Quick Start Challenge

Phew it was one hell of a time trying to tidy up my blog site!

Anyway, I’m not going to give this up ┬ádespite my laptop going to crash as it is working at snail pace.

Now back to this Quick Start Challenge…….

I now need to answer this following question Dean post in the webinar 1. Why you want to make money online? I was thinking firstly of the freedom it offers compare to a day time job. Secondly, I hope to retire and still have a decent income not only for myself but also to provide for the family. Thirdly, I hope to give back to others once I start making the money successfully.

Discipline and consistency is something I lack and the biggest drawback is procastination. Seriously, I need to change and that is not going to be easy. As you can see how late I am in getting my first blog post for Quick Start Challenge. I need to dig deep in to Time Management and Effective Planning to see me through this Quick Start Challenge. Well I need to be consistent this time round although I know it is not going to be easy.

I guess result can only be seen when you are consistent. It’s not going to be easy but I trust what Dean and company are mentoring. Ideally, I would like to share my journey in internet marketing here. I believe a following will start if one is sincere in sharing not only one success as well as failure.

I will be back again after week 2 webinar………

7 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge”

  1. Great post. I procrastinated, too, for a very long time before I decided to go international. But it seems to me the magic formula is “Just do it” ­čÖé

    1. Hi Irena,

      Thanks for the Nike slogan. Many a times it is easier said than done for me.

      Appreciate your kind comments



  2. Harold, you already know what your main problem is, so you are part way there to solving it. Try to find a time management system that works for you. Ask in the groups you are part of on Facebook, you will get some good recommendations.
    I wish you success in the coming weeks, and hope to see you in the Facebook QSC group.

  3. Harold, what ever you do DON’T GIVE UP on this. You have taken the first step, which is the hardest and persevered.
    This is a good first start.

    I have been in Internet Marketing for a short while and I make a small amount of passive income through my online efforts. I say this not to boast but to let people know it is possible.

    The best thing I can share is to find one thing and stick with it. Most people give up too soon. When I started taking my own advice that is when I started making money.

    I too am going down the Quick Start Challenge path. And we are all learning how to make a list. All the gurus say, and probably for good reason, “the money is in the list.” Building and growing a list is something I have always wanted to do but had never gotten around to it. Now I will.

    So let’s all stick with, don’t quit and make this happen! I wish you good luck with the QSC and I look forward to following your progress.

    1. Many thanks Mark for your comments and encouragement and advice.
      I guess those who make it are those who don’t give up.
      Many times it’s the motivation of income dosen’t matter how small
      to give one encouragement to rally on.



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