Story Telling And Content Marketing

Just The Beginning


Dear Readers,

How are you doing for this week? I cannot expect good always as an answer. The worst can always happen and we are not prepared for it.

Well I won’t say the worst happen to me, but close to that….

I ran out of content to blog for this week! I decided to bring my car to the car wash, being simply too tired and lazy to do it myself. The owner was someone I know by being his client and a regular one.

I first went to him like a year or so ago. Then he was only starting out and had very little clients. His price charge was very high for a car wash compare to the market. I did wonder how is his business going to survive or at least break even.

Well over a year has gone by and he is still around and I’m still going back to him weekly. He does polishing besides his car wash, to compliment his car wash business.

He told me car wash is now available only to regulars like me. He doses not accept walk-ins. I notice he pick and chose his clients.

Now let’s get back to the real world of ourselves as Internet marketers. Can we just imitate this car wash friend of mine in conducting our affiliate marketing business?


The Changing Landscape Of Content Marketing

The good old days requires you to put together a content of somewhere between 700 to 800 words article containing keywords. That was it!

Today the game has changed, your audience love to hear stories and you must have one. This comes along with delivery of valuable content. Rapport building must be done here and that’s where you build a following and you gain trust from this. This will help you in selling own or affiliate products.


Value Giving Hub

Depending on your audience type, as an online marketer do you want them to come back for more valuable content. Will your audience share with others your site or valuable content? Do you want your blog to be an information hub? It will be good for you to know what sort of information are they seeking. Could it be problem solving type or just valuable content?


Interacting With Your Audience By Asking

Fittingly, your content should be appealing to your audience. This is where audience will purchase your unique content. There is always this feeling if your free content is valuable, what else will your paid content be! If your audience has been responsive to you, propose say 3 topics and let them vote what they like to have for your next post. This way you make them feel welcome.


Use Of Social Media

Using social media to source what your audience wants is another alternative. Get your audience to vote and in that process you may also build your email list. This is especially so for those who are not on your list.


Story Telling

Stories are something your audiences are looking for these days. The injection of stories does create a sense of realism to your community. In the use of video, which is unavoidable in today’s content marketing, your audience wants to see you in person. How you speak and what your views are is something they love to see and hear from you. You may refer to my previous blog post Is Video Marketing That Appealing?


Branding Through Your Content And Story Telling

Your branding should be identifiable through your content and story telling. Your uniqueness should be reinforced through your story telling and content. Branding is an ongoing process and with every post, content and video we should brand ourselves.

Be original in your story telling, your audience can tell your originality! Trust is build here, so you need to take a serious note about this area of branding. This point about branding is share by me in my last blog post Why Branding?



All you need to remember here is you and I are dealing with real people. Our story is about us and we are real aren’t we? We want to be seen as someone real and genuine and willing to help other. Our warmest should resonate with our audience and community.


The Ball Is In Your Court

  1. Do you agree story telling will enhance your readership in your blog?
  1. Will asking your audience question help to hold their attention?
  1. Share just one blog post or content marketing you felt was worth mentioning.


Do share and leave your feedback in the comment box below.

Wishing one and all a good blessed week ahead, take care and I will be back next week!


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