Revaluate Failure In 6 Different Forms


Sales And Failure

This week I’m going to revisit and revaluate Failure. It’s never a good or encouraging word. A word not likely to bring smile to a sales person or anyone involve in selling. Online Internet Marketers can you smile or feel good when you hit failure?

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Feelings Of Failing

From a salesperson standpoint, you must be ready to fail! You must get used to failing. Online marketers, you need to do lead generation, calling and talking to your prospects to go after that high-ticket sale.

The more challenge you take the likely hood of you failing gets higher. Are you ready for that?

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”.

Please stop punishing yourself for failing! Learn and educate yourself to at these in a positive way.

1 – Opportunity To Show Your Staying Power

How do you response to failure? You Give Up or You Get Up and Give It Another Shot?

Getting Up and Giving It Another Shot shows you have staying power. It’s a confidence booster don’t you agree?

Instead of looking at yourself as a failure, take it, as you are a person that will not yield to such setbacks. View it as obstacles place along the way to slow your journey to success.

Continue to attempt and keep moving till you reach your goals.

2 – Your World Has Not Ended Yet!

We all have the tendency to view failure as the end of the road. The only reason I can think of such mindset is we were all taught that in our young days.

The truth is every failure is a new beginning! You lost a backend high-ticket sale, perhaps this is an opportunity to improve and make your service or product to stand out against all others.

Soon you will see less lost sales against the competition. That one failure has slowly brought you back to the path of success.

3 – Evidence of Risk Taken

As the saying goes, you can never fail if you never try. This equates to evidence you have tried, in other words “Take Action”

Every failure brings you a step closer to success. Of course you are not going to keep on repeating failures, one after another.

Learn from you mistakes so that you don’t allow failures to repeat it successfully.

4 – An Opportunity To Acquire Knowledge And Experience

Over confidence arises when you are successful all the time. Take sports; irrespective of it being a team game or individual, when you are always winning you can’t see the pitfalls ahead of you. Complacency sets in and a failure is just at your doorstep. You need that failure as a “wake up call”.

As an online marketer, you have decided to focus on just one lead. You believe you can convert it to a big high-ticket sale. In the end you failed to so and income for that month drop drastically. Reason being you left out all your other smaller clients who could still be providing you constant revenue.

This is an experience as well as an educational lesson that will prove valuable for your future.

5 – You Win Some And You Lose Some

Whenever you make a mistake, remember you had some gains or wins along the way. Let’s say you misjudged your prospect and presented a demo focusing on wrong benefits and features of a training programme. You lost the sale and obviously upset about it.

On a brighter note, you have achieved the following:

  1. Your value adding has gained prospect trust.
  2. Generated sufficient interest to agree for a demo.
  3. Your ability to scheduled an appointment (secured an opportunity) to showcase your programme.
  4. Generated sufficient interest to agree for a demo.

6 – Direction Change Needed

Your failing does tell you something; more like you are on the wrong path or direction. A switch of strategy had cost you to fail closing a couple of deals. Revenue is lost in that process, and led to you reverting to your original routine approach.

Your reverting to original approach saved you from further loss in revenue and you never know the next one could be a high value backend ticket sale. Ability to cut your losses can save you’re a lot of money in the long run. A directional changed should be reviewed from time to time.


Our up bringing and education have taught us to view failure as something negative. Rarely, do we view failure as a learning experience and opportunity to go out there to take risk.

Risk taking challenges us to be flexible and moving out of our comfort zone into the unknown. No success can come without failures; it is how you view both scenarios.

I come to the end of this week’s blog post.

Do leave me some feedbacks.

What was your first reaction when you failed?


Till than have a good day and a blessed week ahead.

Take care and Stay Healthy!

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