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In my last blog post, I mentioned about the refunds that happen to me. Definitely, nobody liked to start the month in negative. I had like U$58 in refunds to start with. I had to resort to solo ads again to put more leads into the iPro funnel for future earnings. Deep in my mind I was hoping for some earnings to offset this shortfall.

Over the weekend, I checked my backend office and yes some sales were made! To my surprise not only it offset my refunds it did turn a small positive. This is a morale booster I must say.

So much about Paid Traffic, we now turn our attention to free traffic, which is the more ideal path to take. I will shortly be commencing this route and share it with readers of my blog. I will be doing blogging and video marketing to get traffic into my blog. I’m holding it back at the moment, as my current blog site will be undergoing some restructuring in the coming weeks.

Putting content into your blog is one way of getting traffic to your blog. Having said that, it should be valuable content, content of use to readers whose interest are in the same area which is Internet Marketing for myself. It is slow but long-term impact is huge and more worthwhile. Solo ads are all short term or quick fixes. More likely they will buy the Front end products of the iPro funnel. Quite unlikely they are going to go for the higher back end coaching courses. If they did it is going to be quite a long time, I have heard of instances of one year!

In blogging and video those who land on one’s blog are targeted traffic. This is especially so, otherwise they would not be following you on your blog post. Develop a relationship with your list and treat them well. This is where the chances of them buying something at the backend are higher.

iPro is simply about driving traffic to the funnel, no product creation to complicate with. All products in iPro are high quality and done for you already. So you just drive the traffic be it Paid or Free. It must be targeted to achieve maximum result.

To learn more about iPro why not sign up for this FREE webinar happening on 18th Jul 2016 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 11pm UK.


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Please bear with me if you don’t find any post from me next as I expect restructuring to my blog to start soon.


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