Procrastination And It’s Solutions


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Definition of Procrastination

Well it simply means the act of delaying a task we need to undertake or have it put off to another day or time (postponed).

Anyway, this has been going on for ages and as human we must have procrastinated one time or the other.

Story Time

Mike’s car was due for periodic regular maintenance in a week’s time. He was so busy with work and meetings in the office. Back home, the kids needed his help in homework. In one word it’s called BUSY! Where on earth can I find time to have my car maintained? Give me two more weeks and I will get it done. All seem valid reasons for procrastination. Even if Mike doesn’t have one he will find one! The day came when he was driving to work smoke show up in the bonnet because his engine was over heated. This was due to his radiator breaking down. Now will Mike learn a lesson from here about procrastination?

Back To Our Internet Marketing Arena

If in the off-line world people did procrastinate, I’m sure as on-line marketers we also did the same don’t we?


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Reasons For Procrastination

When we do planning or goal setting like starting an on-line business or writing an e-book or making a video, this will give us a vision of what we want to achieve in the future. We even can have dreams about these, but when we bring ourselves down to reality, which is now we fall into old habits as we only can relate to the present moment. What the goal or plans for the future is lost which lead us to procrastination.

Decisions or tasks we put from day to day leading to month to month eventually year-to-year are called chronic procrastination. Examples are like losing weight, starting a business.

Smaller tasks we put off till last minute like answering the e-mail we received in the morning just when we are about to leave the office. Staying back late or late into the night when these tasks could have been done in the morning. Rushing through your project at the last minute. These are called daily procrastination.

If you could beat chronic one’s than it’s easier to manage the daily procrastination.

Internet Marketing World

In our Internet marketing arena, we could even have information overload which can overwhelmed us, leading to procrastination.

Procrastination is simply a killer to our success in our Internet marketing world. Taking action of the related nature can help us to stop procrastinating. Time management is also another area we should look into. We cannot let precious time drift away and end up not accomplishing our tasks. Another good idea is to list out what are our distractions perhaps the television, social media, noise and stay away from these. These are just some basics to start with.

I have put together a video on this Killer To Our Success called Procrastination.

In that video I will touch on 6 solutions to help you stop procrastinating in your Internet Marketing Journey.

  1. Work Where The Creative Juices Flow
  1. Tackle The Harder Or More Complicated Tasks First
  1. Clear Your Work Desk Of Clutter
  1. Don’t Multi Task
  1. Create Your To Do List The Night Before
  1. Knowledge And Continued Education




I Need Your Help

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I love to hear from you:

  • Have you procrastinated before and did you overcome that habit?
  • Share with me some tips you might have to stop this habit?
  • Do you find the video and tips useful?


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