Relationship Building – Video Slide

Relationship Building Video SlideĀ 

Personal Level

Everyone of us we cannot denied this, we do have some form of relationship with firstly our family members, secondly our friends, thirdly with our colleagues or relations.

Internet Marketing Arena

Can the same be said for Internet Marketing? The answer is obvious YES of course! If you care to look closely, it is exactly the same, just that it is on a different platform. On our personal front we can see the person or people face to face. Close contact in our relationship do help us get a feel of how the other party feelings or impression about us is like. We took can get and form an impression of them as well. In both situations, there is one common important element. What is that important element? Watch my video and you will find out!

E-Mail Marketing – Email List

In Email marketing, we all have a list the and size is not of great importance for a start. We can grow our list just like in our personal level by mixing around and having more friends. Take the Email List as your friends and you can grow them or some will leave you or unsubscribe. This is a very normal process in the course of your journey. Email marketing is a form of reaching out and talking to your list. There are ways and methods you can adopt in your email subject line when you talk to them. What are these ways and methods? Watch my video and you will find out!

Bonus Tip

I urge you to stay to the end as I have a bonus tip for you. It can help you if of late you are heading nowhere with your list. Alright I have said enough and I bet you can’t wait to watch my video.



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