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Together with some good old friends, you have decided to go for dinner. After all you have not met them for some time. No better way to catch up like having dinner.

At the restaurant, all of you view the menu and order what you wanted. You were all served your food and within say an hour or so all was done.

Our Online Business

As online marketers, do you struggle to give content to your audience or list for those who have one? I do at times trying to find what topics to blog about.

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Now let’s make a quick return to the restaurant, imagine the captain of the restaurant recommended you their house favorites dish and insisted you order it! On the other hand you and your friends knew what you wanted to eat long before hand.

What I’m trying to get on is as bloggers we have our favorite “dish” or topic to blog about. However your list or audience may have some other different interest. So it is our job, as bloggers to deliver what our audience or list desires. This brings us to my earlier blog post of Answers To Your Traffic Woes. Problem solving was one area I brought up. Does our content help to solve others problems?

How Do I Know What My List Want?

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Ask and you will be given, Seek and you shall find

Email your list seeking them out like what they want. Perhaps you could list a few items like traffic, content marketing, or blogging to your list as to what they like to have. Their response will give you an indication of what they want and perhaps the format, like an E-book in PDF format or a blog post, or even in video form.

Other Sources Of Content

First and foremost, you need to do your research. This something most of us dislike doing. Why? It is very time consuming and takes a lot of hard work! If there is a shortcut, as human as we can be who would not take it? Here are some sources we can go over to source for content.

Warrior Forum

JV Zoo


Warrior Forum


This is the Warrior Forum home page, and I would say one of the most critical forums on the Internet. Looking at all the post, you might notice some kind of trend emerging. Quite often you will see what problems are others having and you can use that as a guide to do your content marketing.


JV Zoo


JV Zoo is basically a product launch platform where product creators launch or seek out joint venture partners to promote their products. Once again creators of products will only create something that sells. This means it must address some issues or pains others are having. It serves as a good indicator of what are the present issues others are facing.














Similar to JV Zoo ClickBank is where product creators showcase their products. There are various categories and one that we are most interested in is Computers and Internet. How well a product sells on clickbank is dependent on the gravity (higher the better)

Now a careful research on Warrior Forum, JV Zoo and Clickbank may yield a common trend like perhaps traffic and we may narrow down what sort of traffic.

With these you may start doing your research for content to blog or perhaps create an E-book for your audience or list.

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Now you may gather your material for your content to help others. Never copy others material into your blog or E-book. It is not ethical and when you are discovered you will loose the trust you are trying to build.

Always educate yourself first, read or listen and do it, as many times you want till you understand. After which you may start writing in your own words based on your understanding and not copy for simplicity others work.

One point worth noting is that you need not be a guru to blog or produce content for others. In this manner your audience can relate to you as perhaps someone close to them. In this journey, we are all at different levels and surely we prefer to be able to associate with others like us.

I now return to this subject of Don’t Chase Money, Let Money Chase Us! As long as we focus on giving content and helping others to solve their problems, money will slowly find its way to you.

I now seek your comments and feedback like:

  • Do you agree we should give our audience what they want?
  • Are there any other sources of content?

 Go to the comment box and drop me a note.

Thank You and have a great week!

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