog post here – Writing Clearly.
  • Main Point: The purpose of my blog post is to explain about Clear Writing.
  • Framework: it is simply the structural frame of your blog post.


Know Who Is Listening To You

When you know who is listening to you or reading your post, communication becomes easier. For ease of processing your ideas to your listeners/audience, talk to them as if they are a child. No, this will not offend them.

Below are points you can follow when you are doing a video post:

  • Speak in a causally calm clear manner.
  • Put forward one question at a time.
  • One idea at a time.
  • Keep sentences and words short.


Making Clear Of Unfamiliar Words

Always good to define or make clear any unfamiliar words. This could be your subject/title, to ensure your audiences are in line with you. I call it “Essential Explanation”.


Constructing A Sentence Framework

So what is this sentence framework?

Sentence framework is made up of complete sentences and this will give a clear explanation of each of your points. Ultimately, your audience will understand what you trying to say.


One Sentence For A Paragraph

One sentence paragraph stands out!

Here are some samples:

Traffic to your blog and opt in pages are essential.

How do I get this traffic?

There are two types of traffic, paid and free.

Free is time invested, paid is monetary investment.

Most readers do not read everything so single sentences will catch their eye. It’s clearer, readable and understandable and that helps.

Short Sentence

Always make your sentence short, it’s easier to understand. So don’t use too many words in your sentence. Most of us have short attention span and anything short helps to capture attention.


Avoid Long Words

Why do you use long words? To impress or show you’re level of knowledge. Take your audience as ordinary people and they are not keen about your long words.


Your audience will only return to you if they know what to expect from you. They can anticipate what you are going to deliver to them your return rate will be high. This is what consistency is all about.

Ask yourself, why do you return to your same grocery store or restaurant over and over again? Price could be one reason. More likely something that is consistent perhaps the layout or the way it is organise attracted you.


Concluding Summary

Content versus clear writing.

You will stand out when you write clearly.

Writing clearly is link to your call to action and that is powerful.

It doesn’t matter how many times you write, but you will get it one day.


The Ball Is In Your Court


  1. Do you have any difficulty when your write your blog post?
  1. How to you over any challenges you face when you blog?

Head over to the comment box and drop me some feedback!


Thank you all for your time, have a great week ahead!


The Core Of Email Copywriting

Welcome To This Week Blog Post


Dear friends and readers,

It’s time for another blog post, how quickly the week has just slip by. I hope everyone is in good health and doing well. Watch the video below for my sharing of my little story.

First Course – Email Copywriting Defined

What is the definition of email copywriting? Its just email carefully constructed to tease the reader to buy a product or service without the presence of a salesperson. Ideally, this is one opportunity to do branding.


Second Course – Writing That Email Copy

Do you feel challenge writing your email copy? When was the last time you received a compatible curiously compelling email copy? Would it surprise you if I say it is harder to write a shorter copy than a long one. To begin what do l like to channel across to my readers?

Place yourself in the shoes of your subscribers to understand what they really want. Do I construct my email copy in the most concise form or am I placing too much background? Get straight to the point! One suggestion is to write all you want and go back to edit and trim your email content. What you wrote in six paragraphs could be reduce to just three.


Third Course – Stay With Your Key point

Now instead of having several call-to-actions, just focus on that single point you like to channel across to your audience/subscribers. Blend this single point in your copy. One suggestion is to have your key point written in block bold at the start for reference. Return to it as frequent as you can to remind you to stay on track. Once you gathered what you like to put across, build your content around it. Of course you remove that key point once you are done!


Fourth Course – Solutions That Helps

Instead of showing sympathy to your subscribers issues, how about offering them solutions. Better known as problem solving, detail your solutions here. This can replace the usual featuring of your product features. You can incorporate this into your call-to-action.


Fifth Course – Coordinating Your Copy With Issues Your List Are Having

It is extremely important to have a chat with your audience. This is one way of finding out what their issues are, what problems are they facing. Social Media platforms are ways to touch base with your audience. Often this is overlooked or neglected by marketers.

Spending time at forums just to listen out what issues others are facing. You don’t have to participate, but just to get a feel of problems people are facing is good enough. This can provide you with sufficient data for you to research for solutions.


Sixth Course – Can You Show Your Personal Side In Branding In Your Email Copy?

Do we make ourselves as a brand name? If we look at it from a corporate or company side, it is usually the logo, which the audience associates the company with.

Branding is more often connected with the human side of you. I have said this before, company or corporates are made up of people and we buy more because of the people who serve us.

So how do I brand myself? If I tell you your voice can make a difference and it is an advantage you can use to the fullest, would you believe me?



Seventh Course – Email Personalisation

This goes way beyond the usual {Dear_First_Name}. There must be some form of humanity in that email. Write as if you are writing to that one special person. How your email is going to help that one special person and not just any one person on your email list. It takes time and I agreed lots of time but well worth it. Just a suggestion to write a personalised emails every two or three days to your email list. You know best how to segregate your list or segment it into different groups.


Eighth Course – Length Of My Email

K.I.S.S. it simply means Keep It Short and Simple. Personally I’m not against long emails, but do have the consideration of your audience time to read what you write. Say what you want to say, if three words are needed, why have three sentences?

Ninth Course – Passive Subscribers Of My List

It’s perfectly normal to have a segment of our list that is passive. So what do we do with these people? Be direct by sending them an email asking if they still like to be on your list. Do they find any value for being on your list? Offer them an opportunity to speak to you.

At the end we have to face the fact if they are not interested means they are not. No amount of persuasion will change their mindset. It is only fair to give them one chance.


Tenth Course – Do We Treat Our List As One Person Or A Mass?

The availability of auto responder has made email blast a breeze. You need to write once what you like to tell and the many thousands on your list will receive it almost instantly. This some how will display a lack of personal touch.

I’m not suggesting to you to abandon the use of auto responder here especially if you have a list of thousands. Imagine writing a thousand times in different tones, it will take you ages!

Writing to a single person gives a natural look and sound, compare to a mass.

It would be good to write individual emails every other day and choose which segment you like to write to. As long as it is short and simple I don’t think too much time is taken up.



I come to the end of my blog post, and it’s a great pleasure for me to present this to you. Hopefully your have gain something that I have shared with you about copywriting.


The Ball Is In Your Court

  1. Do you agree on writing email on a personal level to your audience versus the mass?
  1. Short versus long email copy, which do you in your opinion is better?


  1. Do you know of any other way of getting personal with your audience?


Drop me some comments and feedback in the comment box below. Love to hear from you.

Thank you and have a great week ahead!