Quick Start Challenge Week 2

It was a real challenge to ask me to shoot a video of myself and have it posted on YouTube.

Crazy as it may be I manage to do it in this Quick Start Challenge Week 2 assignment. It’s not the best of video I could have done but just do it. I guess the idea and benefits are long term.

Some day when you and I are successful in our internet marketing journey, we will look back at this first video and have a good laugh! Most certainly you will see how far you and I came from. Enjoy it and have a good laugh!!

8 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge Week 2”

    1. Hi Steven,

      Thanks for the encouragement, yes truly we will look back at today and give ourselves a pat in the back!



  1. I felt the same, kind of scary and unreal to think that I would ever do it. But I did it… and now come the week 3 challenge… it’s actually more scary because we’re getting closer to actually doing it… achieving it. Exciting at the same time, isn’t it. Best of luck, looking fwd to that time in the future when we’ll have a laugh about it.

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