Are You Struggling?

Is Struggling That Bad?

Dear readers,

Trust all had a good start for the week. Well mine, was different, I struggle as to what I should to blog about. If you notice my last few post was all about email and content marketing.

Just over the weekend in my schoolmates chat group I saw this interesting video clip and let me share it with you here below, pay careful attention to the end part of the video clip.



Right From The Start

Struggling Person
Struggling Person With A Lot Of Burdens

You struggle to get a job, after you finish your education.

Not all so negative, you kind of enjoy the job, but felt you deserve something better.

Now, you felt better, probably you had a raise or promotion and in your boss good books.

After some time, you dislike this routine or you find yourself in a deadlock.

Now you struggle for a change and badly needed one.

You found this Internet marketing scheme that attracted struggling day-job people like you.

Trying to get yourself started, you found challenges and of course you struggle to get it working.

Struggling to convince your loved ones, this is not a scam, it worked for others and will work for you.

All in there are struggles along the way. Does struggling need to be associated with monetary inadequacy?


The Bigger Picture

If you look around your community, you will see this “struggling” scenario. Your workplace too will see colleagues struggling as well.

Society as a whole too has a fair share of strugglers. I’m sure you have seen them dominating headlines. These do lead to political issues in some cases.


What Do We Associate Struggling With?

Do we associate struggling with monetary inadequacy? Not everyone who is struggling is experiencing financial inadequacy. How about your colleagues in the office, who struggles with their job?

Just to highlight other struggling situations below:

  • Those who struggle with health issues. Stricken with terminal illness, they struggle just to get well.
  • Students struggling with their studies. No matter, how much they study, they still fail!
  • Sporting teams struggling to end their winless streak.
  • Struggling to complete a school project or work project.
  • Struggles to get use to a new environment when one move to another country.


Is There Anything Positive From Struggling?

Think Positive
Think Positive

Well, from a religious and spiritual point of view YES, there is!

As for me, religious or not, struggles will only make you stronger. Not everyday is a rainy day, neither will all days be sunshiny days.

You may struggle for a good part of your life just to bring food to the table for your family. Take heart, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end, it’s up to you, to make what you can out of your struggles. It’s all totally up to you, you call the shots. I know there are times that look like the world seems unfair to you. The positive note you can take away from your struggles is “it’s a learning lesson” and “I will just grow stronger”

Just to share my fair share of struggles. I was out of job for like one half years. It was during those times that internet marketing caught my attention. The money and the idea of working from home were all the perfect ingredients for me to earn some money. The negativity surrounding me was enough to stop me going further.

I never gave up even thought I got a day job after those “long” one half years of unemployment. Even than, this new job did not look suitable for me. I struggle but still kept faith on my dream internet marketing journey. The lack of funds to invest kept me out from decent coaching programmes. I turn instead to shinny objects (cheaper alternatives) and of course still no success.

Fast forward, even today, I still struggle with certain aspect of my internet business. Anyway they just got me stronger, time will be the only factor to see me climbing up higher.


I Want To Help All Struggling In Their Internet Business

I being through whatever struggles you were at. You need help, probably for a start “baby basic” help I bet. I don’t want to go round the whole world to tell you stories after stories.

Click Here And Stop Struggling

Have a great week and a restful weekend!





Writing Clearly

Serving Today’s Dish


Dear Friends & Readers,

How is everyone today? Hopefully you had a good week. Well this week I attended a workshop about Service Delivery. It was more towards service to our customers. Aligning everything together it should goes like this: –

Product ===> Process ===> People ====> Customer Satisfaction

Watch Video Below

Digestible Content

The word digestible tends to associate with food. If it is tasty most likely it is digestible and of course you will come back for more. Wonder if any of you will go back to food that is not tasty and difficult to digest? Unless it is for health reason, I won’t for sure!

Definition of clear is content that is clearly written, accurate and understood easily am I right? So isn’t it our aim as bloggers or internet marketers to produce such content? So when your content is clear and accurate and understandable, your audience will come back for more. Just like your food!

What Do I Want To Say?

Before you put pen to paper, you must have an idea about what you want to say. There are three essential pointers you need to have.

  • Subject Line: Take my blog post here – Writing Clearly.
  • Main Point: The purpose of my blog post is to explain about Clear Writing.
  • Framework: it is simply the structural frame of your blog post.


Know Who Is Listening To You

When you know who is listening to you or reading your post, communication becomes easier. For ease of processing your ideas to your listeners/audience, talk to them as if they are a child. No, this will not offend them.

Below are points you can follow when you are doing a video post:

  • Speak in a causally calm clear manner.
  • Put forward one question at a time.
  • One idea at a time.
  • Keep sentences and words short.


Making Clear Of Unfamiliar Words

Always good to define or make clear any unfamiliar words. This could be your subject/title, to ensure your audiences are in line with you. I call it “Essential Explanation”.


Constructing A Sentence Framework

So what is this sentence framework?

Sentence framework is made up of complete sentences and this will give a clear explanation of each of your points. Ultimately, your audience will understand what you trying to say.


One Sentence For A Paragraph

One sentence paragraph stands out!

Here are some samples:

Traffic to your blog and opt in pages are essential.

How do I get this traffic?

There are two types of traffic, paid and free.

Free is time invested, paid is monetary investment.

Most readers do not read everything so single sentences will catch their eye. It’s clearer, readable and understandable and that helps.

Short Sentence

Always make your sentence short, it’s easier to understand. So don’t use too many words in your sentence. Most of us have short attention span and anything short helps to capture attention.


Avoid Long Words

Why do you use long words? To impress or show you’re level of knowledge. Take your audience as ordinary people and they are not keen about your long words.


Your audience will only return to you if they know what to expect from you. They can anticipate what you are going to deliver to them your return rate will be high. This is what consistency is all about.

Ask yourself, why do you return to your same grocery store or restaurant over and over again? Price could be one reason. More likely something that is consistent perhaps the layout or the way it is organise attracted you.


Concluding Summary

Content versus clear writing.

You will stand out when you write clearly.

Writing clearly is link to your call to action and that is powerful.

It doesn’t matter how many times you write, but you will get it one day.


The Ball Is In Your Court


  1. Do you have any difficulty when your write your blog post?
  1. How to you over any challenges you face when you blog?

Head over to the comment box and drop me some feedback!


Thank you all for your time, have a great week ahead!


The Core Of Email Copywriting

Welcome To This Week Blog Post


Dear friends and readers,

It’s time for another blog post, how quickly the week has just slip by. I hope everyone is in good health and doing well. Watch the video below for my sharing of my little story.

First Course – Email Copywriting Defined

What is the definition of email copywriting? Its just email carefully constructed to tease the reader to buy a product or service without the presence of a salesperson. Ideally, this is one opportunity to do branding.


Second Course – Writing That Email Copy

Do you feel challenge writing your email copy? When was the last time you received a compatible curiously compelling email copy? Would it surprise you if I say it is harder to write a shorter copy than a long one. To begin what do l like to channel across to my readers?

Place yourself in the shoes of your subscribers to understand what they really want. Do I construct my email copy in the most concise form or am I placing too much background? Get straight to the point! One suggestion is to write all you want and go back to edit and trim your email content. What you wrote in six paragraphs could be reduce to just three.


Third Course – Stay With Your Key point

Now instead of having several call-to-actions, just focus on that single point you like to channel across to your audience/subscribers. Blend this single point in your copy. One suggestion is to have your key point written in block bold at the start for reference. Return to it as frequent as you can to remind you to stay on track. Once you gathered what you like to put across, build your content around it. Of course you remove that key point once you are done!


Fourth Course – Solutions That Helps

Instead of showing sympathy to your subscribers issues, how about offering them solutions. Better known as problem solving, detail your solutions here. This can replace the usual featuring of your product features. You can incorporate this into your call-to-action.


Fifth Course – Coordinating Your Copy With Issues Your List Are Having

It is extremely important to have a chat with your audience. This is one way of finding out what their issues are, what problems are they facing. Social Media platforms are ways to touch base with your audience. Often this is overlooked or neglected by marketers.

Spending time at forums just to listen out what issues others are facing. You don’t have to participate, but just to get a feel of problems people are facing is good enough. This can provide you with sufficient data for you to research for solutions.


Sixth Course – Can You Show Your Personal Side In Branding In Your Email Copy?

Do we make ourselves as a brand name? If we look at it from a corporate or company side, it is usually the logo, which the audience associates the company with.

Branding is more often connected with the human side of you. I have said this before, company or corporates are made up of people and we buy more because of the people who serve us.

So how do I brand myself? If I tell you your voice can make a difference and it is an advantage you can use to the fullest, would you believe me?



Seventh Course – Email Personalisation

This goes way beyond the usual {Dear_First_Name}. There must be some form of humanity in that email. Write as if you are writing to that one special person. How your email is going to help that one special person and not just any one person on your email list. It takes time and I agreed lots of time but well worth it. Just a suggestion to write a personalised emails every two or three days to your email list. You know best how to segregate your list or segment it into different groups.


Eighth Course – Length Of My Email

K.I.S.S. it simply means Keep It Short and Simple. Personally I’m not against long emails, but do have the consideration of your audience time to read what you write. Say what you want to say, if three words are needed, why have three sentences?

Ninth Course – Passive Subscribers Of My List

It’s perfectly normal to have a segment of our list that is passive. So what do we do with these people? Be direct by sending them an email asking if they still like to be on your list. Do they find any value for being on your list? Offer them an opportunity to speak to you.

At the end we have to face the fact if they are not interested means they are not. No amount of persuasion will change their mindset. It is only fair to give them one chance.


Tenth Course – Do We Treat Our List As One Person Or A Mass?

The availability of auto responder has made email blast a breeze. You need to write once what you like to tell and the many thousands on your list will receive it almost instantly. This some how will display a lack of personal touch.

I’m not suggesting to you to abandon the use of auto responder here especially if you have a list of thousands. Imagine writing a thousand times in different tones, it will take you ages!

Writing to a single person gives a natural look and sound, compare to a mass.

It would be good to write individual emails every other day and choose which segment you like to write to. As long as it is short and simple I don’t think too much time is taken up.



I come to the end of my blog post, and it’s a great pleasure for me to present this to you. Hopefully your have gain something that I have shared with you about copywriting.


The Ball Is In Your Court

  1. Do you agree on writing email on a personal level to your audience versus the mass?
  1. Short versus long email copy, which do you in your opinion is better?


  1. Do you know of any other way of getting personal with your audience?


Drop me some comments and feedback in the comment box below. Love to hear from you.

Thank you and have a great week ahead!






Story Telling And Content Marketing

Just The Beginning


Dear Readers,

How are you doing for this week? I cannot expect good always as an answer. The worst can always happen and we are not prepared for it.

Well I won’t say the worst happen to me, but close to that….

I ran out of content to blog for this week! I decided to bring my car to the car wash, being simply too tired and lazy to do it myself. The owner was someone I know by being his client and a regular one.

I first went to him like a year or so ago. Then he was only starting out and had very little clients. His price charge was very high for a car wash compare to the market. I did wonder how is his business going to survive or at least break even.

Well over a year has gone by and he is still around and I’m still going back to him weekly. He does polishing besides his car wash, to compliment his car wash business.

He told me car wash is now available only to regulars like me. He doses not accept walk-ins. I notice he pick and chose his clients.

Now let’s get back to the real world of ourselves as Internet marketers. Can we just imitate this car wash friend of mine in conducting our affiliate marketing business?


The Changing Landscape Of Content Marketing

The good old days requires you to put together a content of somewhere between 700 to 800 words article containing keywords. That was it!

Today the game has changed, your audience love to hear stories and you must have one. This comes along with delivery of valuable content. Rapport building must be done here and that’s where you build a following and you gain trust from this. This will help you in selling own or affiliate products.


Value Giving Hub

Depending on your audience type, as an online marketer do you want them to come back for more valuable content. Will your audience share with others your site or valuable content? Do you want your blog to be an information hub? It will be good for you to know what sort of information are they seeking. Could it be problem solving type or just valuable content?


Interacting With Your Audience By Asking

Fittingly, your content should be appealing to your audience. This is where audience will purchase your unique content. There is always this feeling if your free content is valuable, what else will your paid content be! If your audience has been responsive to you, propose say 3 topics and let them vote what they like to have for your next post. This way you make them feel welcome.


Use Of Social Media

Using social media to source what your audience wants is another alternative. Get your audience to vote and in that process you may also build your email list. This is especially so for those who are not on your list.


Story Telling

Stories are something your audiences are looking for these days. The injection of stories does create a sense of realism to your community. In the use of video, which is unavoidable in today’s content marketing, your audience wants to see you in person. How you speak and what your views are is something they love to see and hear from you. You may refer to my previous blog post Is Video Marketing That Appealing?


Branding Through Your Content And Story Telling

Your branding should be identifiable through your content and story telling. Your uniqueness should be reinforced through your story telling and content. Branding is an ongoing process and with every post, content and video we should brand ourselves.

Be original in your story telling, your audience can tell your originality! Trust is build here, so you need to take a serious note about this area of branding. This point about branding is share by me in my last blog post Why Branding?



All you need to remember here is you and I are dealing with real people. Our story is about us and we are real aren’t we? We want to be seen as someone real and genuine and willing to help other. Our warmest should resonate with our audience and community.


The Ball Is In Your Court

  1. Do you agree story telling will enhance your readership in your blog?
  1. Will asking your audience question help to hold their attention?
  1. Share just one blog post or content marketing you felt was worth mentioning.


Do share and leave your feedback in the comment box below.

Wishing one and all a good blessed week ahead, take care and I will be back next week!


Why Branding?

Dear Readers,

How have you been doing this week, I’ll be honest here, it need not be good all the time. After all, life is not a bed of roses. Some of us are tired especially if you still have a day job. You have a desire to start and built your own online business (to replace or supplement) your income.

As I sit here in my living room on a Sunday morning overlooking a cloudy sky, I wonder what I should blog about this week? Some how I remember writing a blog post about branding some time back. I like to revisit this subject again to help you establish yourself to get your audience.

My Sundays are usually set aside to think and ponder what I should blog about. Once decided research will start and a title will be chosen.

Let’s begin!

What Is Branding?

Branding is simply the linkage between your business to yourself as well as your leads, and audience. Lets take ourselves as online marketers to link ourselves to the business we conduct, say affiliate marketing. The use of logo will be great as it gives visual impact to your leads. Ultimately, you want this linkage between your business (product or services or programme) and yourself to bring you more leads and grow your audience.


Some Tips About Branding

These are helpful to get you along with your branding process. Remember it’s not an overnight exercise to get your name and brand to your audience. It takes time but well worth the effort and sacrifice you put in.

Look around the big corporate names; it took them years and decades to brand their names. So it is obvious there is no overnight success!


Tip 1 – Your Own Logo And Motto

Keep your logo and motto simple. You may like to head over to to seek out logo designers and you come out with your own motto. Motto in branding should reflect you and your style. Simple motto will help your audience to remember and connect that with you. My blog post in September 2016 will help you to understand this better.


Tip 2 – Open Line of Communication

Surely you want to communicate with your leads and audience. How else could you do that in today’s technological driven-world? One way we can use is social media like Facebook Private Messaging. I learn from experience online marketers it usually starts from there and they progress to Skye calls. The big deals are usually done via Skype.


Tip 3 – Personalising Your Email

Would you believe if I told you your audience love seeing your logo and your picture? Do you want to know why they love that? Its simple as it simply show you are real and not some outsource company. So be yourself, write your emails like the way you speak. Please don’t imitate and speak like someone else. You are you and your audience love seeing you. This is one core value of branding.


Tip 4 – Deliver Real Value

I cannot help but to say you have to deliver valuable content or training. It goes beyond showcasing your good self. You are judge in a way by the content you deliver. This can only be achieve by getting oneself educated. Remember you have education from young before you started working. It’s the same here, educate, and apply knowledge gain. Finally, impart that knowledge to others.


Tip 5 – Honesty Is The Best Policy

Share with your audience and leads what you know. Be honest if you don’t know or have no knowledge about a certain training or product. Believe me they (audience) value your honesty, and that will go a long way. Never ever beat yourself around something you don’t know. The least you could do is help to find out through other sources.


Tip 6 – Body Language in Videos

It is inevitable in today’s context of branding the use of video is warranted. You are showcasing yourself in front of the camera, which will ultimately be view by your leads and audience.

Be natural in front of camera; guess it is easier said than done, especially first timers. Newbies I know where you are coming from, I have being there before. Read through your script several times. You need not remember word for word, as long as you can remember the points that’s good enough.

Maintain eye contact with the camera, I too at times is guilty of not doing that. Make yourself friendly and warm to have that approachable inclination. Its fine to gesture to emphasize your point, but keep it to the minimal. All I can say it takes time and you get better with every video shoot you make. You make like to take a look at my blog post of video marketing done two weeks back.


Tip 7 – Self Confidence And Consistent

If you don’t have that self-confidence in your branding, how could your leads and audience have confidence in you! You will learn a lot about yourself, both your strong and weak points. Stay positive in your outlook and if you are doing it right be consistent. Give yourself reasonable time and reassess yourself as to how far you have come.



If you want to succeed, branding is unavoidable and you need to pluck up courage and just do it. Ultimately, you want to be heard if not be seen out there in the web. Let me share with you my story.

I only became active in June 2016 as an Internet Profits consultant. This was because I now had time on my hands after leaving my day job. For five months I gave all I can even making small money. This convince me that I can do it, in fact I believe those five months efforts were worth more than say last five years of half-hearted or no efforts at all.

Since November 2016 I went back to a contract day-job till now. I have not abandon my online business or activities. I try my best after a tired day in the office to blog and cut videos. Today in a small way I see tiny or small improvements.

Firstly I notice there was small opt-ins to Internet Profits Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets (DAMS) quiz. Average ranges from five to eight a month. Come to think of it these are from free traffic, some from my very old blog post! I have stop paid traffic methods for like good half year to seven months.

Secondly, I have been putting summary videos on my Facebook wall about every blog post I do. The effect here is I notice a good number of friend request on Facebook. Where did these come from when I had none six months ago? Of course I don’t have to accept every request but I get the feeling something is working right.

Some even PM me and that’s where I guess we can start to get to know each other and see how we can help and maybe understand each other better.

Now do you call this Branding? Tell me about it in the comment box.


I Place The Ball In Your Court

  1. Are there any other aspect of branding you may know and like to share?
  1. Do you think sharing of one’s story constitute to branding?
  1. Do you have any issue in getting yourself educated?


Thank you all for taking time to go through my blog post on Branding.

Have a nice day, week ahead!


5 Actionable Ways To An Awesome Video


Hi Everyone,

It’s really nice to see you, taking time to visit my blog post. Greatly appreciate that time to have taken to read my blog post.


What Are The 5 Actionable Ways To An Awesome Video?


Can you still recall my blog post about “Is Video Marketing That Appealing?”

Well this week, to create an awesome video, we just need to action on these 5 ways. Let’s dive into those ways: –

  1. Introduction
  2. Massive and Daring Pledge.
  3. Share your story.
  4. Convey that Massive and Daring Pledge
  5. Call to Action




Hello, my name is Harold Ho and I’m very privilege to stand right in front of you because I like to share something very exclusive with you.


Massive And Daring Pledge

I can assure if you stay till the end of my presentation you will learn two methods of getting traffic to your blog post.



Share Your Story

Give a brief account of your past, like what were you doing before you started Internet marketing. This is rapport building with your audience. It will help to build trust and some of your audience may be able to relate to your personal story.


Convey that Massive and Daring Pledge

Let me share with you today the two free methods of getting free traffic. Sample below:

“Free traffic is not really free to its true sense. In fact you pay it with time. It is a very slow process to getting traffic to your blog.

However when done right it is an investment for the long run. We start with Blog commenting.

Go over to Google search and typed in Internet marketing blogs. A list will be display on all Internet marketing blogs. In fact thousands will show up. Quite obvious we will survey the first page for a start.

Select blogs with similar interest as yours and check their blog post and if they allow comments. Keep your comments meaningful and relevant. Do omit those one liner like “Great post thanks for sharing” contribute to the bloggers post like giving value or I should say value added to the post. Share it on social media if you find it useful, relevant and value giving. At some point of time reciprocity will take place.

If you belong to a community of Internet marketers perhaps a Facebook group, you may seek help from the community to comment on your post and do reciprocate with others as well. In this way you blog don’t look so bare. There is now some traction on your blog to encourage more visitors to come by. Be patient, it may take months or maybe a year depending how much content you put up there.

Next I’m going to talk about Paid Traffic. These are what I call Fast and Furious or Quick Burst Of Fire! By these terms I’m referring to solo ads as a form of Paid Traffic. You paid vendors couple of hundreds bucks and say you bought 500 clicks and within 3 days or so all your clicks are delivered.

Let me give you a brief run down of what exactly solo ads are for the benefit of those who do not know. Please bear with me especially for those who know the working of solo ads.

Solo ads vendors are owners of an email list. Good vendors are always adding and growing their list to like several hundred thousands or more. You can’t always sell to the same list over and over again as this will “burn” or “tired” your list out.

Now have I contradicted myself especially us as Internet marketers who have an email list or building one? After all they are real people and our audience and we do pitch a product or programme to them.

I say NO and why is that so. The answer for NO is also provided one condition is fulfilled. Have we provided valuable content and training or even a free product to our email list? If YES than there is no damage in fact you are rapport and relationship building with your list. The same goes for solo ad vendors.

You have to do your research on solo ads vendors, which I will show you in the video below this post. Under normal circumstances, you will send this paid traffic to either an opt-in page or sales funnel.”


Call To Action

This is a common terminology for us Internet marketers when we want our audience or leads to do something. It could range from a simple opt-in to a sale.

Let me give you an illustration here.

You have watched my free training on types of traffic. I’m sure have benefitted and enjoyed it. Most certainly, you want to learn and know more. You don’t want to confine yourself to just traffic. Ultimately you want to know the blueprint to make online which I have benefitted. Click on the link and watch this free video from my mentor.


Over To You

  1. Did you enjoyed and benefitted from my blog/video post?
  2. Do you find going in front of the camera something very challenging?
  3. Do you find the 5 actionable ways achievable?



Is Video Marketing That Appealing?

Hello And Welcome To Video Marketing

Greetings dear readers!

Hope everyone is well and blessed this week.

I’m sure today we have seen many especially the young using cameras from smart phone to take a picture or video recording. Let’s say more than five years ago was this possible? Those days the use of mobile phones are for communication as it’s sole purpose. When cameras were incorporated into mobile phones as well as being Internet ready, everything was so different!

Social media grew at a rapid pace; the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. The camera built into your mobile phone has change the way we live. Photos and videos can be found in every mobile phone.



The Coming Of Video Marketing

If we bring ourselves back to 20th century, marketing videos or commercials were the only ones we saw in our television. If you have a product or service to market, you pay advertising company to cut a video clip within a certain time limit and you have it up as television commercials.

Today and right now as I write this post, all that had changed. We still have commercials on our television, but advertising on social media is making great inroads in getting their message across to audience.

Is video marketing that appealing? Indeed video marketing is turning heads in all corners of the globe.


The Rise In Video Marketing

Video marketing is undoubtedly, gaining in popularity as well becoming an important part in marketing plans in big corporates. If that is so are we as Internet marketers taking advantage in video marketing, as its appeal cannot go unnoticed.

Remember we need to connect or interact with our leads on our mailing list. We need to captivate them into our paying clients. Video will dominate a huge part of Internet traffic today. Why not include the word “Video” in the subject of your email and watch what happens? It’s going to be positive, so in your video marketing drive include that word. Nothing to lose and no cost involve.



Facebook And Video Marketing

I was told video viewership per day has increase tremendously on Facebook. Can you see the potential there for video marketing for us Internet marketers? How often when we lock into the Internet we have Facebook as one of our tabs? This will definitely help and enhance our video marketing drive.



Why Video Marketing?

  1. Escalate Client Conversion: Video will always convert more clients or leads when used in your marketing content. Recent research has shown a high conversion rate with the use of video.
  1. Solid Emotional Association: People buy from people not corporates. It is the sales person qualities that attract us. If there is emotional buying we can do emotional selling to cater to that end. Corporates do use people to invoke emotions or persuasion to buy.
  1. Increase Click-Through Rates In Email Marketing: The use of videos does effectively enhance your CTR. After all you have important information in your email to your subscribers and you want them to open your email don’t you?
  1. Enhance Engagement: Text versus videos, let use an example of tutorial in “video editing” which would you prefer, a video showing you how to edit video or text format inclusive of print screen? A video will always reveal your true person (authencity). Trust is developed through video, as your leads may be skeptical about you. Through video marketing we can enhance engaging a Call To Action.
  1. Retention Of Content: Somehow it is easier to remember something you saw in the video. This is especially so in content marketing. Video viewing is something easy to use and available on the Internet. YouTube is speaks a lot when you check out content available.



Format In Video Marketing

Story telling at the start helps to relate or bring yourself closer to your audience. If you can try and blend you’re stories telling with your content. Its challenging as I too have faced that all the time. Let’s give it a try.



Your Turn

  1. Do you agree story telling is a good way in engaging your audience? In your opinion why is that so?
  1. Apart from the five points I gave in “Why Video Marketing” do you have any to add on?
  1. Do you find it a challenge to tell a story at the start?


I Want to Help You

You have tried many programmes and plug-ins and software to enhance your Internet business. Does that sound familiar? Am I talking about you? Are you that person? If that does not sound like you, than you are someone earning consistent or at least some income from the Internet. Amount is not the issue here, but why not watch the video below and enhance or upscale your Internet business with my mentor.

For those who are still struggling and yet to make any head-start it is time to take action. 2017 could be the turning point in all your woes and struggle on the Internet. I speak from experience and fully understand your situation.





Click here



Just 1 Method Of Sniffing The Fitting Client



Hi everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone!


Have You Ever Been Interviewed?




Have you ever been interviewed before? How about when you were looking for a job? You were probably trying to sniff out what the job was going to be. What you are expected to do. My task and possible objective

How about if we reverse the role, you are now interviewing a prospective candidate. What will you be sniffing out from the candidate? Is this person the right fit for my company and team? Will this person be able to blend in with our culture?

This is going to be the same as sniffing out your most fitting client. One best way is to share a story where some of you audience can relate.


How To Go About Sniffing The Fitting Client




Firstly, we must know what we want to sell them? Give Internet Profits as example. Which is a high-ticket product. We want this lead or client to buy this high-ticket product.

Secondly, someone in the position to buy Internet profits. One who can afford to pay, as it is a high-ticket product?

Thirdly, this person must not be broke, desperate, must be serious in putting time and effort to ensure success.


Who Could This Person?


Who could it be


  • From the corporate world and have experience hard work.
  • Wants more freedom and control over what he/she does – business owner.
  • Near retirement or retired.
  • Mid-Career switch – tired of corporate world.
  • What are their passions?
  • What are their goals and dreams?

Type of Candidate

  • Supplement their income for retirement.
  • Make enough to fire their boss.
  • People looking for a change.
  • Passion to make a change, which is making a difference.

Checking Out Your Lead/Client

Tell the story of Alan and Adeline



Alan works hard in the corporate world and was collecting a decent paycheck. He climbs the corporate ladder and was doing real well. However he soon discover he was spending less and less time with the family.

He also realised without this corporate job, which pays him well, his family couldn’t enjoy the more than decent lifestyle they are having now. At the back of his mind he wants to get out of this corporate race but fear losing the decent income he is having now. Alan does not want to miss out watching his two young children growing up.

If only I could have this same lifestyle without working for a corporate. Now is that possible he ask himself one night as he laid on his bed tired and about to fall into dreamland.

As he woke up the next morning and prepare to start his corporate race, he realised the only way to keep his lifestyle was to be his own boss.

Again he was not sure what he could do to become his own boss. He even fear if he could earn just as much as what he is getting now. In short Alan wants financial security and continue to live his present lifestyle.




Adeline is someone who has retired from her day job. Inside her is this business-minded spirit flame prompting her to do something to earn some extra income. This could help to supplement family expenses.

She spent a lot of time in researching this online Internet marketing and soon was in information-overloaded mode.

At this moment she is crystal clear about becoming an affiliate marketer to earn commissions promoting others products. Adeline does not possess any skills to create her own products now to sell to the online world.

Try she did and still she cannot unlock the door into earning a fair commission. This of course led to frustration and she doesn’t seem to know the reason.

Definitely among your leads and audience you can find some who can relate with Alan and Adeline. These are the ones whom we want to help.


Watch The Video Version


Share With All Your Experience

  • Tell us what you tried to find out from your interviewer?
  • Share with us if you had other experience of trying to look for your prospective client

Do leave your comments in the comment box below.

Have a great blessed week ahead!







What Only 24 Hours A Day?

My Little Story

On my drive home this evening, traffic was real slow and that is going take me like close to one hour plus. Oh No, there is an accident on the expressway! On a normal drive, its just 30 minutes on the same route. Well not really a big deal just 30-40 minutes of added time.

Not Punctual

Now imagine when you start your day everything is late. The bus or train arrives just 15 minutes late, which led to you being 15 minutes late for work and who knows more time added and goes beyond minutes. The whole day just goes haywire! Have you ever experienced that before?

24 Hours A Day


Whatever you do being late for 15 mins be it missing the bus, train worse still the plane! Whatever you miss and ending up being late you still got 24 hours right? Now on the reverse I’m early this morning to the office and with no one in yet I manage to clear say 10 emails in between my coffee and breakfast. Manage even to get started on a project that at best getting started maybe towards evening.

Planning And Being Early

Can you now see the advantage of being early? You get more stuff done don’t you agree? Compare to the situation of being late, how backlog your task could be. It does affect us being early or late.

How About The In-Between

I’m not late neither am I early, the go in between guy. Carry on as always, not doing anything out of the box or out of the norm. There are no additional task coming your way, neither are any taken away from you so how do I go about? Just do as you please and don’t mess it up.


On-line Marketers 


What have you got to say on-line marketers? If you are a part-time online entrepreneur I mean you have a day job and when you are done with your day job and back home to commence your work on your on-line business. By than you are dead tired, worst of all you still have other household task to accomplish. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, walk the dog.

Now it’s almost 11 in the night and says you got to do a short video say between 8-13 minutes. Have you prepare your script? Better still do you have a topic to talk about? Any research or available content for your script? Its already 11pm that soft pillow is calling out loud for you to rest your tired head. Anyway your day is still made up of 24 hours right?

Would this make any difference if I had been a full time marketer? In a way Yes, and it depends, depends on what?

Well it’s entirely goes down to your planning of daily tasks, remember only 24 hours a day right?

Some Tips for you



I like to start first with those who are non full time online marketers first. Take the weekend as time to do some planning as well as research. List your task and write them down first. Once your task list is done, start arranging them into a step-by-step order.

Sample Weekly Task Management

Say your week’s project is to write a blog post about traffic to a blog. Monday to Friday you only can devote 2 hours each night only. Begin with blocks of 1 hour, good if you can set a timer when you start.

Doesn’t matter what time you start if you start early so much the better but remember if you start at midnight do you have the energy to last the complete 2 hours? After all you still have a day job the next day. So be realistic and discipline and focus of your task.

So back to Monday, you gather content for your blog post and possibly some images.

Tuesday, you start writing your blog and you dedicate the whole 2 hours to doing just that. Wednesday your blog post is ready for publishing and you did just that publish it.

Thursday you realize you are not getting any traffic to your blog. What do I do next? How about cutting a short summarize video for your facebook profile. Hang on I hate videos and not good at it. What do I say? how must I say it? How do I present it? You ponder and wasted some time. There goes Thursday.

Friday, you spoke to Harold and he urge and push you to go cut that video. You did it and upload to FB public. Phew one week gone but at least you got your blog post up and slow and steadily driving some small traffic to your blog.

Imagine putting all these done on paper the weekend before. Go give it a try for just one week and stay with it without any if’s but’s or exception.

You can do it I bet. It’s taking action and not perfection that counts.

Have a great week ahead my friends!