Relationship Building

Personal Level

Put ourselves in a relationship with our family, colleagues and friends. There is one common element in those relationships, which happen to be communication! Do you agree with me?

With our family, do we communicate with our spouses, parents and children? A healthy relationship would see constant communication. This is the same with our friends and colleagues. We get to understand each other better and our relationship will grow over time.

Internet Marketing

Now for online marketers especially for those of us who have an email list, this is extremely important. Size of your list does not matter. It is more about how well you built your relationship with your list. You may have 1,000 on your mail list but there is hardly any communication, is there any relationship build? Perhaps you may say Yes, I have the numbers to show!

How Do I Go About From Here?

 At this point of time, you probably would have taken great pain and effort in getting your subscribers. You could have given them a free valuable e-book or video training, probably something that could help them to ease their pain. This would be for in exchange for their email address.


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Your E-mail Subject

 This is one crucial area, having subscribers to your email-list does not mean they will open your email. Here are some suggestions that you could use to help you increase your open rates

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The Use Of Numbers

Numbers do attract your subscribers to open your email. Here are some suggestions:

“6 free ways to get free traffic to your blog”

 “4 methods to increase your affiliate sales”

 “2 sure fire way to gain new subscribers”

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The Use Of Bracket

 Indicate in some striking manner that there is a video to be view, ideally with a bracket.



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Ask A Question

Questions do attract a great deal of attention don’t you agreed?

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Invoke Curiosity

“Unbelievable, have you seen it?”

“Like it or not, it’s happening”

Curiosity is raised in the above two lines, psychologically you play into your subscribers feelings. Like the saying “Curiosity Kills the Cat” and the same here in increasing your chance of your email been open.

Personalising Your Email

This will make your list feel there is a connection with you. Just a suggestion, especially so for your new subscribers, cut a welcome video showing them you are someone real and not hiding behind some auto responder all the time.


Consistency is The Key written on a notepad with marker.


Make this comparison with our families, friends and colleagues against our email list.

There is always some form of constant and consistent rapport been build all the time. Go back to our courting days it’s clear during those romantic times there was a consistency in relationship building. Eventually the relationship flourish and the same are with our friends and colleagues. Why do we do that? It’s simple we are in a human relationship.

Can we do the same for our E-mail List? Can we apply those same methods? Treat your list as real people not just an email address as it may look. Email is just a mode of communicating with your list and ultimately your lists are people whom you have built.

Do we communicate with our list regularly just like with our friends. Make it consistent like say every three days or weekly. Remember your subscribers could be on numerous marketers list.

In the topic about branding, I spoke about “You Want To Be Remember”. Over here don’t you want your subscribers to remember you? Go out there and communicate with them regularly.

Commonly, marketers email their list only when they want to pitch a sale! More often than not when your list sees you doing that they will neglect you (not opening your email). Give them some valuable content, like educating them. After you educate them than pitch a sale with relevance to them.


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Content Sharing

Sharing of content with your list through email does create an image that you are the go to person and being trustworthy.

  • YouTube videos.
  • Special Offers
  • Worthy content from others blogs.


End of the day you need to build the trust with your list like in any relationship. If the trust is not there, it is hard for you to progress. Be honest and truthful to your subscriber, that’s what they value from you.

It is all hard work and time consuming, but in the long term when they bring in the revenue for you, it is worth the effort put in.

Relationship Building That Can Bring You Sales

 This is one method when adopted in a positive manner can yield results.

Offer Your List Help In Any Area They Like.

Sent out a simple email.

Subject: Any Area You Need Help? Ask Me Now!

 I love to help you in your online business and see you grow and profit from it. I want to offer you this help at no cost (Free) Normal circumstance you would be charge a big sum of money from experts and gurus! I don’t want you to spend that sort of money.

Hit Reply to this email and tell me where are you struggling. I just want to help you out.

I will respond to everyone who take this opportunity and this offer will end this week.

Don’t miss out!

Best Regards,


Research an answer to their problem. Maintain communication with your subscriber for a few days.

After providing them with a solution, you may bring in an offer that can help them even further. So the morale here is to provide them with a solution to their pain first. This may help you to achieve some form of revenue at the end.

Finally, it all boils down to your time, efforts, persistence and belief in you that it is achievable.

Remember No Pain No Gain!




I need you help here!

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Thank You

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